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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm new to Lucas Forums, don't really know if there are still active modders viewing this, but I'll give it a shot. I've been working on a couple of skins, and got the idea to create an Asajj Ventress PC, for TSL. In order to do that I would need to get the bottom part of the female Revan model (from the waist down, minus the cape) merged with the top part (from the waist up) of the female underwear model. Anyone up for it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello fellow KotOR players. I'm afraid I have encountered a game breaking issue that I cannot find a fix for, no matter how hard I look for one. :/ Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Everything went absolutely fine until I got to the bit where you bump into Malak on the way to the hangar on the Leviathan and discover your true identity. When the cutscene where Bastila starts talking begins playing, it lags really bad (plays a second of it, freezes for about 5-10 seconds, plays another second and so on), then crashes at a certain point. I figured the problem is with the non-video cutscene that follows where Revan takes off his mask, rather than the scene before it. Maybe the 3D environment surrounding Revan is too much for my laptop to load. I'm not sure though. I'm really desperate to find a solution. This is literally the most frustrating issue I've ever come across regarding this game, since that scene is the best part of the entire game storyline in my opinion (and it just got ruined like that by this ******* stupid crash ). Please, will you help a desperate fellow? Here, I'll give you 500 credits in return, it's all I have! (JK) I can't tell much about my system specs, since I'm no administrator and can't even run that configuration file in the game directory. I can tell you that my laptop runs Windows 7 though and that I took all kinds of measures to make the game compatible. Also, it's KotOR 1 (obviously), the CD-ROM version. I've already tried running that part of the game on the lowest graphics settings and windowed mode, I tried single core, multi core... everything I could think of. I turned hardware mouse off, grass off (not that it would help); disabled vertex buffer objects, frame buffer effects, etc etc etc. I figured disabling movies would not help because the scene causing the problem is not a video file, but as I said, that is just my mere speculation. Thank you sooooooooo much in advance if you help me out. (500 credits was it? )
  3. So... I just recently started reading fanfictions for the first time (all KOTOR related). Among the many that I just read, two of them (well a prequel and sequel) are now the best things I have ever read. They are called From the Ashes (1) and Chasing Redemption (2) and are written by Prisoner 24601 on fanfiction.net. (Here is a link if you want to read them, they are wonderful: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1790515/1/From-the-Ashes and https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2128578/1/Chasing-Redemption) But here's the problem. The sequel isn't finished, but I didn't know that when I started reading it so I got emotionally attached to it (hehe). It was last updated like 9 years ago, so I am kind of going insane right now because that means either Prisoner 24601 finished it on a different random website that will be impossible to find, or it never was finished:( So the question is, has anybody on this website ever heard of/read these stories? Does anyone know where to find the ending if there is one? I can't stand not finishing a story I have started. Any suggestions as to what I should do would be much appreciated ...
  4. Hey, all! Given that we now know what Revan looks like, is it possible that someone could create a head for the first game that resembles him? I have included a photo (which someone put together by pulling the assets from the beta release of The Old Republic) as well as two YouTube videos. It would be ideal that this new head be created without the scarring sin in the photo and videos (an obvious impression of Revan's famous visor, which was burnt into his skin after the events of KOTOR in an incident that occurred in the new novel The Old Republic: Revan). It is also stated in the novel that Revan wore his hair long both during the Mandalorian Wars and once again after the events of the game, but was cut short during the events of the game itself when the Jedi Council rewrote his personality; so if it isn't too much to ask, maybe it might be nice to create two heads, one with the long hair seen in the photo, and one with shorter hair. But I will be more than content with just one head, with long hair. Thanks a bunch! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  5. So apparently there is a fan film being made based on the book Revan, which was in turn based on the video game Revan. Looks like they need a lot of financial help to make the movie better, but the rewards are actually pretty cool. For anyone who is interested, check it out here. And if you're not interested in investing money right now (I know I'm not), you can just watch the progress. I'm pretty excited to see how the film will be. What are your personal thoughts?
  6. I'm trying to find a mod which will add Darth Revan's maskless robe as an equipable item. The one at the end of the 'Revalations' cutscene. Ever other mode that does add this item overrides another model. Be it the Star forge robes ect. I would just like to request someone make it a new item. Thank you
  7. Hi I looking for a mod that restores the encounter with dead-eye on Manaan but every link I see goes to sites which no longer are in operation. I was hoping that someone has the mod or a working link. Thank you.
