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Found 5 results

  1. Hi to everyone who reads these forums. If you want to play some good games of battlefront online again (on PC) then we're having 'SWBFdays' on the last Saturday of every month. If you want to play with large amounts of players again then please join us starting November 30th. More details are on SWBFgamers.com. http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?topic=7239.0
  2. I liked elite squadron but the overall story sucked. The execution wasnt bad but the overall plot didnt work because you cant clone the force and X1 and X2 arent names. I am writing a revised overall plot and I may insert new missions. OVERALL - - Each act has a different playable, Falon Grey is the main character - No cloning - You play as: A Clone Commander, A Rebel Trooper, and Falon Grey - Falon Grey is in all of the act's as a commander - When your Falon Grey you cannot change loadouts - There isn't a ground:space switch every mission - At certain points you will switch to heroes like Falon Grey, Luke Skywalker or Rahm Kota - Starkiller in instant action for the Galactic Empire ACT 1 - - Tutorial - Takes place on Kamino - Overall the same - Tatooine - No ground to space - Very similar - Coruscant - Same - Cata Nemoida - You start off ground but not in space - At the end of the mission you take over Falon Grey and have to escape - Current character is killed - Dantooine - You play as the Rebel Soldier - Exactly the Same ACT 2 - - Death Star - Completely different - Trench Run - You break off near the end and play as Luke - Yavin 4 - Eaxactly the Same - Hoth - You start in the hanger - Same - Endor - Completely Different - Participate in the assault and fly into the second death star - Character is killed - Play as Lando at the end ACT 3 - - Bespin - Play as Falon Grey - Exactly the Same - Vjun - New Sith Lord introduced - Exactly the same - Mustafar - Kill the sith's apprentice - Exactly the same; minus wookies - Korriban - New Level - You fight the Sith's army and kill the Sith in the Valley of the Dark Lord's Comment if you have suggestions
  3. jbc218


    hero platform: pc fraction: all timezone: mostly east but mixed hero is a clan that was used in the great galatic war or GGW which was a huge server (lagged) but once one of the strongist clans then. it died. then one day it came back and we hire not just the elite wariors but n00bs that have no expirence in the game and we have respect to every warrior n00b and someguyinthemiddle. our website is http://newhero.webs.com/
  4. When I try to play SWBF (the original) for PS2 online, there are never any servers listed. I'm wondering if this is because no one plays it online anymore or if there's a problem on my end. 1) Do others see any servers listed when they try to play online for PS2? 2) If not, perhaps we could instead set a time to play online, for anyone who's still interested in playing. It could be a regularly scheduled day and time, like Sundays starting at 8pm EST, for example. Any interest?
  5. So i have 2 computers. I Made a server using the server manager on one and i wanted to play on the other. but when i go to multiplayer, i dont see my server. can someone help? thanks. P.S. I don't understand too much of the technical stuff, so try to keep it simple.
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