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  1. This is a thread where you can ask for download links for mods you can't find any place to download any more. Since ChAiNz.2da requested we do this type of thread, I thought I would get it started since I was looking for a particular link. Here's my first request. I want Kristy Kistic's Darth Revan model fix, the one where the Force Powers come out of Revan's hand, instead of his feet. Edit: I am adding some ground rules here... Please do not post only one mod, post a list if you want more than one mod. Multiple requests for a single mod in a short time will result in the posts being combined or simply deleted. Please do not post "Thanks!" or "Thank You!" Posts. As they clutter up the thread, you can always edit in the Thank you into your previous post. These posts will be deleted. Please actually take some time and browse the Taris Upper City Emporium and the sites contained in the Where Can I Find Mods thread, before posting here. Check the below list before posting a link request. This thread is for requesting KotOR or KotOR II:TSL Mods only. Any other requests for mods or tools for other games will simply be deleted. Also if you post a request for a mod and do so again you will now be cited for spamming and issued warnings... posing one mod a day over several days is also spamming, edit your previous post to add new mods in. Chat posts also have been happening, keep the 'chat' or discussions to PM's... they will be deleted in here. This is for requests and links only. Please refrain from cluttering up this thread with 'PM sent' or 'can I get that mod too?' posts. No more of those ok? Thanks people, this thread is getting rather large and some peoples requests get drowned out by all the in-between posts that happen here. Thanks. -RH
  2. HelloEveryone, I'm new here! Anyway, I'm here because there is a mod I've wanted to make for several years now, and since the sun is setting on the KOTOR days I figured I have to make it now! I am actually able to do quite a bit of modding myself, but I am very limited at scripting/coding and I don't have all the time in the world to figure it out. I really would like a helper or maybe even a team to help me create this mod. Okay so remember Malya...? No? Remember the Taris undercity and the outcast village and that old guy named Rukil who was searching for the Promised Land? Well he had an "apprentice" named Malya who was described as a young woman who died trying to find the Promised Land. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds like a serious missed opportunity to me: A female roughly the same age as Bastila who is adventurous and open-minded enough to be a crazy old man's apprentice! Also, I believe KOTOR would be better if you had an option as to which girl you want to end up with romantically. I don't really like Bastila, personally . Now you have a choice, Bastila or Malya. So in this story, Malya survives and joins up with the Main Character and the gang. She is an eccentric sweety-pie who has albinism and has never been outside the undercity, and has never seen the light of the sun in her life. However, she is less pessimistic than the other outcasts and believes in the symbol of hope itself, the Promised Land, even if only in spirit. As a youth, Malya finds a mysterious Holocron while exploring the undercity. She develops an understanding of the Force, and the lack of Jedi interference causes her to develop extremely unorthodox views. These views influence the Main Character and help to cause an even more tense love triangle with Bastila. Also, the Holocron's mysterious source eventually ties into the Main Character's story. What I Can Do -I can do graphics somewhat. I have already made a prototype Malya. I will also make her clothes. I made her a hoodie based on the Dark Jedi Female model, complete with a hood that actually moves with Malya's head! -I can dialogue edit. Mostly. -I can use KOTOR Tool. -I have a very intricate story already developed, I will tell you all about it if we email or Skype . It contains themes of acceptance, love and romance, spirituality and belief, and tradition vs open-mindedness. -I voice act for male characters. I also have ways to get voice actors for female characters. -I am nice and will be your friend forever if you help me . What I Need You To Do -I mainly need someone who can script the quests and cutscenes. I am lost when it comes to this stuff. I am also a full-time college student who works during breaks so I can't really dedicate a ton of time to learning this. -A couple of new areas/maps (they can be reused/reskinned) That's it really. Goals -Make a new fully voiced Party Member with an optional romance storyline. -Expand KOTOR 1's horizons with new looks at morality and spirituality (KOTOR 2 style). -Keep the look and feel of the original game and have the mod seamlessly weave into the normal storyline. -A new "Malya" ending. In addition, if things go well, I have storylines for an expansion that involves adding on the the Malya ending with a new faction that joins the Main Character's independent cause, discovering who made the mysterious Holocron that Malya found, and invading Coruscant . Alright, so if you are interested in helping in any way whatsoever, or if you just want to ask about the mod, feel free to contact me! You can reach me through PMs, or preferably Skype me, my name is justinkorycki (look for the weasel with the pipe!)
