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Found 3 results

  1. :[KOTOR II SPOILERS]: Hi! I've recently been playing a modded run of Kotor II, all has been fine and dandy up until now. I'm playing a LS Female character and I've got to the part where I confront the three Jedi Masters in the rebuilt Enclave on Dantooine. I've had no problems with the common Ravager Cutscene bug, or getting stuck in the enclave. At a certain point in the cutscene (after Kreia has entered) it cuts off the dialogue halfway through Kreia's line "How could you ever hope to know the threat you face, when you have never walked in the dark places of the galaxy - faced war and death on such a scale." and ejects from the cutscene into a black screen. Now, I can open up the options menu and save or reload the game, so I've tried saving and reloading. Rest assured it drops me back and the black screen is gone - all's good right? No. Kreia and the Jedi Masters are stood there idly, I cannot initiate dialogue with the Jedi Masters but I can with Kreia. Upon doing so, I'm greeted with my character brutally murdering all of the Jedi Masters, which is the Dark Side route of which I don't intend to follow. Then Kreia will continue the conversation until I'm out the other end and I assume the game can progress fully from there. It's no GAME BREAKING bug but it certainly is an inconvenience to my playthrough. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read. Modlist: 90sk's Robe Pack Angelus6 Party Retex Ebon Hawk Cargo Mod Dustil Restoration Enhanced Merchants First National Bank of Coruscant Force Powers Feat Gain for TSL Increased Attributes and Skills Coruscant Jedi Temple Kreia's Mechanical Hand (Not in use) Remote Tells Influence High Level Force Powers V2 Survival Items TFU Lightsaber Pikes for TSL Ultimate Saber Mod
  2. I had the reinstall the game because M4-78 wasn't functioning properly, but now whenever I load my save files the game crashes! Is there a simple fix to this or do I have to start over? (I really hope I don't have to, I was like half way through the game )
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I rarely post here, and whilst attempting to follow Forum etiquette there is a chance I've gone wrong somewhere. A quick look for previous posts on the subject failled; and I couldn't find a search function. I prefer the Handmaiden to the Disciple. However it has come to my attention the Handmaiden mod in question is listed (here) as not compatable with The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (v 1.7). I've not played through the restored content before, thus am looking forward to it. But, stubborn as I am, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it - instead of playing as a male for the play through, or using the Disciple. The compatability list states that this is due to the editting of many files by both mods, however when I tried installing the former over the latter; only two files needed 'replacing'. I noted these down, and they were both dialog files - one for Kreia, one for Handmaiden. I looked at the changes listed in the handmaiden's file's readme for the Kreia file. It seemed a small change, so I figured I'd try it myself. Several downloaded programs, several tutorials read, and a few hours later, I've failed to get anywhere. I can't seem to get the GFF programs to even work properly (user error, I'm certain). The RCMs Kreia.dlg file won't open with the Bioware GFFEditor (which seems the most user friendly), the K-GFFEditor won't seem to work at all, and the KotorTools GFF Editor seems unhelpful in its normal use, and utterly confusing in the text variant. I did manage to edit a single line with the text version, however I can no longer open the file after doing so. Is there any help to be had, anywhere? Has someone already made the mods compatable, and is willing to send me their version of it, or tell me how? Is it completely impossible (or very very difficult, thus no one has) to get it to work? Have I wasted a portion of my life, never to gotten back, in a futile attempt of idiocy (which I don't mind, its all about the experience, right..)? Any other advice? Is it worth contacting the mod's developers directly? Help would be greatly appreciated!
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