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Found 20 results

  1. Hello fellow KotOR players. I'm afraid I have encountered a game breaking issue that I cannot find a fix for, no matter how hard I look for one. :/ Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Everything went absolutely fine until I got to the bit where you bump into Malak on the way to the hangar on the Leviathan and discover your true identity. When the cutscene where Bastila starts talking begins playing, it lags really bad (plays a second of it, freezes for about 5-10 seconds, plays another second and so on), then crashes at a certain point. I figured the problem is with the non-video cutscene that follows where Revan takes off his mask, rather than the scene before it. Maybe the 3D environment surrounding Revan is too much for my laptop to load. I'm not sure though. I'm really desperate to find a solution. This is literally the most frustrating issue I've ever come across regarding this game, since that scene is the best part of the entire game storyline in my opinion (and it just got ruined like that by this ******* stupid crash ). Please, will you help a desperate fellow? Here, I'll give you 500 credits in return, it's all I have! (JK) I can't tell much about my system specs, since I'm no administrator and can't even run that configuration file in the game directory. I can tell you that my laptop runs Windows 7 though and that I took all kinds of measures to make the game compatible. Also, it's KotOR 1 (obviously), the CD-ROM version. I've already tried running that part of the game on the lowest graphics settings and windowed mode, I tried single core, multi core... everything I could think of. I turned hardware mouse off, grass off (not that it would help); disabled vertex buffer objects, frame buffer effects, etc etc etc. I figured disabling movies would not help because the scene causing the problem is not a video file, but as I said, that is just my mere speculation. Thank you sooooooooo much in advance if you help me out. (500 credits was it? )
  2. GordoZ

    Grim F

    Hello. I came to tell you that my mates and I are making a fan mini serie based 4 years after the game. Our work is going well, we have made a trailer so far. Here it is: We are also funding our work at this funding platform: http://ide.la/1jKyhk2 We would thank a lot if you take a look at our work. Thanx!
  3. I've directed a short movie "The Choice" with lighsaber fencing scene, created by me. There is a link to it: I'ce created it to show my skills and abilities as fencing artist and fencing choreohraph to SW team. What do you think about that? I would appreciate any feedback =) There is full info in video description on YouTube page. If you like it help me to show it to J.J. Abrams and Star Wars team by posting this video in the Internet, please!=)
  4. Hello. I came to tell you that my mates and I are making a fan mini serie based 4 years after the game. Our work is going well, we have made a trailer so far. Here it is: We are also funding our work at this funding platform: http://ide.la/1jKyhk2 We would thank a lot if you take a look at our work. Thanx!
  5. So apparently there is a fan film being made based on the book Revan, which was in turn based on the video game Revan. Looks like they need a lot of financial help to make the movie better, but the rewards are actually pretty cool. For anyone who is interested, check it out here. And if you're not interested in investing money right now (I know I'm not), you can just watch the progress. I'm pretty excited to see how the film will be. What are your personal thoughts?
  6. Source. You know, I'm actually strangely optimistic about this one. Assassin's Creed strikes me as a video game IP that would really shine in a big screen adaptation. My optimism is unusual, as I regard most video game movies with aversion - such as the train wreck that is going to be the Mass Effect movie. My opinion regarding that is neatly summed up . Opinions?
  7. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) To me it captures a kind of Star Wars combat/powers that is a fantastic balance between 'reality' and 'fantasy' - It's not underwhelming, or over the top - just about right. Cinematography and choreography are great too. Pretty impressive, IMO. One qualm: those are Sith, not Jedi, ninjas - but, youknow, whatever.