  8. ok, so I was playing KotOR and during the scene where Bastila and the jedi confront Darth Revan, it occured to me that Revan took an unusual stance just as Malak fired on his ship. So later I was watching Mace Windu arrest Palpatine, and it looks to me as if Mace Windu took a very similar opening stance during the office duel with palpatine. (I couldn't find a good enough pic, so just look, its just after 00:40) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I know that Mace Windu used Vaapad as his primary lightsaber form, and that it wasn't around during the KotOR era. However, as evident in TSL, Juyo was around. And Vaapad was developed from Juyo. Do you guys think Revan was going to use Juyo against Bastila, or is the similarity just a coincidence?
  9. Can someone tell my how to knock off the immunity to damage to the Sith patrol guard and the turrets that are by the door to the under city on the planet Taris. I went in the Tar_m03aa_s.rim file. I found the tar03_sithpat31.utc file and the tar03_turret.utc file. I took away there instant kill feature so that worked but I don't know what to do to kill them. I went in the inventory of both utc.file and took away what they had and they won't die. I tried everything and I can't kill them. I am not sure if there is another file or some scripting. If someone could direct me or could send me a mod of it done that would be great!
  10. Hi everyone. I had an idea for a new mod for Star Wars Knights of the old Republic II. This is the idea: After the exile has defeated Kreia/Darth Traya at the Trayus Core she/he will try to find Revan in the unknown regions. But just when she/he leaves Malachor V with the Ebon Hawk, Kreia appears to be not dead and somehow she gets into space and takes one of the ships orbiting the planet to Ilum. First the exile must visit 2 worlds to find Revan on the last world, all these worlds are in the unknown regions. On the first world she/he must help in a battle against the true sith. The Sith'Ari. If the Exile is dark side she/he can help the Sith'Ari, then if the exile helps the sith'ari she/he will leave for the second planet to conquer that planet too. But if he/she is light side she will help the people who live on that planet. Then she will leave to the second planet to liberate that planet. After the second planet the exile will leave for the last planet Lehon, where she/he will find Revan. Revan appears to have fallen to the dark side and the exile will battle Revan and the exile will try to turn him over to the light side. If this will succeed Revan will die because of his injuries. If the exile is dark side Revan will join the exiles party after killing Atton. Then they will try to leave to Coruscant but they must land at Ilum. There they will find Kreia in a hidden jedi academy. The academy is hidden in a mountain. There The Exile and Revan will fight their way (against jedi knights) to Kreia and eventually kill her. And after that The exile will turn on Revan and try to kill him. After that has happend The exile truly will become the new Dark lord of the sith. The Light side version will go like this: After Revan died (turned to the light side then) on lehon The exile has got a vision of Ilum and Kreia. She is sure that Kreia is there and she will leave to Ilum. There she will find a hidden jedi academy (hidden in a mountain) and she must fight against other jedi knights to prove herself worhty to enter the Jedi Master rooms. After she has defeated the jedi (but not killed them) she will find Kreia in the Jedi Masters rooms. There they will talk and finnaly decide to return to the republic. And so that will be the true end of the game. I hope someone will like this idea and make the mod, because i have really no idea how to make such a mod. So if someone is interested to make this mod, please contact me, And if the mod is completed i would like the mod to be placed at Fileforn the star wars kotor I and II website. Good day to you all
  11. This idea poped in my head when i watched SWE3 (Star Wars Episode 3). Ok Obi-wan defeated the chosen one, so that mean he not so chosen anymore. Then i read some thread about how anikin could kill Revan, and i laughed at that cause anikin was defeated by his master, so can the heart of the force beat the master of the chosen one i belive that Revan would but i would also like obi wan to win but Revan was the leader of the five most feared sith lords in the old republic Opition 1 Revan kills Obi-Wan Opition 2 Obi-Wan kills Revan Opition 3 it's a stalemate Moved to Ahto as has nothing to do with modding - j7
  12. This may belong in the TOR forum, but since this is a pissing on of the very core of KotOR, i believe it belongs here. (also viewable on the TOR Timeline) That's it. Theyve completely sullied the character of Revan with this pathetic backstory. His unusual motives for turning to the dark side was one of the best illustrations of his unique character; now theyve just made him another stupid sith rebelling against their master. (and, in the process, once again completely ignoring TSL's existence) I was losing interest in this game before, now i really doubt ill even bother with it. At least theres the .15% chance that they'll pick up the series again and give us a proper sprpg sequel.
