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Found 7 results

  1. Is there anybody who can help me and a friend out with a problem? This friend of mine has been extracting the sounds from several Star Wars video games here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Pi3JvzHSLCjdsITtoJWRg, However, he has been having problems with a few games as of late, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader and Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. He has tried a number of techniques, but with no success. Is there anybody who can help?
  2. Hello LucasForums! I am a student at a digital arts college, and I recently took a class in which we had to take a video game trailer and replace all of the audio with our own content. So, that means complete dialogue replacement, write our own music, make our own sound FX, the works. So, naturally, I chose to do the trailer for Grim Fandango. Please let me know what you think: (or if you prefer YouTube to Vimeo) A few notes: - The minimum project length was 3 minutes; I added part of the opening scene of the game to the trailer in order to stretch it out. - To continue the "trailer" feel, I added a green preview card at the beginning; I also added a credits card at the end to list all 9 (!) voice actors that I had for the trailer. - I go back and forth on the narration I used in the video (which is my own voice, played out of an iPhone into a microphone) on whether or not I should have included it. Pretty much everyone who saw it liked it, so I kept it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I installed the game recently, copied the cd's data files into the "Grim Fandango" folder and applied the patch. Currently am running it without any compatibilities and until recently had no problems. When I was in the middle through the conversation with the coroner a loud running motor noise appeared and both the background and voice audio is quite hard to distinguish. The noise remains wherever I go and do, and whether I restart the game. Would any information regarding my sound drivers help, inform me where exactly could I find what it is you might need. I appreciate any help.
  4. Playing the single player game, Kyle's speech cuts off after a word or 2. Other characters are normal. The voice cuts off with a *click* sound. It's not good ASUS Laptop Windows 7 32bit C2Duo 8700 Realtek High definition audio/Presonus Firebox WDM Audio NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260M Hope this is enough system information. Thanks in advance! -Abel
  5. hey, just wondering if anyone could help me...I have vista home premium and it runs EaW no problem, but then i installed FoC and there were no text files or audio. as in they might be there (I don't know where to look) but they aren't working. my mission objectives were stated as: [MISSING] and for the opening movie of the campain, i heard the music and saw the visual part, but whenever there was dialogue i didn't hear anything and there were no subtitles even when turned on. also, in the game itself, when i click on a unit, they don't acknowledge me. all the units from the original do, but none of the expansion units do. i got the latest patch and now the text files are there, so i know what i'm doing in a mission, but there is still no audio......WHAT DO I DO????!!!
  6. If anyone is having problems with sound in either K1 or 2, I've sound several remedies to the problem. The first thing, is to download the official High Quality Music Patch. This will make the in-game sound much, much better. However, the music in the patch is still of pretty low caliber. To remedy this, you can download my Ultra High Quality Music Patch and Ultra High Quality Ambience Patch. These patches provide even higher quality music, at a full 44,100 Hz sampling rate, instead of the archaic 22,050 Hz files included in the official patches. Additionally, users with a Creative Sound Blaster card, especially the Audigy and Xi-Fi series can enhance the amount of atmospheric sounds by enalbing EAX effects. To do this, at the main menu, go to "Sound", "Advanced Options", and at "Environmental Audio (EAX)", set it to "EAX 3". The difference is dramatic. When I first enabled it, I heard water flowing when by fountains, an electrical hum when near light tubes, and other effects. Additionally, for Vista users who own a Sound Blaster card, you've sort of been screwed over by Microsoft. Thanks to Vista, MS has removed the Vendor Extension system used by games that utilize DirectSound3D and EAX. This usually applies to older games, since the OpenAL rendering system has effectively made DS3D obsolete. To restore these effects, Creative has released ALchemy, a free utility for Xi-Fi and Audigy owners. Note that this utility is for Vista users only, as it is not needed for XP'ers. This utility can be downloaded here. I hope this helps someone.
  7. Yeah,now I got to year 2,and I cant hear the sounds,but I can see the text. Im using windows XP,and downloaded the latest patch. Options are right,because there is: Only voice. Help me please,I want to play. Edit: Could someone upload data004,from the game directory?
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