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Found 9 results

  1. I have many favorite characters in star wars, but not all of the same time zone, seeing as Kotor and TSL are two of the best star wars games I thought it would be cool to see these characters. This is a huge suggestion mainly focused on TSL but parts on Kotor. I do not intend for one modder to work on this but a team of modders. Thanks, If you have any side quest suggestions put them below and I'll add them to the original post thanks kotor 1 As much as I love T3 I would like a replacement with a high-quality T7-O1 model and texture. I never liked Carth for me he was just a whining annoyance but a complete change to Juno eclipse as she appeared in the first tfu and a voice change would be a welcome and to change the personality to fit the strong, independence woman of Juno eclipse (I know this would would require a lot of change) I never really liked Juhani either she sat on board the ebon hawk all the way through my games, a change to Ahsoka Tano (Both clothing variant available) would be welcome Jolee rather than being human would for me be a cool Nautolan like kit fisto. Darth Malak to a sith species but still Malak. Darth Bandon to count dooku Trask Ulgo-Bothan Davik-Weequay vrook-Draethos Zhar-Nautolan Dorak-Zabrak Komad-Evocii Freyyr-Tarful Uthar-Sith pureblood (Unique Outfit) Dak Vesser-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Galon Lor-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Lashowe-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Shaardan-Sith pureblood(Unique Outfit) Dustil- Made to look like the offspring of Juno and Galen Saul-Feeorin kotor TSL Brianna to Thana Vesh would add some change to the game and have a seperate look to all the handmaidens because even though they're meant to look the same it really annoys me Darth Sion to Desann Kreia to Mission (as appears in kotor 1 just taller) Traya to Darth Talon. Dagon-Iktotchi Bakkel-Gran Zherron-Kaleesh Terena Adare-Gossam Vrook-Draethos Azkul-Feeorin Zez-Kai Ell -Gungan Kavar-Iktotchi Sion-Sith Pureblood (Cracked and dead looking like sion is vanilla) Sabers for Both Single saber hilt to look something like http://www.foundation3d.com/gallery/data/513/medium/saber_type_6_setup_radiosity0000.jpg and double to look like a double sided one of these (2nd hilt across but in a lighter colour) http://www.jqsabers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Darkside-hilts.jpg and the short saber like http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LBoiJX-K6F8/S_1kLNUyLaI/AAAAAAAAA_M/yOO9Q4ADUw4/s1600/Ro-lightsaber+Rahm+Kota1.jpg "Planets" for Both Tython-Jedi Temple and a couple surrounding modules complete with jedi and jedi council (see SWTOR if need) Nal Hutta-Landing pad, hutt palace, village Alderaan- Landing pad, Council chamber, Merchant area (no weapons or armour) Ryloth- Landing, merchant area Republic Space Station -Dock, merchants, barrackes, hangers, Bridge, escape pods Sith Space Station -Dock, merchants, barrackes, hangers, Bridge, escape pods The Murcrow(Large ship)- Dock,Bridge Kotor 1 change At the end of Kotor 1 a cutscene of Revan leaving in a ship (not the hawk) and taking T3 with him takes off, after he says goodbye to Bastila(If bastila is still alive) Kotor 2 Extra Quests(side quests are welcome but I don't have any at the min) After the player has been to malachor they decide they have to follow Revan, They get a message of bastila requesting the player to go to Tython and meet her. All party members are removed at this point. The player then has the ability to travel to Tython the other planets are locked, upon arrival the player they are greeted by Bastila. Bastila informs the Player that the council wishes to speak to them. Bastila then joins the party. When the player reaches the council they are told of a great threat in the unknown reaches clawing at the galaxy, and that Revan had gone to end it. The player is tasked to find Revan and whatever evil awaits. Bastila and the exile leave the council chamber and Bastila talks about your and her relationship with Revan. Satele meets you and the entrance and joins your party. Upon the Ebon Hawk the 3 members discuss