  3. I am a Lego lover along with all things Star Wars. This is an Ebon Hawk build, and I need 10,000 supporters in order for it to possibly make it into production. So if you find it worthy, go support it, and share it. Thanks so much! Here's the link. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/67635
  4. I am working on creating a real-life SW: KOTOR Prop! The project is pretty simple, I have finished the documenting phase and managed to piece together a final concept for the device, based on in-game screenshots and artwork of the Versafunction88 Datapad model! With the help of these I also managed to figure a rough estimate of its size. I've been dreaming about a real datapad since I noticed them in KOTOR, so after waiting for one to appear I said "Why not make one myself?!?" I will be using an old tablet I had laying around, it is a Odys Loox Android tablet, its advantage is that the screen is of a square shape rather then a widescreen format, so it's a great fit! After researching how to do the actual Datapad frame to fit the tabled, I decided to cover the tablet in a surplus of Poxyline (it's a putty-like sunstance made of two components, and when they are mixed together you can model it any shape you want, and after about 10 minutes it hardens like a very strong but also compact concrete) and after it hardens trim off the excess and model it into the shape of the frame, then polish it and apply the finishing touches with the help of a friend who is a sculptor, and paint it afterwords. One of the tricky parts will be installing an improvised start button mechanism as the original one will be covered by the frame, and also route the power and data ports to the exterior of the frame. Status: Research and documentation - 100% Planning / blueprint - 100% Materials acquired - 70% Pictures: - Design concept (gatheted images from the Internet): http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/9/97/Datapad_negwt.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20060804121723 http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/4/4f/Versafunction88_Datapad.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100926215753 http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/0/05/Companion2000-FF10.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100503171359 https://www.google.ro/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.star.etmortius.net%2Fequipement%2Foffice%2Fimages%2FStar%2520Wars%2520-%2520D6%2520-%2520Equipment%2520Stats%2520Netbook_img_222.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.star.etmortius.net%2Fequipement%2Foffice%2FInformation%2520Systems.html&docid=quzgLnZUt96KSM&tbnid=lyojDnIWzP0LzM%3A&w=513&h=302&ved=0ahUKEwjPqK-qsYfKAhXHAxoKHXkPCZIQxiAIBDAA&iact=c&ictx=1 - Props other people made (there are no functional ones, just LEGO or paper models): http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=357488&id=/user_images/34901/1364656103m_DISPLAY.jpg http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=357488&id=/user_images/34901/1364656116m http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SDQ-3NGa1sA/VA9_3SGb_DI/AAAAAAAAESc/RlKc2-TZuuo/s1600/Star-Wars-Versafunction88-Datapad-Papercraft.jpg - The Odys Loox tablet (that will be used for this prop): http://www.notebookcheck.com/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/2012-11_19.jpg
  5. Hello all, long time fan of KOTOR, first time poster here. I've played it on xbox (ten years ago), recently put 2 months on the android version (that's a whole other ballgame) and just got the PC version today, mostly because modding is super limited on android. So the thing is, I want to make it to where you can do your party members like the PC insofar as creation and level ups go-that is, when they join your party you get to determine everything from Attributes down and then bring them up from level 1 to wherever they stop leveling when you get them. For example, you normally receive Carth at level 4 and he's already got his stats distributed; you can go either melee or ranged but he's going to excel more in one area than reach his full potential if you go the other route. Using the KSE I was able to calculate and redistribute his points and reset him to level 1, then level him up to 4 on Taris the way I wanted. After all, why should he have 14 in INT and 13 in STR if he gets 1 skill point and has a higher DEX and pistol focus? I understand this breaks canon and that the initial stats are reflective of the characters personalities, and could potentially break the game by making it too easy to power play everyone, don't really care though. Too often I refuse to use Zaalbar, Bastila, Mission, Juhani because they are either redundant or weaker than another choice or my PC. So the question is, how the hell do I get started? Is there a tool that can help me or do I need to learn some fancy code editing somewhere? If someone could just point me in the right direction I'd be thankful. I've got virtually no modding experience except a little pokemon rom hacking (not dissimilar to the KSE actually.)
