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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all. Within the last month I got into applying mods to my overplayed TSL. I have tried out several and finally got my override in order. But, during my search for new content, I did not find very many mods/add-ons for power crystals, lens, emitters, firing chambers, etc... Actually, I dont think I found any for targeting, firing, power packs, e.cells, emitters and the like... only crystals. ANYWAY, to the point. I love the customization of TSL (sorry, I never found a copy of kotor1 so I STILL havent played it ) and not just the modding (to which I am new) but the weapon and armor modifications in the game. Anyway, what I am wanting (if possible) is this for starters: #1) a power crystal that is a.) +2-20 LS or DS damage, dependant on my characters disposition. b.)I would also like it to bear my characters name i.e., <Charactername>'s Crystal. c. and d.)Also, a +3 to Attack and -3 to defense. e.)I do not want it to replace any crystal's (as I have mods on them currently). Lastly, the icon for this could be any crystal icon recolored (pick your fav). Can this be done... more importantly, would someone be interested in creating this? If so, I will send a description for the item. #2) A lightsaber lens called Opila Beam Lens. It should provide keen, +1-8 unstoppable and +1 to Atk, Dmg, Def and BBD. Description - These lens are shaped and polished from a large and naturally flawless Opila crystal, making these lens extremely rare. I have a list of ideas for mod items for sabers, blasters, melee and armor if anyone is willing to do this?! It could become a parts pack!!!
  2. Hi, I think it would be great to have a function attached to an interface button or a keyboard key that lets the player holster/unequip the weapons of his party. I know that I can use the equipment screen to unequip weapons, but this is a bit tedious to do for the hole party. A holster function would by my mind greatly improve the role playing feeling. For example on Taris where my chracter is told to draw no attention and keep a low profile, it looks weird running around with drawn weapons all the time. I think that it would be cool if the player would be able to holster the parties weapons in such cases. Hope someone finds this idea attractive enough to create such a mod. I would be glad to help as far as I can. For example when it comes to creating an image for a button or such. Greetings Xiskio UPDATE -------- After I did some more research on this, I found out that modding KoTOR is not so different from modding NWN2, what I did a lot in the past, so I decided to start such a mod by myself (Mod Thread). Have Fun Xiskio
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