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Found 1 result

  1. This tool is intended to ease the task of translating the Monkey Island SE. Requirements: -Monkey Island SE (got mine from Steam) -Java 1.5+ (latest Java 6 recommended) HowTo: -copy the following 3 files to a new directory: -- "misetran.jar" (download link at the end of this post) -- "speech.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio" or similar -- "uiText.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\localization" or similar -run the following command: java -jar misetran.jar speech.info uiText.info (add paths where necessary) -all changes are saved immediately, so you can close the tool at any time -to test your (partial) translation copy the 2 files back overwriting the ones in the MI-SE subdirectories (always keep backups!!!) and play the game with the first non-English language selected the translator keeps the English text, stores your translation in place of the first non-English language and uses the other languages to store it's data You can copy your translation over any language of an existing speech.info or uiText.info using the following command: java -cp misetran.jar Copy inFile outFile inLang outLang type inFile: the file to copy a translation from outFile: the file to copy a translation to inLang: number of the language to copy from the source file (0 = english, 1-4 = the 4 translations [1 = your translation]) outLang: number of the language to overwrite in the target file (0 = English, 1-4 = the 4 translations]) [not sure if overwriting English is a good idea] type: "speech" or "uitext" (if this is wrong the target file will be corrupted. keep backups) NOTE: this tool is released for free, but also AS IS. the translator has only been tested roughly. the copy tool is untested. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/314488893/misetran.jar Please post feedback, questions, bug reports and so on in this thread.
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