how they should try to find Revan, Satele suggest you should go to Nal Hutta to see what the smugglers and criminals know, bastila is wary at first but eventually agrees. At Nal Hutta a droid seller has a broken T3 droid, Bastila checks the droid and suggests the player buys it. Upon buying it the player is tasked to repair it, the droid should require 3 pieces which should be scattered around Nal Hutta. (The hut palace should be locked for now)Once all parts are acquired and put back in t3, he activates and recognises bastila after beeping he displays a hologram of Revan explaining where he's gone and what he has to do. Bastila questions how they're going to follow and that the Ebon Hawk wasn't powerful enough to do the trip, t3 then informs that the criminals talk about a large warship that the hutts plan to steal. The player then has to disguise themselves to gain access to the palace where in the hutts personal chambers find a datapad that says that their contact on Ryloth is supplying information on the ship. The player can now travel to Ryloth Where a weequay will hint that he knows something but will have to be persuaded to tell, either way it outcomes the weequay tasks the player to find him some equipment and then he'd tell the player what he knows. T The player finds out the a bith named Bag-bo bil-gins is over seeing the construction and that he is a senator on alderaan. The Player goes to Alderaan and finds that Bag-bo is dead, and the autorities are asking for help, the player has to go through an investigation to find the killer, the killer is found to be a sith lord know as Darth Relkan a Kaleesh. Upon explaing that he would steal the ship and use it to destroy the Jedi. The player must fight and beat Relkan alone(The other party members will be lopcked out) who has a datapad that says of a sith military station. The Player then can open the door to find his party unconcious, when the party wakes its revealed that armed kidnappers took Satele. Hints on every planet will lead the Player back to Nal Hutta where they must break into the hutt prison and fight there way to Satele who gets badly wounded. The Player must return to Tython with Satele to get the healing she needs, while Satele is healing the player is told by Bastila that they need to go to the nearby republic station and warn them of the sith station. The player arrives and goes to the bridge to talk to Admiral Polo (a kel-dur) They are then attacked sith boarding parties swarm the station and the player has to fight them off, then the player is told by the admiral to go and neutralies the sith station. The Player is then advised by Bastila to get Satele but does not have to. Upon arriving at the station the player will have to fight sith fighters in the hawk, once docked the republic also dock some squads who aids they offensive. Once more at the bridge a sith-pure blood Darth Tur'lds fights the player and party, once he's defeated the player is set against a timer to escape the station, then it explodes. On Darth Tur'lds was the co-ordiantes of the Murcrow, the player must do an ebon hawk fight and then take over the ship and fight 3 sith-pure bloods. They then must use the pc at the bridge to send the ship to unknown space. A cutscene then plays of Revan held captured by the sith (as in swtor) the screen fades to black and credits role.
  2. I am asking if perhaps anyone knows how to actually change the character model size in Kotor/Kotor2. Specifically I'm working on a modification that makes the Zakkeg on Dxun in Kotor 2 actually "Built like a baragwin battle tank" and of a formidable looking size rather than the midsize armadillo thing of similar size to the totally "average" bomas in the Vanilla version. I want the Zakkeg to be roughly twice as tall as the PC and still able to walk around its "zone" outside the cave.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had modeled anything similar to chancellor palpatines red robes that he wore in ep. III during his fight with Windu?
  4. I've followed both swapping animation tuts, I've thought I did what they said and this is what I get, I thought when I looked at the jawa skeleton it was close enough to work... I guess not.