  6. Hello. Could you please send me a link for: Shores of Death Evil Temple? Thanks
  7. I'm posting it here, because I cannot use KOTOR forum. I installed Polish version of KOTOR 1 from CD on Windows 10 (Polish one, too). The main menu works, but the game doesn't. Windows says that the game is not compatible, but it doesn't work in any compatibility mode. Processor: Intel Core Duo Graphics card: I don't rememeber the name, but with Nvidia GeForce (GT?) 610 DirectX:10.1 or 11 Pixel and Vertex Shader: 4.0 I'm begging for quick help, as nothing in the web helped me.
  8. Aspyr want to know if people want TSL for mobile. You can sign up to express interest here: click me Not sure why they're being so dithery about it, but still: if you want to see TSL for mobile, be sure to sign up.
  9. Hello fellow KotOR players. I'm afraid I have encountered a game breaking issue that I cannot find a fix for, no matter how hard I look for one. :/ Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Everything went absolutely fine until I got to the bit where you bump into Malak on the way to the hangar on the Leviathan and discover your true identity. When the cutscene where Bastila starts talking begins playing, it lags really bad (plays a second of it, freezes for about 5-10 seconds, plays another second and so on), then crashes at a certain point. I figured the problem is with the non-video cutscene that follows where Revan takes off his mask, rather than the scene before it. Maybe the 3D environment surrounding Revan is too much for my laptop to load. I'm not sure though. I'm really desperate to find a solution. This is literally the most frustrating issue I've ever come across regarding this game, since that scene is the best part of the entire game storyline in my opinion (and it just got ruined like that by this ******* stupid crash ). Please, will you help a desperate fellow? Here, I'll give you 500 credits in return, it's all I have! (JK) I can't tell much about my system specs, since I'm no administrator and can't even run that configuration file in the game directory. I can tell you that my laptop runs Windows 7 though and that I took all kinds of measures to make the game compatible. Also, it's KotOR 1 (obviously), the CD-ROM version. I've already tried running that part of the game on the lowest graphics settings and windowed mode, I tried single core, multi core... everything I could think of. I turned hardware mouse off, grass off (not that it would help); disabled vertex buffer objects, frame buffer effects, etc etc etc. I figured disabling movies would not help because the scene causing the problem is not a video file, but as I said, that is just my mere speculation. Thank you sooooooooo much in advance if you help me out. (500 credits was it? )
  10. So I've decided to take my copy of KotOR 1 (CD version) out of my dusty old collection to play it again for the nostalgia, and I was faced with two options: I could play it on my dusty old PC (running Win XP SP2) as I have in the past, or try to play it on my new school laptop (Win 7, and I won't be administrator on it till I get my final grades, so another year to go :'( ). I'm tired of playing games on my PC though, as it is so bad I have to play them on the lowest settings (IF I can play them in the first place). It can still run the game without bugs from start to finish on those low settings fine, but I can't bear the low quality anymore. I installed the game onto a portable USB hard drive so I can run it on my laptop, considering I can't install anything on it without administrator privileges. It runs amazingly well on the highest settings, but then I ran into the problem of not being able to load my save files (except autosaves). I searched all kinds of forums, which all said to delete the 'currentgame', 'futuregame', 'gameinprogress' and 'temp' folders from the game directory. I did so and everything worked completely fine, until I got to Dantooine. I found two areas in the game so far that my laptop cannot load (Jedi Enclave and the Grove), as it crashes on the loading screen every time with an error message saying 'swkotor.exe stopped working'. As you would expect, I decided I would save and switch over to my PC every time before entering those areas, then save and switch back to my laptop after exiting them, but I ran into yet ANOTHER problem (life just isn't that easy, right). Turns out it cannot load save files on my laptop that I have saved from my PC. Any suggestions? I have literally tried everything I found and nothing worked after hours of Google searching. I really love this game. ;-;
