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Found 11 results

  1. When I bought this game about a month ago, I played it for about three hours. I thought it was a wee bit better than I expected from many of the reviews I had read. I tried logging in to something like the Training Room, I think, and may have mistyped my login info. Now, every time I start the game, the splash screen comes up like normal (after the stick figure throws the lightsaber then jumps over it), where it blinks "Press Enter." When I do hit enter, it says: "Warning: Failed to Log In (Online Connection Failure). The only button to press is one that has the word "Confirm" on it. When I hit that, there are usually three slots that looked like save spots in the game and in the lower left I have the option to "New Game." When I do this, it crashes. I have uninstalled, deleted everything in the Program Files, and reinstalled half a dozen times. I have tried starting in offline mode. I need help with this.
  2. Hi to everyone who reads these forums. If you want to play some good games of battlefront online again (on PC) then we're having 'SWBFdays' on the last Saturday of every month. If you want to play with large amounts of players again then please join us starting November 30th. More details are on SWBFgamers.com. http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?topic=7239.0
  3. I see that the news section on the home page has not had an update for 5 years. I was just wanting to know if any one is on here any more. If you read this please reply. thank you. - {ErO}Helix{FDR}
  4. Hey everyone (first post, have mercy!) My friend and I recently started playing RC alot online, and have been joining servers in order to play together. However, when we attempted to make our own servers, a couple things happened: 1. We made an undedicated server, which I have heard will not be visible in the lobby, so therefore we are unable to play. 2. I tried making a *dedicated* server, but this resulted in the game shutting down, providing an error message and saying that "Port 60575 made need to be opened to incoming traffic". Any attempts to open the port have resulted in failure... If anyone can please help out, someone, in trying to find the answer to this problem so that we can make a server (or even just tell us another way to make the server...), you have no idea how much this would be appreciated. Thank you! ~Swordfish
  5. Ok, now that I've finished responding to these ancient threads - I'm going to make my own discussion. So who's still out there playing SWGB right now? Last few years since 2006 have been really bad for online gaming, even with the recent ups and downs of services like IGZones and GameRanger. But increasingly it seems the majority of players just don't play the fun scenarios like senates/citybuilds/rpgs (mostly because it seems to be new players that are going online now)... been like a year and a half since I played the epic maps of Minas Tirith and Castle Operations. My main question is: Anyone got any plans to host any of these fun maps sometime?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some people who still play GB and does want to play online with others. Maybe we could make play together!
  7. Hello, I have looked off and on to find people online playing SWBF1, I have never found anything active. I know its an old game but there are 15 to 50 + people playing on most days. Where are you guys at? If you want to contact me respond here. I only play SWBF 1 BTW, and my screen name is "Jam". Thanks
  8. I recently found a free, browser-based version of Quake III Arena called Quake Live. It's just in open beta ATM, so there is a few loading times, espeically when first registering. Check it out. http://www.quakelive.com/
  9. Hi, I've got a question regarding the online score on Battlefron I. The last few months I've been having troubles finding serves capable of submiting my score online. I play on a daily basis, but the leaderboard shows no updates, and I wonder if anyone knows which serves should I be playing in or something like that. Thanks in advance.
  10. When I try to play SWBF (the original) for PS2 online, there are never any servers listed. I'm wondering if this is because no one plays it online anymore or if there's a problem on my end. 1) Do others see any servers listed when they try to play online for PS2? 2) If not, perhaps we could instead set a time to play online, for anyone who's still interested in playing. It could be a regularly scheduled day and time, like Sundays starting at 8pm EST, for example. Any interest?
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