  5. The impact of 3D has been everlasting in gaming, and more than likely this is the reason why many have gotten into game art and design. Although playing 3D video games today is amazing the process behind it can be tedious and sometimes even frustrating. In this article I’m going to briefly summarize how you could create 3D Game Models using any animation software. The process of creating a three-dimensional character or object that is later put into a game sounds exciting (as it is), but in reality it is a static creation cycle similar to how an architect would create a building or design a city. Before you start the real video game work you define shapes, objects, and sizes and then proceed to insert your colors and textures. Of course everything comes “alive” once you insert the models into the game, because this is the part where the game starts taking its true form. But to create any model in the first place you will need animation software. Some Popular 3D Modeling Software Applications: 1.) Maya- Considered to be the application at the helm in industry work today, especially in larger video game studios. Like 3Ds Max it’s professional and also used to make other media forms like movies; the student version or scaled down version is the most affordable. 2.) 3Ds Max- As mentioned above, 3Ds Max is also popular in the game making world, and you could even say it’s widely known for competing with Maya. 3.) Blender- Open source and completely free software package with great abilities, a good start for someone with no budget. A generic overview to creating your Model: 1.) Much like your own body your bones and joints define how you move; this is what makes up the first step in the 3D modeling process, designing a skeleton for the model. 2.) Design a texture-less skin and colorless one around the bones and joints. It is not meant for appearances, just to see how your model will look in shape. 3.) Adding in detail is the next step, and this occurs as you color in the skin to get the look you want. Then you complete it by adding in necessary parts like eyes, clothes, etc. 4.) Telling the model how to behave by directing what bones and joints will move in what directions. In 3D modeling software this process saves you time because after you dictate the beginning and end locations, it usually automatically fills in the middle steps. 5.) Export the model into a video game design software compatible format. Most 3D modeling software programs have this exporting tool built in, and are able to export to a variety of formats for game development. In short, creating a 3D game model is not a hard process, but still not a brain dead easy one; it takes dedication and a learning curve to work over. Once this is accomplished you can do this as a hobby or even do it as a profession. Nevertheless, it will take practice, persistence and developing creative talents as an artist.
  6. Greetings, I would like to know is someone could alter the Dark Jedi model from K1 so that you can wear it, and see your entire face under the hood. For a comparison, take a look at the mask-less Revan robe models. If someone could do something like that I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you. ~Te Mirdala Mand'alor
  7. Hey, I'm new to the forms and the KotOR modding community. I'm making a mod for KotOR, a rather ambitious mod, adding old school Mafia to the game. I know that dosn't sound like KotOR or Star Wars, but I have already created a storyline that will incorperate it into the Star Wars universe, mainly because by the end of the mod it will have turned into a completley different organization, one still around during the Original Trilogy. I will make most of the mod myself: modules, scripts, characters but since I'm a begginer I will need these from the community: -A model of the Faleen species This is the biggest request I have. -3 custom Hutt skins -A suit Similar to Goldstar's http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Men_in_Black_Scoundrel_Suits;84429 Except without the shoulder pads, and more like a suit. -Custom Heads As many as I can get from the community! Human Males and Females. NOTE: These are not nessecary, but if you already have custom made heads I'd be happy if I could use them. ----------------- Now, I have this whole mod planned out, and I will release more details and screens when I can. It will be released as a series of three, probably the first in late December - mid January. It'll only work if i got these mods! I am going to be away from Thursday (Nov. 6th) to Wednesday (Nov 13). So either respond within the next to days or pm me, and I will respond as soon as I can. And please don't put me down or tell me it's impossible, just help or don't. Thanks for your help. (If I get any.)
  8. This just popped into my head this morning, but what if someone made a model of Samus' Varia Suit from the Metroid games? I know it would be quite difficult to model something that detailed, but I think it could be done. Along with the suit itself, there would have to be a separate model for the Arm Cannon which would act as a blaster rifle of sorts, and that could be customized to act as Mira's Missile Launcher as well with a custom animation featuring the Arm Cannon opening to allow a missile or grenade to be fired. I'm also sure that you could create the helmet as a separate model, in order for the helmet to be removed, yet the suit will still be on. The helmet's visor can also be a transparent green, allowing the PC's eyes to be seen. Either way, I think you could make this for both KotOR 1 or 2, as I don't think it really matter which game you develop it for. Thanks!
  9. I thought i would try making a player model again. This time using a Zombie that i made in class using 3DS MAX. its been ages since i have touched jka so i cant seem to remember everything of what to do. im using the jk3 skeleton. i cut the mesh up into all the parts like hips, torso, l_arm etc linked them correctly, iv linked all the bolts, iv wieghed it, iv reset X forms, iv aligned to the stupid triangle. umm iv done everything i can think of but when i go into assimilate and use carcass35 it comes up with the error Error: Model has 56 surfaces, but only 1 can be reached by recursing from surface 0 ('head') You need to re-hierarchy this model correctly These are the surface(s) not reachable from surface 0... and then it lists a ton of stuff please help me find out what im doing wrong!!! its driving me insane! ill include the max file for anyone who is willing to take a look at it. im just trying to get it in game at the moment so i just rigged everything to the pelvis http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4UES95QU also heres a pic of the zombie model i made
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