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Found 23 results

  1. Hi. I was looking the other day for the Modified Handmaiden Appearance mod by Stoffe and I found it on some site along other mods from him. Anyway, I downloaded the mod and followed the instructions but when I tried to execute the application called "Install Handmaiden Appearance" a window opens with more instructions and a descripption of the mod and at the end it says "Click the Install Mod Button below to begin installation". The problem is that there is no install button or anything I can click on to begin installation. Is there any other way to install? Thanks!
  2. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL Turn Bao Dur Remote into a T3M4 droid. Then using other mods like the one that turns the remote into a workbench and using KSE savegame editor to put the droid class and other things tuned up! You have your fully funtional spare droid. If it can't be done with the Bao Dur remote maybe can be done overwriting another NPC or REMOTE in game. I would like it just like the broken one that appears at the beginning of the game with T3M3. Orange/red colored I think it was. Thanks a lot. Having two droids would be great for me.
  3. So I know this has been requested probably a million times but I would love a simple Atton romance mod for the Female Exile, a line of dialogue that occurs right after the Exile wakes up after talking to Kreia/Jedi Masters in the rebuilt enclave on Dantooine and returns to the Ebon Hawk, the PC would go through the conversation with Atton: "KREIA IS EVIL!!?" and all that and when Atton says "That's what I was afraid you were going to say..." (about them going to telos) rather than a fade out the Exile would begin to walk away and stop, to which Atton would say "Somethin' Up?" and the Exile would say "I thought I lost you..." or something to that effect and they would confess to each other before the Exile went off to telos. I think this is a greatly needed mod (though very challenging) and I will take any emails about it, just PM me and I will tell you my email and we can discuss I will help in any way I can I am a very novice modder but I WILL try to help Thanks for taking time to read this!!!
  4. Hi everybody! Everybody knows that the character Bastila Shan, was originally going to be Vima Sunrider from the Tales of the Jedi comics, but it was dropped due to legal issues. And That's what I think is what should be Cannonical. Well, I'm not a modder, just a player, but I really would like to see a mod, where Bastila is Actually called Vima Sunrider, with her backstory, and everything, and Juhani has to be Called Bastila. It requires just a Slight alteration in script, and maybe some VO. Can it be done? With all respect, and thank you: Matten
  5. I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes. I'm using the wonderful .2da merger to combine the files from the Recruit Mekel mod and the Lightsaber Pack mod but everytime I get a message saying "Invalid Row Index, Unable to specify row label" What does that mean and how can I fix it?
  6. I have thought some ideas for a ultimate convesion mod a plot to continue TSL. many planets. Coruscant Korriban Endor Mustafar Onderon Duros Ziost Nar shaddaa Nal hutta Hoth Dagobath Mannan and many more this mod will be the ultimate mod with a great story and many possible endings.
  7. I recently set up a dismemberment mod, and when i did that it told me i needed a cd.....so i set up a no cd crack....and now THE CHARACTERS ARE INVISIBLE!! and the game freezes if you start walking.....please help!! do I need to install the game again? do I need another no cd crack? (I cant find any that work, and the websites always have innappropriate crap on the side....any clean non-virus website that have quality no cd cracks are welcomehttp:// ) please help as soon as possible!! the game was working perfectly before!
  8. Hey guys, I wanted to tell you guys about Freeworlds 2.0, a total conversion mod for Freelancer. FWs 2.0 is currently in development and I'm the mod head there. We're looking to totally change the way FW used to be played. We're adopting a much more "XvT/XWA" type environment, with still the feel of FL. Tides of War (ToW) also has merged with us for this project. We've also been fortunate enough to get ships models from the First Strike mod, thanks to Red Monkey and the crew, as well as the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project. Our developers have been posting up blogs for everyone to read. They're viewable to guests, so you don't need to register to view them. Although, I do encourage you to register as you can ask questions of the developers. Here are some links I think you guys should take a look at. The first is a development video, the 6th in the series. This video shows some of the new systems we're in the process of making, the immense capital ships and scale we're using, increase non-player craft (NPCs) AI as well as some "fuse" effects when ships start to get damaged: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kekzl0LyOZ8# The second is our site at MODDB. There you can see all the lovely new fighters we got from the FS Mod/XWAUP. We update this regularly, so I encourage you all to bookmark it and check there often : Freeworlds ModDB site And lastly, this is a link to all our development blogs. You'll be able to see a lot of the new effects, models, systems, ideas we're trying to incorporate for FW 2.0. Development Blogs I really hope to see some of your faces there. I also wish this will satisfy your Star Wars craving when it comes out as well If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me on our forums, or here. I'll bookmark this link and check back as often as I can. Thanks guys.
  9. I am asking if anyone knows how : or could make a mod in which you could see the console, because I run a mac, and so the console doesn't work, when I press ~, Alt-N , it freezes, when I press Alt it freezes so is it possible to change to button or make the console more visible!