  11. I understand that KOTOR is not as popular as it once was, but it was a great game and is one of my favorite games of all time. I plan on making these character builds for this fourm (and the gamefaqs board), for those who still play this game and are interested in trying something new. Anyways, let's get started on this series. *INT will always stay at 8, because it is a useless attribute. Also please note that these builds are not the best optimal builds if you are looking to dominate with the character, these builds are realistically built around the character, so the attributes will be realistic and feats and powers as well. Mace Windu Mace Windu, a legendary Jedi Master who was an outstanding warrior and was widely considered one of the greatest swordsman ever in the Jedi Order, arguably second to Yoda in force abilities. Starting off with your character, I would say Soldier/Guardian is the best and most logically class choice for Windu. I like a 5/15 Soldier/Guardian. STR 16 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 8 WIS 14 CHA 11 As you level up, all of your attribute points should go into STR, as your other stats will be boosted from the gear that you wear. Need to maximize the Master Speed (Force Power) and Master Flurry (Feat) in order for Mace to be unstoppable. Be sure to get this following feats - Dueling, Toughness, Master Jedi Defense, Weapon Specialization (Melee) (Lightsaber) and Implant 3. For the force powers, Master Speed is a must as it makes Windu the ultimate duelist, and Windu was known for his Force Speed abilities in combat. Force Wave is also nice, but yeah that's about it bro. Lastly, the purple lightsaber is where it's at if this is Mace Windu...
  12. So I've recently gotten back into the first KoToR game I've noticed a lot of want from the community for a succesor and while I don't own any rights to KoToR I was thinking of geting a team to together to create a spiritual successor to the second game. I was wondering how much support this would get so leave a comment on what you guys think. FYI I am a Computer Science major in college with a love for all things video games and especially star wars. I am currently co-founding a company but this venture may be a solo love of labor kind of thing because my company will be trying to alternate between games of choice and money makers to keep our small indie team fed. Any help if this does raise support would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Star Wars knights of the old republic was an amazing game beginning to the very end. In my opinion I think they should upgrade the game I mean like add better graphics with all of the new technology we have today. I'm just saying why not make a game that was amazing even more amazing what do you guys think about this?
  14. As the title suggests, I'm experiencing a certain problem concerning the level system.Right now I'm on Goto's Yacht and I've chosen to send Kreia and Mira.I've noticed a very weird glitch - currently all of my party members are level 15 or 16 except Kreia who at the moment is level 12 and I'm not able to level her up.Have any of you encountered this glitch before?If so, please share how you've managed to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
  15. I have many favorite characters in star wars, but not all of the same time zone, seeing as Kotor and TSL are two of the best star wars games I thought it would be cool to see these characters. This is a huge suggestion mainly focused on TSL but parts on Kotor. I do not intend for one modder to work on this but a team of modders. Thanks, If you have any side quest suggestions put them below and I'll add them to the original post thanks kotor 1 As much as I love T3 I would like a replacement with a high-quality T7-O1 model and texture. I never liked Carth for me he was just a whining annoyance but a complete change to Juno eclipse as she appeared in the first tfu and a voice change would be a welcome and to change the personality to fit the strong, independence woman of Juno eclipse (I know this would would require a lot of change) I never really liked Juhani either she sat on board the ebon hawk all the way through my games, a change to Ahsoka Tano (Both clothing variant available) would be welcome Jolee rather than being human would for me be a cool Nautolan like kit fisto. Darth Malak to a sith species but still Malak. Darth Bandon to count dooku