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Found 4 results

  1. <SENSOU> Guild are recruiting for SWTOR on The Tomb Of Freedon Nadd server. http://sensou.enjin.com/recruitment We all have toons at all levels mainly on the Republic but we have toons on the Imperial side to experience both sides of the conflict and we PvP, PvE and run instances and generally help each other out doing quests SENSOU is an friendly online gaming community that plays a variety of games. We have apprximately 90 members from all round the world registered with us , of which around 60 are considered active attending the forum every couple of days. Our average age is 35 years of age. We are are a core group of friends who enjoy playing games in our recreation time, we are totally team focused. All of us have family, friends, responsibility and work. The community will build relationships & friendships, we will not lose our identity or our focus. Our community values are enhanced by adhering to the following requirements, thus putting us all on the same page. These requirements are universal across all games we play, these are our "10 Banners"! 1. I am over 21 years of age. 2. I understand that forum usage is compulsory. 3. I can speak English 4. I agree to respond to the guild Call to Arms when required. 5. I can guarantee contribution to the guild. 6. I have a good sense of humour. 7. I expect issues/problems will be directed straight to a guild officer. Drama is avoidable. 8. I am able to converse in Teamspeak voice comms and utilise in-game guild chat facilities, I understand both are mandatory requirements. [The ability to listen is sufficient for voice comms on our 512 member capacity server]. 9. I enjoy helping and sharing with others. 10. I realise above all else, real life comes first, gaming second. If you are interested please drop by and register with us at http://sensou.enjin.com/recruitment Bump to say we are still looking for new recruits with republic char's/toons of all levels
  2. Im looking for 3 players (Preferably Lev.25-30) that would like to start their own guild. Us 4 will be the leaders of the guild. Keep in mind that you must be on the, "Canderous Ordo" Server and that this is a republic guild.
  3. Hey guys. I thought I'd let you all know that I and a bunch of other Monkey Island fans (most of us from the Telltale forums) are currently working on a fan game called 'Carnival of Monkey Island'. Now, this game will take place between 'Revenge...' and 'Curse...', showing the events that could have happened in that brief time period. Coincidentally, the visual/artistic style of the game will sort of be a blend between the looks of those two games. We're planning on releasing this game in three episodes, taking it one episode at a time. We're finalizing the planning and script for Episode I at the moment, we've got some backgrounds and sprites finished, we've got some wonderful music too; so things are going pretty well. But, however, we would like to have more people on the team. What we're mostly looking for are artists, animators and voice actors (yes, we will be having voice). The voice-acting roles we would like filling are: - LeChuck - Skeletal Pirates (with lazy British accents, eg. pronouncing 'thing' as 'fing') - Largo - The Voodoo Lady - Fettuccine Brothers (maybe) - Herman Toothrot (maybe) - Cannibals - Pirate Bar Patron(s) - Clown (with strong New Yorker accent - think the guy off the ShamWow ad, but not quite as fast-talking) - Female Pirate ...more roles to come. So, if you can lend a hand in this project, then post here to say that you're willing, and we'll go from there . Thanks.
  4. GCA (Gray Clan ARCs) is a small, casual clan that plays once or twice per week for a few hours at a time, using a number of mod maps on our dedicated server. Our platform is PC. We've developed one squad and are hoping to recruit members for another squad so we can do some regular scrimmaging in our weekly sessions. Also looking for a squad captain and/or recruiter for the new squad. Links or downloads for any necessary mod maps or conversions will be provided by the clan General or an Officer. Server settings are negotiable, but mostly set (Friendly Fire on, Heroes on but rare, no time limits). Promotions earned by clan involvement and activity, as well as in-game effectiveness. To respond, contact me here, or contact gray.clan.general@gmail.com Website: http://www.inspeco.us/GCA/index.html
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