  10. Good evening. I've experienced the issue in Open Jedi Project. It's a mod for Jedi Academy. What happens? Whenever I click on game's shortcut, I see an error message: Error during intialization: DROPPED I can't play that mod due to my problem, because the game switches off then. I reinstalled the mod - it didn't help. Can you please help me? I appreciate everything I'll get. PS I took all mods away, Base folder is clear. I still occur the problem. Answer as soon as you can, please, this is the matter of my very life.
  11. I think I've done my research right, I've searched numerous mods using different search terms, looked through tutorials, poked around the Kotor tool into .2da and .uti files, but I haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I'm not sure how many experienced people still pursue this forum, but I have one major question I'm trying to tackle: For KOTOR 2 TSL, how do I create lightsabers that can have their colors changed with crystals on a workbench? I think this is out of my league, so here is my mod request outlined in its entirety. Some of this I can do on my own and have done, but because of the issue above, I'm looking for a mod that does the following: Adds the dialog option for Bau-dur to make a shortsaber in addition to a doublesaber and singlesaber All the lightsabers that Bau-dur helps you make are unique and different from regular lightsabers in the following ways The lightsabers Title will be <FullName>'s Lightsaber or shortsaber and so on The description of the lightsaber will be "This particular lightsaber was made by the Exile, <FullName>. The grip is cold to the touch and nearly leaps out of your hand when you ignite the blade." The lightsabers won't apear randomly as loot or in stores and can only be made by Bau-dur once or use console codes They give a +2 Cold Damage atribute in addition to normal energy They give the Bonus Feat Force Jump (just the first one, not the higher levels) Finally, and most importantly, when you use a work bench to upgrade the unique lightsaber, it can change colors with different crystals and doesn't crash the game. They don't need special hilts or flickering blades, in fact I prefer them to look like the standard ones. If you really must alter something, I wouldn't mind if the shortsaber hilts were longer, though maybe they already are the same size as a normal blade hilt, I've never really looked at them side by side. Thank you for your time, especial reading this rather wordy, long-winded post. I hope there is someone still active who can accommodate me or at least tell me with finality that what I'm trying to do is impossible because something or whatnot is hard wired and you would have to gut the whole game engine......
  12. I would like a way to skip past all the boring running in Peragus. I also would like to play the rest of the game properly (Correct equipment/Correct Experience/Correct Quests/Correct Influence/Correct Revan/Everything Like that). I can't find any mods that do all of this, and I don't think many TSL players enjoy running down hallways for a few hours. Please rescue me from the evils of Peragus.
  13. Basically, it gets annoying having to spend 3 'turns' setting up your 'defensive' powers at the start of combat, and I know some may argue this is for balance.. it just generally irritates me. Would it be possible to make to make the Force Power 'Force Enlightenment' for Kotor I? That alone would be awesome. But even better would be implementing it into the storyline in a believable, flawless manor. However, I don't ask for the world, merely having it would be really good. I'd also prefer it if someone could please tell me how to make it, as opposed to having making it for me. Any help would be appreciated, thank-you.
  14. Hi Star Wars forum, I'm new here and I want to know, how can you add new downloaded ships in a mod ? For example, I have a new ship from filefront, and now I have lots of .alo, .ala ... files. In the readme it say's you have to put these files in this folder and these in this folder. ok, but when I start the game, I can't play them. I think I have to make a .txt file with the costs, build time, fraction etc, but what shall be written in it ? Is there a special "solution" for this or is it for every ship different ? If somebody has a mod with the aramadia class stardestroyer please tell me, or if somebody has created this .txt file for it and knows what to do please send me a pm or send me the .txt file via email thanks
  15. Guest

    Padawan Mods

    i work with a lot of mods on my game, they don't conflict or anything, that's not the problem. the problem is that i want to use a padawan mod so i start KoTOR as a jedi. i've tried achillles' mod as well as the one by grif vindh, and then i got one from lil jawa. none of them really worked for me-i want a mod that does something like what lil jawa's mod does (makes you a jedi using the door trask has to open for you on the endar spire-that way it doesn't conflict with the svosh trask's items mod), but i still want to play dantooine normally-with training and all of that, and lil jawa's mod makes me skip training. i don't really want backstory either, like in achilles' version. so basically, i want a mod that makes you a jedi from the start, but i don't want it to interfere with the end_trask.utc file, i'm not looking for anything with a backstory, and i don't want to skip anything on dantooine (or anywhere else for that matter) as a result of the mod. i've tried to find a mod like that, but i don't think one exists, and i don't know enough about modding to change lil jawa's to allow me to proceed through dantooine normally. can anyone help me?
  16. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL It would be great to get a new skin interior for the ebony hawk. Maybe a more finished look. Like the Republic ship without so many wires and pipes at sight. Improved lighting. And more confortable. More clean surfaces for the walls. Not so machine head looking or old. Like a passenger class and not a smugler. More luxury. Would work great if we use blue lights and white and amber color for the interior. Thanks a lot.