Trask Ulgo-Bothan Davik-Weequay vrook-Draethos Zhar-Nautolan Dorak-Zabrak Komad-Evocii Freyyr-Tarful Uthar-Sith pureblood (Unique Outfit) Dak Vesser-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Galon Lor-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Lashowe-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Shaardan-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Dustil- Made to look like the offspring of Juno and Galen Saul-Feeorin kotor TSL Brianna to Thana Vesh would add some change to the game and have a seperate look to all the handmaidens because even though they're meant to look the same it really annoys me Darth Sion to Desann Kreia to Mission (as appears in kotor 1 just taller) Traya to Darth Talon. Dagon-Iktotchi Bakkel-Gran Zherron-Kaleesh Terena Adare-Gossam Vrook-Draethos Azkul-Feeorin Zez-Kai Ell -Gungan Kavar-Iktotchi Sion-Sith Pureblood (Cracked and dead looking like sion is vanilla) Sabers for Both Single saber hilt to look something like http://www.foundation3d.com/gallery/data/513/medium/saber_type_6_setup_radiosity0000.jpg and double to look like a double sided one of these (2nd hilt across but in a lighter colour) http://www.jqsabers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Darkside-hilts.jpg and the short saber like http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LBoiJX-K6F8/S_1kLNUyLaI/AAAAAAAAA_M/yOO9Q4ADUw4/s1600/Ro-lightsaber+Rahm+Kota1.jpg "Planets" for Both Tython-Jedi Temple and a couple surrounding modules complete with jedi and jedi council (see SWTOR if need) Nal Hutta-Landing pad, hutt palace, village Alderaan- Landing pad, Council chamber, Merchant area (no weapons or armour) Ryloth- Landing, merchant area Republic Space Station -Dock, merchants, barrackes, hangers, Bridge, escape pods Sith Space Station -Dock, merchants, barrackes, hangers, Bridge, escape pods The Murcrow(Large ship)- Dock,Bridge Kotor 1 change At the end of Kotor 1 a cutscene of Revan leaving in a ship (not the hawk) and taking T3 with him takes off, after he says goodbye to Bastila(If bastila is still alive) Kotor 2 Extra Quests(side quests are welcome but I don't have any at the min) After the player has been to malachor they decide they have to follow Revan, They get a message of bastila requesting the player to go to Tython and meet her. All party members are removed at this point. The player then has the ability to travel to Tython the other planets are locked, upon arrival the player they are greeted by Bastila. Bastila informs the Player that the council wishes to speak to them. Bastila then joins the party. When the player reaches the council they are told of a great threat in the unknown reaches clawing at the galaxy, and that Revan had gone to end it. The player is tasked to find Revan and whatever evil awaits. Bastila and the exile leave the council chamber and Bastila talks about your and her relationship with Revan. Satele meets you and the entrance and joins your party. Upon the Ebon Hawk the 3 members discuss how they should try to find Revan, Satele suggest you should go to Nal Hutta to see what the smugglers and criminals know, bastila is wary at first but eventually agrees. At Nal Hutta a droid seller has a broken T3 droid, Bastila checks the droid and suggests the player buys it. Upon buying it the player is tasked to repair it, the droid should require 3 pieces which should be scattered around Nal Hutta. (The hut palace should be locked for now)Once all parts are acquired and put back in t3, he activates and recognises bastila after beeping he displays a hologram of Revan explaining where he's gone and what he has to do. Bastila questions how they're going to follow and that the Ebon Hawk wasn't powerful enough to do the trip, t3 then informs that the criminals talk about a large warship that the hutts plan to steal. The player then has to disguise themselves to gain access to the palace where in the hutts personal chambers find a datapad that says that their contact on Ryloth is supplying information on the ship. The player can now travel to Ryloth Where a weequay will hint that he knows something but will have to be persuaded to tell, either way it outcomes the weequay tasks the player to find him some equipment and then he'd tell the player what he knows. T The player finds out the a bith named Bag-bo bil-gins is over seeing the construction and that he is a senator on alderaan. The Player goes to Alderaan and finds that Bag-bo is dead, and the autorities are asking for help, the player has to go