  8. ...Why isn't there a thread about this? I haven't seen it, but i'm seriously contemplating it. I have some friends that say that 3D is the only way to see it. There is a cinema very near where i live that afaik doesn't have it in 3D. If i wanted to see the movie in 3D, i will have to travel 30-40 minutes and then pay $20 for the movie ticket. But seeing that my personal income is far from steady or substantial, $20 of my hard earned money to go watch a movie requires quite some persuasion. (I'm not counting it out completely). I haven't heard one bad thing about this movie. None. at. all. All seats were prebooked for days, and all who see it go around raving about it. But if anyone here who has seen it could provide their input on 3D or no 3D, it would be appreciated. Currently, i'm keeping away from all spoilers (not even reading the synopsis), so please use hidden tags, like always. [edit] Avatar was nominated for four Golden Globes: Best Film Score, and Best Film Song, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director. Based on the success of the movie, James Cameron has confirmed the possibility of sequels: Meanwhile, despite being its most successful movie, Avatar has been mostly banned in China for fears that the movie may cause political unrest.
  9. Ok I made a JKA movie and will be posting parts of it every week!!!!! The Link is Also could anyone tell me any cheats that will remove the health and force bar and also in JKA the screen flashes and it can affect the video quality. Comment and subscribe!!!
  10. I don't know if many of you follow the Oscars very closely, but I'm really interested in film and, personally, I was eagerly awaiting for the final list of nominees to be posted. To those interested: http://www.oscar.com/nominees/?pn=nominees My random first thoughts: All in all I am VERY pleased with the decisions. My only real qualm is that The Wrestler wasn't nominated for Best Picture. While I don't believe that it was the best film of the year, I definitely think it's at least worthy of the recognition. However, I was quite excited to see Rourke on the list for Best Actor, as well as Heath Ledger on for Supporting Actor. Both The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Wall-E got quite a few nominations (13 and 6, respectively), which is incredible. I didn't expect that Brad Pitt would get the nomination for Best Actor (I thought he was spectacular, but I didn't think the academy would agree). I'm a bit upset that The Dark Knight was nominated for Film Editing. A few people in the industry that I've talked to have all agreed that the editing was a bit confusing a points, and hindered the storytelling. It wasn't bad, necessarily, but it wasn't necessarily great, either. I don't expect it to win the Award. Benjamin Button better win Best Makeup. Doubt better not win Best Adapted Screenplay. That film is just Oscar Bait. While I haven't seen it (yet, I do want to see it eventually), it's said that the film is virtually a direct stage-to-screen translation. That's nothing special. Marisa Tomei for The Wrestler? I've never seen her in another film (that I can recall), so I don't know about her past experience. She was good, its just odd thinking of a stripper who's nude (or nearly nude) for nearly half of her screen-time as getting a nomination for Supporting Actress. Props to her. Films I still need to see: Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, Milk.
  11. I read in a paper that universal pulled it's funding from the Tintin movies that are in production. Universal pulled its funding because they felt that Tintin was 'obscure to US audiences.' It is well known in Europe and elsewhere. I was really surprised at the majority of the US not knowing about Tintin. As a kid, i loved the Tintin comics. Everyone knew of Tintin, even if they didn't like it. Even my parents read it years ago and they had friends that loved it. I havnt seen a library that doesn't have the Tintin books. There are supposed to be three movies, directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. (two of the best!) Apparently Spielberg found out about Tintin in 1981 when a review about Indiana Jones said something about it. His secretary got him the french version of the comics. He didnt understand it, but he loved it instantly. (And apparently Herge became a fan of Spielberg!) The movies were being funded by Universal and Paramount and digital effects done by Weta Digital in NZ, the people responsible for the digital effects of Jackson's Lord of The Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia movies, Halo (in production) and others. The movies are to be shot in Los Angeles and New Zealand. What do you think of Universal pulling it's funding? And that most of the US doesn't know of Tintin?
  12. I can't believe there is no thread for The Dark Knight here. Either that, or it didn't noticed it when I did a search. Twas here ~tk Oh, my bad. :S Ah well.... Whatever. Honestly, I haven't been more excited for a movie since probably Casino Royale. I've already bought my tickets for the midnight screening next week. So, now all I have to do it wait till then. But, I will be going to watch Batman Begins and Gotham Knight before I go see it. Here is a link for some vids and clips from The Dark Knight. Although, I do suggest you don't watch them if you don't want to spoil anything. Also check out the website for The Dark Knight if you just want to see the trailers. Thoughts?