  17. Can someone PLEASE either make a mod that lets you have EVERY party member outside of the ship with you and following you around and fighting with you at the same time? PLEASE and THANKS. Removed part of post that was off-topic, since you found our Mod Link Requests Thread enough said. -RH
  18. Hey , I'm new here and sorry for rushing things with the first Post I'm making, but i found some people that work on a new X-Wing game, based on todays Graphics with a lot of features and they need HELP and Supoort, they all probably luv X-wing alliance like I do and many of you still do!! Would be very nice if u could join their forum too.... they NEED SUPPORT.... Here is tha Official Forum: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/board,143.0.html Enough talk here're some screens
  19. Hello all. Within the last month I got into applying mods to my overplayed TSL. I have tried out several and finally got my override in order. But, during my search for new content, I did not find very many mods/add-ons for power crystals, lens, emitters, firing chambers, etc... Actually, I dont think I found any for targeting, firing, power packs, e.cells, emitters and the like... only crystals. ANYWAY, to the point. I love the customization of TSL (sorry, I never found a copy of kotor1 so I STILL havent played it ) and not just the modding (to which I am new) but the weapon and armor modifications in the game. Anyway, what I am wanting (if possible) is this for starters: #1) a power crystal that is a.) +2-20 LS or DS damage, dependant on my characters disposition. b.)I would also like it to bear my characters name i.e., <Charactername>'s Crystal. c. and d.)Also, a +3 to Attack and -3 to defense. e.)I do not want it to replace any crystal's (as I have mods on them currently). Lastly, the icon for this could be any crystal icon recolored (pick your fav). Can this be done... more importantly, would someone be interested in creating this? If so, I will send a description for the item. #2) A lightsaber lens called Opila Beam Lens. It should provide keen, +1-8 unstoppable and +1 to Atk, Dmg, Def and BBD. Description - These lens are shaped and polished from a large and naturally flawless Opila crystal, making these lens extremely rare. I have a list of ideas for mod items for sabers, blasters, melee and armor if anyone is willing to do this?! It could become a parts pack!!!
  20. Hey everyone, I apologize if there's already some threads reguarding this but, I just finished playing KotOR 2 yesterday, and decided I'd play KotOR 1 today... And, Every time I try to play it, I'm disappointed with their jedi robes. So, really, what I wanted in KotOR 1, is KotOR 2 robes, or at least Jedi and Dark jedi robes. I realize porting is illeagal, but what if someone made a similar model and texture. I've tried myself, but I have virtually no skills when it comes to modelling, or well, modding in general. Thanks for reading, the mod would be an excellent x-mas gift to myself, and others who wanted the same sort of mod.
  21. Hi I wonder if there is someone who could make a Kiffar PC Head mod (If anyone is wondering Kiffar is the race of Quinlan Vos)
  22. Hey, I'm new to the forms and the KotOR modding community. I'm making a mod for KotOR, a rather ambitious mod, adding old school Mafia to the game. I know that dosn't sound like KotOR or Star Wars, but I have already created a storyline that will incorperate it into the Star Wars universe, mainly because by the end of the mod it will have turned into a completley different organization, one still around during the Original Trilogy. I will make most of the mod myself: modules, scripts, characters but since I'm a begginer I will need these from the community: -A model of the Faleen species This is the biggest request I have. -3 custom Hutt skins -A suit Similar to Goldstar's http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Men_in_Black_Scoundrel_Suits;84429 Except without the shoulder pads, and more like a suit. -Custom Heads As many as I can get from the community! Human Males and Females. NOTE: These are not nessecary, but if you already have custom made heads I'd be happy if I could use them. ----------------- Now, I have this whole mod planned out, and I will release more details and screens when I can. It will be released as a series of three, probably the first in late December - mid January. It'll only work if i got these mods! I am going to be away from Thursday (Nov. 6th) to Wednesday (Nov 13). So either respond within the next to days or pm me, and I will respond as soon as I can. And please don't put me down or tell me it's impossible, just help or don't. Thanks for your help. (If I get any.)
  23. Hi, I think it would be great to have a function attached to an interface button or a keyboard key that lets the player holster/unequip the weapons of his party. I know that I can use the equipment screen to unequip weapons, but this is a bit tedious to do for the hole party. A holster function would by my mind greatly improve the role playing feeling. For example on Taris where my chracter is told to draw no attention and keep a low profile, it looks weird running around with drawn weapons all the time. I think that it would be cool if the player would be able to holster the parties weapons in such cases. Hope someone finds this idea attractive enough to create such a mod. I would be glad to help as far as I can. For example when it comes to creating an image for a button or such. Greetings Xiskio UPDATE -------- After I did some more research on this, I found out that modding KoTOR is not so different from modding NWN2, what I did a lot in the past, so I decided to start such a mod by myself (Mod Thread). Have Fun Xiskio
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