through an investigation to find the killer, the killer is found to be a sith lord know as Darth Relkan a Kaleesh. Upon explaing that he would steal the ship and use it to destroy the Jedi. The player must fight and beat Relkan alone(The other party members will be lopcked out) who has a datapad that says of a sith military station. The Player then can open the door to find his party unconcious, when the party wakes its revealed that armed kidnappers took Satele. Hints on every planet will lead the Player back to Nal Hutta where they must break into the hutt prison and fight there way to Satele who gets badly wounded. The Player must return to Tython with Satele to get the healing she needs, while Satele is healing the player is told by Bastila that they need to go to the nearby republic station and warn them of the sith station. The player arrives and goes to the bridge to talk to Admiral Polo (a kel-dur) They are then attacked sith boarding parties swarm the station and the player has to fight them off, then the player is told by the admiral to go and neutralies the sith station. The Player is then advised by Bastila to get Satele but does not have to. Upon arriving at the station the player will have to fight sith fighters in the hawk, once docked the republic also dock some squads who aids they offensive. Once more at the bridge a sith-pure blood Darth Tur'lds fights the player and party, once he's defeated the player is set against a timer to escape the station, then it explodes. On Darth Tur'lds was the co-ordiantes of the Murcrow, the player must do an ebon hawk fight and then take over the ship and fight 3 sith-pure bloods. They then must use the pc at the bridge to send the ship to unknown space. A cutscene then plays of Revan held captured by the sith (as in swtor) the screen fades to black and credits role.
  16. Hi. I remember playing this game, like 10 years ago. There's this particular mini-quest that I couldn't manage to finish. I don't really remember what planet it was on, but since I remember there was water around + you went through glassed hallways, I guess it was Camino. Anyway, there was this quest where my character should help the way out of some wife's husband. I don't remember the charges... I think this couple was poor and the husband was innocent, actually. I just needed to collect evidence in his support. So when hearings start I'd be some sort of his lawyer. Anyway, I stuck and I didn't know what to do next. So I decided to go for proceeding/hearing and I lost. Then I remember my character went up to the wife and she was like: "oh well, at least you tried". The fact that she wasn't really upset made me surprised. And I was like: "well, why the hell did I work my ass off to try to save your husband if you don't really seem to care if he's sentenced" at some point I even thought that there's no way to collect evidence to save the husband... but then I thought: no way, the script-writers wouldn't make this quest impossible to resolve successfully. So my question is: does anyone know what I'm talking about? Could you tell me as much as possible how exactly you managed to collect evidence in order to help the husband? Thanks in advance.
  17. hey there ... I started this to know your opinions and experiences about how "smoothly" do these KotOR/TSL games run under Windows 7 64 bits systems, like Win 7 Ultimate 64 bits. too many CTDs in comparison to a Win 7 or XP 32 bits installation?? tips to run these under Win 7 64 bits? video cutscenes crashing probably? dialogs issues maybe?? thanks on advance!
  18. hi folks these forums have helped me SO MANY times before with all sort of issues or downloading amazing content ... now I need serious feedback again ... I need to update graphic card, from my actual 1 GB GeForce to a 2 GB card to allow some heavier games/etc run smoothly ... or run ... question is ... I need to know if any of you is running Kotor, TSL or both together with a 2 GB or 4 GB videocard; and under which SysOp also (Win 7 or XP, not 8 please). I will run my "potential" new card under a Win 7 Ultimate 32 bits with 4 GB RAM and a Core i3 CPU, ASUS motherboard. Please specify your CPU too. Hopefully a GeForce GT or GTX will do it for me? anyone running BOTH kotOR and TSL with same 2 GB videocard? thanks alot on advance!! P.S. basically I need a 2 GB or bigger card to run smoothly Kotor, TSL and Skyrim in same rig ... hopefully. Possible?? no chances at all? P.S. (2) if this goes to another forum, please move it freely ... thanks.
