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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, im making a small instructions on "How to install & run Star Wars Battle for Naboo on Win XP 32\64 bit & Win Vista, 7, 8, 64 bit" 1. 32 bit systems: In case of 32 bit XP systems, you can install BFN normally, but you also need to download a "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH and put it to "Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder Link to the XP Patch: http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_sw_e1_battle_for_naboo.shtml 2. 64 bit systems: In case of all 64 bit system its a little bit more complicatd, becouse they simply wont support 16 bit installer, which Battle for Naboo is included with. You have to install it manually from the CD Instructions: -Create "Battle for Naboo" folder on disk C:\ -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo" folder copy and paste BattleforNaboo.exe file from the CD -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo" folder create 2 other folders "data_pc" & "install" -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder copy and paste these files from the "CD\Install" folder: **bfn.exe **data.bin **data.hdr -Create "saves" folder inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\data_pc" -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\install" folder copy and paste these files form the "CD\Install" folder: **back.wav **click.WAV **doc.exe **launch.bmp **LecSetup.dll **license.txt **messages.tab **open.wav **Product.tab **readme.rtf **readme.txt **setup.ini **Setup.tab **start.WAV **syscheck.exe **trouble.rtf **trouble.txt **url.exe Now, all you have to do is to put an entry, to the systems registry. -Create a .txt (notepad) file inside C:\Battle for Naboo. -put this into the file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\Battle for Naboo\Retail] "Analyze Path"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\install\\SysCheck.exe" "CD Path"="E:" "Executable"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\data_pc\\BFN.exe" "Install Path"="C:\\Battle for Naboo" "Launcher"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\BattleForNaboo.exe" "Source Dir"=".\\" "Source Path"="." "UninstallString"="C:\\WINDOWS\\uninst.exe -f\"C:\\Battle for Naboo\\Install\\DeIsL1.isu\" -c\"C:\\Battle for Naboo\\Install\\LecSetup.dll\"" "InstallType"=dword:00000001 "Installed"=dword:00000002 "Registration"=dword:00000002 -save it as bfn.reg file and launch it. Now you have to download a "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH, and put it to "Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder. You also have to set "Windows XP Service pack 2" compatibility in the file properties, otherwise you are going to have some bad time with clipping through objects in the game Link to the XP Patch: http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_sw_e1_battle_for_naboo.shtml NOTE! You can install the game on every disk and folder you want, not only "C:\Battle for Naboo", but you have to remember, to change the file paths in the bfn.reg NOTE!! Remeber about changeing the "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH file properties, to "Windows XP Service Pack 2" Otherwise the game wont launch, or you're going to have some clipping issues in the game. SPECIAL THANKS TO http://jilik1.blogspot.com/ FOR CREATING THE FIRST VERSION OF "HOW TO INSTALL BFN ON WINDOWS 7" MANUAL, WHICH THIS ONE WAS BASED ON.
  2. I never got around to playing Grim Fandango until recently. Didn't have any technical problems with the game personally but since many people do, I thought it'd be a cool project to gather most common fixes in one box, make it automated and user friendly. I know there's Residual now, haven't tried it to be honest but it's not even beta yet and seems to be moving like a dead cheetah, so maybe this isn't completely outdated right in the start. Features are listed on the installer's welcome page and launcher info can be found in a txt later so I'm not going to write about it here. The only thing to add is that beside CDs, GrimInstaller can also install from a folder (must be run from a location that contains GRIMDATA folder which contains all required files). If you care to check it out, let me know what you think. Update: ****** GrimInstaller/GrimLauncher is now obsolete. It is recommended that you use ResidualVM to play Grim Fandango. There is no need to install the game, but you can use GrimCopy utility to setup game files for Residual. DL: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dah0i9jmxaqnn/GrimInstaller http://www.gamefront.com/files/user/Gownaar Virus scans (VirusTotal): GrimInstaller, GrimCopy
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