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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there! This post is for players of all skill levels as I need to know a couple of things for both myself as a player and for the stream (These things overlap). We're a new stream called Friday Night Gaming. Each Friday night at 7pm PST we play 2 -3 "competitive" games and focus on improving our skill and the skill of our viewers. For example, if we're playing Starcraft 2 we'll focus on Macro games in 2v2/3v3: explaining how to play them how to make our builds better by reflecting during and after the match. The stream features myself (BlueD), and my best buddy (JokeRRR), along with any other guests who want to play that night. This week we're playing Starwars Battlefront, and we haven't played this game in like 8 years. So what would be cool is if the better players could give us some pointers for both strategy (taking sites, working as a team in general), and things for individual skill. If you're a beginner, I'd love to hear some things that you would want to see on our steam. What concepts have you been curious about? We'll do our best to learn and talk about them on stream. If you miss this thread by the time we start streaming come to the stream live and give any pointers there. We're always watching the chat and are very interactive. We can learn together! Example things to talk about. Best maps Best roles (Strengths/Weaknesses) General pointers (Where to be, when to try to push a point, map specific ideas.) I have no idea if these things exist for Battlefront, but at least the stream will be entertaining... Probably. Obligatory link to our Youtube and Twitch below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday Night Gaming Stream Youtube Page
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