  19. First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum for my question. I'm new to forums in general and this one in particular so bear with me. Anyway, I'm trying to backup my saves before I begin tweaking with the game, but I can't seem to find them. I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic\Saves where I believe they should be and they're just not there. I also went through most of the other folders in the KOTOR folder and I don't see them there either. If I open the game it shows that I have 24 saves and I can load them just fine. It's just finding the files I'm having trouble with. Any suggestions?
  20. Hiya! Been exploring thread after thread trying to find a fix. My problem is launcher runs fine, as soon as I hit "Play" the game opens up in full screen (Ebon Hawk image) and then comes up with "Star Wars: knights of the Old Republic has stopped working." This is a new computer. Running Vista Home Premium 32bit. Specs: Intel Pentium CPU G2030 @3.00GHz 4GB Ram 1TB hard drive Integrated graphics (updated drivers - still no change to game) Been through everything to try and fix the errors. Ran as win XP service pack 2 (service pack 3 isn't an option). Ran as Admin. Downloaded mss32.dll and replaced. Checked through all my drivers (none of which needed updating). The error popping up on the "Stopped working" page is this: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: swkotor.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 00000000 Fault Module Name: StackHash_0590 Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00000000 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0590 Additional Information 2: 2163c14648d4e9703b723817887acf0e Additional Information 3: b7b4 Additional Information 4: b0b4dda6ba8a01cc4cb0fa458f675872 Read our privacy statement: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=50163&clcid=0x0409 Any other suggestions to get this working!! I could downgrade to XP but I don't particularly want to. EDIT: Just realised my graphics driver wasn't installed properly. If problem persists after installation I will post again. EDIT 2: Graphics installed. Now coming up with Disk Emulation Error.
  21. So apparently there is a fan film being made based on the book Revan, which was in turn based on the video game Revan. Looks like they need a lot of financial help to make the movie better, but the rewards are actually pretty cool. For anyone who is interested, check it out here. And if you're not interested in investing money right now (I know I'm not), you can just watch the progress. I'm pretty excited to see how the film will be. What are your personal thoughts?
  22. Basically, I'm doing the planets on KOTOR in a random order (which was okay according to a walkthrough I'm following), and after leaving Dantooine where Carth was told about his son on Korriban, I arrive on Korriban and get into the Valley of the Dark Lords only to find both Darth Banon -I think that's the name, Mallack's apprentice- (with his lackies) AND Calo Nord (also with his lackies). Both there, same time, same place, ready to kill me. Seriously, I didn't even have to try to fight to know it was unbeatable, but even trying a couple of times nothing could actually work. This is on easy difficulty. As a side note, Calo Nord doesn't appear on any other planet, anyone know how to undo this or fix this? I won't be able to get past Korriban unless they are both defeated.
  23. Without cheats and/or mods that alter the stats or bring in new items that have stats into the game has anyone completed the game that way?
  24. Raditz's version of the scouter (the green one) for KotOR 1. It should have stats close to what the scouter's intended for: +10 Awarness +5 Dexterity and +5 Charisma because you now look like a badass Update : Mod suspended untill i learn how to model. If you would like to take up this project for yourself let me know and all permission and credit is givin to you.
  25. Hello all. i am new to these forums and am looking to buy one of the games. I am not sure which one to get. I am new to the KOTOR series so help me out please? I know that there is a ONE and a TWO but isnt there also an MMO?? is there a 3rd KOTOR?? im pretty confused and would like some help deciding which one to buy. I am looking for the one with the most RPG elements, i love rpg's. Who doesnt?? So should i get KOTOR 1 or 2 or the mmo or the third if there is one?
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