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Found 14 results

  1. Is there a way to use upgraded pods in multiplayer? I have unlocked all tracks and pods in tournament mode and purchased all the best upgrades, but when I create a multiplayer game all tracks and racers are available but the pods have only basic stats. I know that upgrades apply in local multiplayer on the N64 version. Is there a fix for the PC version?
  2. Hi to everyone who reads these forums. If you want to play some good games of battlefront online again (on PC) then we're having 'SWBFdays' on the last Saturday of every month. If you want to play with large amounts of players again then please join us starting November 30th. More details are on SWBFgamers.com. http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?topic=7239.0
  3. Hello everyone u can l ask ???l'm planing to create my own jko server and l wont to known do l need to form a council of my jko server?? and do l also need to find who will host my server?? and if l need to form a council who will be interested to join me?? l'm so confused now and also l known that l must find some players yes?? P.s please l realy need some advice thank's
  4. Hey everyone I need some help. i'm trying to play SWB II with my little brother via LAN connection. We have the IP addresses matching and have the right crossover lan cable but still no luck. What are we supposed to do? Thanks for help in advance!
  5. Hey everyone (first post, have mercy!) My friend and I recently started playing RC alot online, and have been joining servers in order to play together. However, when we attempted to make our own servers, a couple things happened: 1. We made an undedicated server, which I have heard will not be visible in the lobby, so therefore we are unable to play. 2. I tried making a *dedicated* server, but this resulted in the game shutting down, providing an error message and saying that "Port 60575 made need to be opened to incoming traffic". Any attempts to open the port have resulted in failure... If anyone can please help out, someone, in trying to find the answer to this problem so that we can make a server (or even just tell us another way to make the server...), you have no idea how much this would be appreciated. Thank you! ~Swordfish
  6. Okay, I'm sure the good people who preside over this board are sick to death of people complaining about how multiplayer won't work because the server-loading process seems to be frozen in digital carbonite. I've seen lots of threads where people have this issue, but so far have not seen a fix that works for me. Here's why: I have a MacBook, and am running JA (v1.0.3e) thanks to the good people at aspyr from whom I downloaded it last night. I was running JA Multiplayer just fine until about 10 minutes ago when I accidentally clicked "Get New List" instead of "Refresh List." Then the server list went blank and the "getting info for servers" started flashing at the bottom of the screen like the boulder before Sisyphus' despairing gaze. Things that are not the issue: * I have Internet (not LAN) selected. * I'm not running a firewall, and there's no filter issue (Other MP games still work just fine) * I have a working, fast internet connection * I have not installed any new software which could possibly cause this to happen Things I can't do to fix this: * Use 3rd party sites (such as Portforwarding.com) which require the user to download and execute .exe files (I do not have a version of windows to install in bootcamp.) * Find anyone who addresses this issue in terms that make sense to an OSX-user who has never used windows save under extreme duress.
  7. Note: I decided to re-post this thread when I read a note from the forum administrator; which said that all recent posts and threads were lost in a database crash. If you already commented on the original version of this thread, then it might be best if you just tried to retype what you said before so we can pick up where we left off I'm gonna start by saying that I'm a total newbie to these forums. My friends and I recently found enough time to start playing XWA again, and now we're totally hooked on it! We've been playing XWA together on GameRanger for a little while now, and we wanna know if it's still possible to boost our pilot ratings. I've done as much research on this as I could. I read the readme file about the XWA scoring system, and I know that you need to shoot down human players in order to get past Top Ace 4th Order (which is where I'm stuck right now). So far, it seems like the my rating progress doesn't get any higher than 54%, regardless of how many human kills I get on GameRanger. I also tried to get on the Errant Venture server, but I downloaded it and it doesn't work when I try to start it. So basically, can someone tell me if you could only boost your rating on the original XWA multiplayer server, if Errant Venture is down for good, and if anyone's "To Next Rating" percentage has ever been glitched and permanently fixed at 54% or some other number? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hey, I'm trying to create an online server in JKII. After I started it, my friend can't see it in the Server list, although he refreshed. It seems that the server is only available locally. Can somebody tell me how to set up a server, so that it appears in the internet servers list? Thanks in advance mds
  9. I am playing EAW with the 1.05 patch (not Forces of Corruption) on Windows XP SP3. I've played the single player for a while, now I'd like to try out some of the custom maps I have downloaded. I was hoping I would get to play against the computer AI on these maps, like in the single player campaign. I go to start a LAN game, I select a map (in this case, a 2 player map). For the second player, I select Computer AI. But the "Start Game" button is always greyed (grayed?) out. I have checked all the network settings and read all the faqs. I have the windows firewall disabled, and my router not only supports upnp, but I've also port forwarded the EAW ports (both tcp and udp) to my system. Can I not play a multiplayer game with just the computer and only 1 human? Am I trying to do something that's impossible or is there some problem with my setup?
  10. Ok, now that I've finished responding to these ancient threads - I'm going to make my own discussion. So who's still out there playing SWGB right now? Last few years since 2006 have been really bad for online gaming, even with the recent ups and downs of services like IGZones and GameRanger. But increasingly it seems the majority of players just don't play the fun scenarios like senates/citybuilds/rpgs (mostly because it seems to be new players that are going online now)... been like a year and a half since I played the epic maps of Minas Tirith and Castle Operations. My main question is: Anyone got any plans to host any of these fun maps sometime?
  11. Last time i wanted to play Battlefront in multiplayer-mode. But when the serverlist reloaded, it switched just from 0% to 100%. After a long time i have my list, but all server have a ping of 9999, so i cannot join any server. I have checked my firewall, and i am using Windows XP Service Pack 3, my Internet-connection is a DSL 6000.
  12. I have the gave in my x360... a friend and I started to work on it with some progress done so far... If I want to play on my own, but without affecting the progress me and my buddy did, what should I do? Is it even possible?
  13. I recently found a free, browser-based version of Quake III Arena called Quake Live. It's just in open beta ATM, so there is a few loading times, espeically when first registering. Check it out. http://www.quakelive.com/
  14. Hi Guys Been playing JA for a little while now, and I've only recently moved into mapping and modding. Anyway, situation: I'm creating a (Larger) Variant of the T1_Danger Map from scratch for Multiplayer. However, I've hit a snag. I wanted to have NPC Sand creatures running around the map, In order to make players worry a little about where they're stepping. However, there are two major problems: 1. Sand Creature AI doesn't work in Multiplayer, they just sit in one place and roar. 2. If spawned on any map but t1_danger in Single Player, they can go anywhere, and have a habit of appearing through stone floors etc. I seem to remember there was a tweak for the sand creature AI in Multiplayer some time ago, although I may be wrong. Can anyone help me out? Cheers.
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