  13. Well...when I joined here on LF in 2006 it was bacause of this segment of the KOTOR secion of LF. Now that SW:TOR has been announced and is in production...well, this thread was abuzz for a little while and then died down. I am just trying to make some suppositional conversation. Specualtion. Good fun. Trying to breathe a little life back into this section... While plenty of interesting fanfic stuff has been made, I wanted to make it a little more of a democracy. Involve people. Their objective opinions. (Can be subjective if you back it up really well) What do you speculate or imagine happens in the after years beyond TSL. I'm not talking about revan or the exile...I'm sure that will be covered in some way. I just mean how do you think things and situations will fare. Why? Perhaps speculate on what you'd believe would lead up to the events that will unfold 300 years later...or even talking after that between that point and 3,000 years after Revan. Between SW:TOR and the turnpoint of Darth Bane. Can be about specifics like planets, or groups like the exchange, etc. For example, I believe the corporate identities will pick up steam in the wake of TSL and stand to make plenty of profit from the disasters and the wreckage the wars have left behind. The Exchange will of course have a new leader, or several. It is a syndicate and they have several gangs under their thumb. I don't believe the organized galactic crime ring will ever go away. The jedi order will resume with the Exile's crew and Bastilla...The Mandalorians will restrengthen and be as nomads (wall, that one is kind of easy to guess from what's given). The republic will stagnate and fracture as predicted and be left all but dead for a time. Then it will reunite to restrengthen itself and go until the next challenge comes. Just my ideas. I'l clarify or you can state your own.
  14. I've seen a lot of Revan vs. person threads, but I was wondering what if Anakin didn't have to be in the Darth Vader costume, if he wasn't burned up on Mustafar, George Lucas did say he would've become the greatest force user ever if it weren't for that suit, but still, Revan has more experience, but what do guys you think?
  15. Hey, im new to the forum so this question may have already been answered but is there any way that someone could make a mod for KOTOR II that has revans hooded robe and his mask for both light and darkside and doesnt require u to use cheats to get them? Maybe make them so that you could make them at the workbench for few components and only basic skills, or put them in a random storage locker in the cargo hold or something so that i dont have to use cheats to get them? I really like the look of Revan and he is by far one of my favorite starwars characters
  16. The origins of Revan's mask have finally been found! Click here and all will be revealed. What do you think about that?
  17. This is a new thread about a topic that spawned from the 'Revan vs Nihilus' thread. I have some questions, but seeing that the said thread is being called to be killed (in a rather 'angry mob-esque' mannner i must say ), it was better for a dedicated thread to be created. Here is the original post. Here is a screenshot of the loading message i was talking about: along with the message i posted about, i have questions about two others as well. Legend: Cyan and Yellow: It seems to imply that Sion, Nihilus, and Traya were Jedi, and that they were drawn to Trayus after the final battle. Red: It says that Nihilus (and the other two) learned a different technique from Trayus... Its says that Nihilus learned hunger... from Trayus academy This is what caused me to believe that that drain of his was a special technique of drain he learned from Trayus. (And it gave him so much power he couldnt stop taking more... which is how he became 'a walking black hole' in the force.) Red Arrow: The loading message i posted about in the Revan vs Nihilus thread. Dark Blue Mark: This is unrelated, but it seems to indicate that Revan has Battle Meditation... I didnt know that! If revan could corrupt jedi with his Battle Meditaion powered by Trayus, I wonder what Bastila coulve done.....
  18. I seem to have a problem with KOTOR.Every time i start it up, i get a black screen. I think this might be a graphics problem cause it recommended me to use a NVIDIA geforce 4 ti or higher. The thing is i have NVIDIA 6150 LE which is more updated then the one recommeneded.. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?????? Btw I HAVE WINDOWS XP, NOT VISTA so do not give any solutions for vista users
  19. What is the majority's favorite romance? What's YOURS?
  20. I'm not exactly sure where to put this so I figured I might as well ask here. Is it possible to voice the player character? If it is, are there any tutorials on how to undertake sucha venture?
  21. I've been reading a lot about Revan on Wookieepedia and stuff, but I would like to read about him in his actual media. What books or comics concentrate on Revan that I can read? I don't want to read anything where Revan is an occasional side-character, but where his story is really explained. So much of what's written in the Wiki isn't cited and I know that a lot of it isn't in KOTOR. Any ideas of what I can read?
  22. What do you think Revan and Bastila did in the fadeout on the Ebon Hawk? personally, i always think they shared a "cinderella" style kiss. if the camera was still active, i reckon it wouldve panned around them 720 degrees. there is a mod called 'bastila romance enhancement' that makes it so that they actually kiss! i liked that mod... until it came to a little message that said "one hour later..." o_O i put option two because there are actual people who think that and it would be unfair and biased not to provide it.
  23. I've put it here since the character is K1. In K1 Bastilla says: That Revan's mind was too badly damaged by Malak's Betrayal to ever get his full memories back. Yet in TSL: It becomes apparant that, that getting his full memories back is exactly what happens. Anyone else confused here? I know about the fact of two different game creators but, come on that's just a stupid mistake. Or is it more cut content of how it happened? Look, if there is a different forum to do this then kindly move it. But it is K1 and TSL.
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