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Found 5 results

  1. IGN have posted a poll on their website entitled What Unannounced RPG sequel would you have to play first? and among the ten choices to select is... wait for it... Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III! So if you've got the urge to tell someone, anyone, that you want KotOR 3 then head on over to IGN and let them know. I know you're not going to vote for any of the other nine choices. http://www.ign.com
  2. Edited poll. --Jae Thanks! The Empire had built many superweapons in the times beyond the battle of Yavin. Which was the most effective and why? I personally chose the The Galaxy gun is a close second because it could restrict its damage to a small or large scale. It brought terror like the Death Star, but at a fraction the cost. They could strike anything anywhere without leaving the protection of the Imperial fleet at Byss. They were the most flexible of the weapons and controllable of collateral damage. The Dark Trooper project was a close first because they were most effective for small scale assaults and there were few countermeasures other than attacking their construction facilities. It was stopped when Kyle Katarn destroyed the Arc Hammer(the construction vessel) and the Dark Trooper project was not resumed. Their vulnerability was due to how easily the mining and construction facilities could be destroyed... not the weapons themselves. I think the Death Star and Sun Crusher were the worst because they each required such an expenditure of credits. (The original Death Star was 120 kilometers in diameter. Just to give a reference to the materials it needed.) They also were weapons of mass destruction, so not just rebel forces, but everything was obliterated by their weapons.
  3. So now that we got the official announcement for Star Wars: The Old Republic one of the next big questions is: When will TOR go into beta? Since as far as I know we have nothing official on a TOR beta time frame make your best guess, consult your magic eight ball, read the tea leaves at the bottom of your cup, use the Force to sense the future, or whatever prognosticating method you have available and vote!
  4. I just did a search and didnt find this, which is quite suprising so i thought id make it myself. This is a poll on what you think of Jedi Matser Atris from k2 (if you by some chance didnt know). I've heard some opinions, but it would be interesting to see the stats. Do you hate her, or love her? Couldnt care less? State your opininon! This thread's icon seems to suit Atris, yes? I chose option 6
  5. Its been years waiting for the announcement and now it has come. After all this, what is your take on the current situation? How many share the your opinion? The poll can be simplified by combining the top three and bottom three options and their stats to get a basic result: How many like or dislike it. The middle option is a category of it's own.
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