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Found 4 results

  1. When looking out the windows of Citadel Station, I was mostly impressed that they had flying vehicles in traffic patterns outside. However some of the in-game skins leave a lot to be desired. Some examples: This very low resolution picture for the deck (highlighted in red) certainly could improved, couldn't it? The pipe that just ends in space could always be attached to the building too but let's not get too picky. (LOL) Also the buildings in the background - highlighted here in green - wouldn't suffer at all with an upgrade. Of course, two versions would have to be made - one for the standard Citadel Station and one for the version where it's under attack (and all the red lights are on)
  2. I originally posted this on the "Are You Stuck on Telos" Sticky Thread, but my issue was not resolved, and techanically I am not stuck on Telos, but I am unable to revisit it with resetting the main quest line. When I exit the E.H alone, the dock worker does that little speech about waiting for Grenn, who never shows up. If i go with Kreia and Atton, same thing, but Grenn actually shows this time, and dialogue options appear, all of which end after the first option. Once the dialogue is over, you can't talk to them, and everything appears as if you were never there the first time around. Nothing changes in my Quests, but it does give me 1000xp. I am sorry if this violates any rules about posting on different threads. Please help with this, thanks in advance to all who try!
  3. Ok i know others have had similar problems - When i first get to the telos academy, and handmaiden tells us to drop our weapons, then whichever choice of dialog i chose, then the screen goes black, at the time it was fine, as i used the warp armband to warp to the ebon hawk and continue with the game, but now when ever a cut scene from telos kicks in it goes to black screen, so ok i use warp again...BUT HERES THE PROBLEM...now i have got to the point where i go and fight atris...well after the scene with handmaiden confronting her sisters the screen goes black, so i save and reload, but i can't continue the story...plz help. BTW. i know there was a telos fix but can't get that anymore, i have got the 1.0b update, which i know breaks the dialog.
  4. Potential Spoilers inside: Hello All. When I got to Telos on my first PC playthrough (after multiple Xbox playthroughs) I got visited by Lt. Grenn and his posse. However, instead of the house arrest thing it let me go free through Telos without going through all the other stuff. In other words, Grenn made his first speech then quit talking. I didn't get a call on that console from Czerka or the Ithorians, in fact, I can't even get in that apartment because it never got triggered. None of this was a big deal, though... Or so I thought. I never bothered to run to back to Grenn after completing all the Telos stuff. I sided with the Ithorians and they let me out to the shielded regions, so I never needed to see Grenn again. I wasn't even concerned with the bounties he gives. Fast forward 12 hours after going through Korriban and Nar Shadaa (I'm extremely thorough), I return to Telos to talk to Grenn about Vogga's fuel supply. Wait a second... where is he? Still inside the jail cell. I use Defender's Wrist Console to open that door and talk to Grenn. However, after the dialgogue about "glad to see you're back" and "shame on you for escaping but the Republic changed their minds about you" dialogue, I can't get Grenn to talk about anything else. He won't discuss fuel or anything. I've got KSE and KOTOR Tool. So, my question: where is the appropriate script or dialogue to progress Grenn through... rather, how do I fool the game into thinking that I actually went through Telos properly with the house arrest and all that? Is it a global or boolean thing that needs changed? I'm pretty inept when it comes to modding stuff, but I really don't want to have wasted all the time I've spent playing up to this point. Any helpful clues on how to get Grenn back up to speed? And by helpful, I mean please don't give me any of the, "You modded/cheated so you deserved it" type of comments. Thanks! Mods/Tools Installed: KOTOR tool KSE Ultimate Saber Mod M4-78 USM/M4-78 Compatibility Patch Defender's Wrist Console Any Spell Mod EDIT: Sorry....major brain lapse. Forgot that the fuel source mission is pretty well done. On the other hand, could the problem I described above present any other problems?
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