  13. Instead of posting in the old "I believe in Harvey Dent" thread I decided to make a new one. So, the trailer for The Dark Knight came online today. First off, what do you think? I'm overly hyped already. I just hope they make the story good and not try to cram too many villains in one picture. I think they succeeded in transforming the Joker into the 21st century. I'm glad they didn't take the same approach that Burton did in the first Batman movie. I like that the Joker is portrayed as this evil psychopath instead of just a criminal with clown make-up who likes to play small pranks on people.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPTJ4v6KPrg First the Nazis, now the Soviets. When will the thrill end? The movie is apparently taking place 19 years after the Last Crusade in the year 1957. After a nice hiatus from adventuring, Indy is whipped back into action to find the Crystal Skull, which is also wanted by Soviet agents. Hilarity will no doubt ensue
  15. Well, today's the day Indiana Jones IV is out. Anyone else going to see it? I've got my tickets and I can't wait.
  16. There will be no spoilers, you can read this safely, I wont talk about the plot or cool moments in the movie. Yes, it is a good movie. I cant say for sure why there are bad reviews, but I'm fairly certain, that in most cases, especially in IGN's case, it was because people are more likely to click on their review to find out why its bad, then they are to click on a good review for a movie they already assume will be good. It is a Indiana Jones movie, and it is awesome. I guess I could be biased, since i own the original release, of the trilogy, the re release on VHS version of the trilogy, the Laser Disc copies, and the DVD box set. But I can tell you, that the movie did not dissapoint me in any way. It is NOT another Phantom Menace. The movie has moments that give you the feelings of watching the orginals, the music is great, and yes, there are special effects used that are newer than the ones used in the 80's. Big shocker. I have no idea why a reviewer would complain about that, but thats one I've seen. The special effects are very high quality, and nicely done. The movie has a lot of action, and gets in with whats going on right away. The movie assumes you know Indy, and what hes been through, and this is a good thing, since I would imagine most people out there have seen the Indy movies. Its keeps things moving, and stays interesting the whole time. I could keep going on, but without ruining the movie for you, you should just know, that I consider myself a die hard fan, and I thought this movie was great. Thats really all you should hear. I guess if you held a gun to my head, and forced me to say something bad about it. I could come up with, its a bummer that Sallah isnt in it. And its too bad Marcus Brody isnt around anymore. Go see it, now.
  17. So, the fourth installment came out today (saw it at midnight and later in the day at around 6...yeah, I liked it that much). What did you guys think? Leave your comments and thoughts here!
  18. I myself is a huge fan of Indy. I have watched the whole 3 parts since I was a kid, so when Indy 4 was announced, I was extremely exited. So did when two trailers of Indy 4 came out this year. I was/am really expecting to see Indy 4 at the local cinema But, wait! The closer the opening day come, the more nervous I have. Several weeks ago - about 2 weeks - there are some pages claimed the had seen Indy 4, and write reviews. Mostly, they criticized Indy 4, and revealed that Mutt is Indy's son. I only read little of it, and I think that maybe it just a phony review, and those guys maybe didn't even watched it yet. Recently, on Slashdot, they have this post, but still, I hope they just make it out themself. To tell the truth, I still feeling quite... doubt! I mean, look at Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace. The whole thing was a mess, in comparison with any movie in the Original Trilogy! I hope Indy 4 won't follow the same mistake that Star Wars I did. Good heaven, I want Indy 4 must worth 16 years of waiting! (since I first saw Indy when I was 2-3 years old But hey, we got Steven Spielberg on the set! So does Harrison Ford! Those are the men that I could trust! We still got hopes...... and doubt.....
  19. http://www.indianajones.com/site/index.html Disappointed they used the soundtrack from Children of Dune, but my jaw dropped when I saw Indy breaking into the warehouse where the Ark is stored.
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