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Found 13 results

  1. So I've decided to take my copy of KotOR 1 (CD version) out of my dusty old collection to play it again for the nostalgia, and I was faced with two options: I could play it on my dusty old PC (running Win XP SP2) as I have in the past, or try to play it on my new school laptop (Win 7, and I won't be administrator on it till I get my final grades, so another year to go :'( ). I'm tired of playing games on my PC though, as it is so bad I have to play them on the lowest settings (IF I can play them in the first place). It can still run the game without bugs from start to finish on those low settings fine, but I can't bear the low quality anymore. I installed the game onto a portable USB hard drive so I can run it on my laptop, considering I can't install anything on it without administrator privileges. It runs amazingly well on the highest settings, but then I ran into the problem of not being able to load my save files (except autosaves). I searched all kinds of forums, which all said to delete the 'currentgame', 'futuregame', 'gameinprogress' and 'temp' folders from the game directory. I did so and everything worked completely fine, until I got to Dantooine. I found two areas in the game so far that my laptop cannot load (Jedi Enclave and the Grove), as it crashes on the loading screen every time with an error message saying 'swkotor.exe stopped working'. As you would expect, I decided I would save and switch over to my PC every time before entering those areas, then save and switch back to my laptop after exiting them, but I ran into yet ANOTHER problem (life just isn't that easy, right). Turns out it cannot load save files on my laptop that I have saved from my PC. Any suggestions? I have literally tried everything I found and nothing worked after hours of Google searching. I really love this game. ;-;
  2. Hi everyone, I have the Star Wars. Knights of the Old Repulic 1 and 2. The 1st works fine, with no crashes. But the 2nd part (The Sith Lords) crashes every time after I choose my character and then click on Play. I hear the alarm sound, then the game crashes. I tried combatibility changes (Windwos 7, Vista, XP 2-3, but it does not solve the problem. I also tried the windowed mode but then the gmae still does not work. And I also disabled movies using the notepad. I have 800x600 resolitions set. My computer's default is 1440x900 I have Windwows 7. And an Intel GMA driver I would appreciate if you can help me solving the crash. I rellay liket the Part one, and of course, i would really like to play the Sith Lords, too.
  3. hey there ... I started this to know your opinions and experiences about how "smoothly" do these KotOR/TSL games run under Windows 7 64 bits systems, like Win 7 Ultimate 64 bits. too many CTDs in comparison to a Win 7 or XP 32 bits installation?? tips to run these under Win 7 64 bits? video cutscenes crashing probably? dialogs issues maybe?? thanks on advance!
  4. I am nearly at the end of my wits. I had the original KOTOR II game, which wouldn't work despite the helpful stickies in this forum. Therefore, I turned to the collection, seeing that it supported Visa/Win 7. So far, I'm not seeing this as true. The first game works perfectly fine, but the second one crashes before it even begins. No error message, nothing. The cursor turns into a spinning disk, and then goes back to normal, with nothing happening. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 3 times already, and of course have it in compatibility mode with xP service pack 2, as well as the box to run program as administrator checked. I contacted secuRom, but they basically said it wasn't their problem. I have no idea what else to do, but I really want to play this game. If anyone could really help me, I will personally dub you as a real-life miracle worker. If you need more information about my system/game, please tell me how to retrieve that information. I'm not dense, but not immensely tech-savvy either. -u-'
  5. Right after some long winded trial and error and forum searching i appear to have this working properly, so i thought id compile what i found here to make it abit easier for you guys. Right here goes. First install X-Wing and if you like TIE-Fighter Next install this patch http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=file&id=653 it covers both x-wing and tie-fighter i believe. (i found this fixed a problem where the game would crash while trying the start the tutorial missions) Download this file to correct the colour issues and black spots this game can suffer http://www.jkhub.net/project/get.php?id=1804 either extract it to or drag it from desktop after extraction to the directory where your XWING95 application file is. Now i have changed the compatibily of my game to xp sp3, run in 256 colours, run in 640 x 480 resolution, and Disable visual themes. To do this go to your start bar, find lucasarts in the programs, got to the x-wing folder then right click the x-wing icon this will then bring up a menu just click on the compatibility tab and change the setting i mentioned before, apply and onto the final stage. (read this bit through first before trying it as to save any panicing) In windows 7 this is quite simple, CONTROL-ALT-DELETE and get task manager up, go to processes and find explorer.EXE then end process, this will make your desktop dissapear. On task manager still go to file and click new task, then browse your way to program files in c:\ then the lucasarts file and x-wing, open up the xwing95 file and tell task manager to run it, you will then be able to start the game. Once your done and exit the game go to the file, new task, on task manger and just type in explorer then click ok and it will bring up your desktop again. You only need repeat the task manager part to get back in the game again. For older version of windows as im not sure how much it differs when using task manger i'll quote this post: "Originally Posted by Wildstar A workaround has been posted elsewhere: Start Task Manager, kill the explorer process, then do a File>Run and enter the path of the game's executable. When you're done and want your desktop back, go back to Task Manager and do a File>Run>explorer The workaround works because the old games do not know how to make the new Win7 API call to hide the Taskbar, which appears to be the cause of the color problem." Please bear in mind i have only used this with x-wing i havnt tried TIE-Fighter so i dont know as of yet if there are some still existing issues, i will post if it does work though hope this helps guys, happy gaming
  6. I was just wondering if TPM would work on a Windows 7 computer. When I tried to install it i recieved an error message saying something along the lines of "this application is not designed for this system", or whatever. If anyone needs extra information, just ask.
  7. Ok just just got kotor from steam and getting tsl in the mail for my bday and come to find out kotor won't work I installed and right when I hit play it'll pop up a full black screen few 1 or 2 seconds later window pops up says program is not working or is no longer working and it will force close I am running windows 7 ult. I have a ati graphics card not at my comp atm will post information up later but I need help guys cus I really was looking forward to playing these games again!!
  8. I have done everything possible to get it to work. Even after using markusegger's MSI. It says "Over here" Please reinstall XWA from Original disc" Dose anyone know what to do. XWA Upgrade forums have nothing and say to use that MSI. So if any one reads this and knows how to help. Please Reply.
  9. Hello all. Just joined this forum I have a question about setting up a CJK mod instagib server. I downloaded the mods and dragged them to the appropriate folders. I load the mod just fine. but when I try to create a server i get the windows error, "jk2mp.exe has stopped working." it also does this when I change the setting to dedicated lan, internet, and no dedicated. Not sure what it could be. I'm not too experienced with the command line so you may have to walk me through it. Thanks for any help in advance. below are my specs (and i can provide more if needed). AMD phenomII x4 4G DDR2 windows 7 pro x64
  10. I recently picked up the CD for Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion at a used game store, but I can't get it to run on Windows XP, even in Win95 compatability mode. I've done some searching and found a site where people are getting the same error, but I'm not finding a solution here on the forums. The error is: The procedure entry point SUnMapL5_IP_EBP_12 could not be found in KERNEL32.dll (or something close to that)
  11. hey , this is my first post so if it in the wrong place please tell me. ok, i am runing windows 7 64 bit with a 32" tv screen. it has 4gb ram and plenty of hdd space and is easily capable of running this game. i installed kotor 1 and decided i did not wont to do the taris mission ( i had previously done it before anyway ) because it is too long, so i installed a mod to skip it. everything was great until i walked outside on dantouine. There were random streaks in the air and i tried everything to fix it but i gave up and unintalled the game. today i was planning to give it another shot but tried to install kotor 1 and it sent me to the uninstaller -_- . i ran ccleaner as man people said but nothing happened. i went into regedit but had no luck. Can anyone help me i am in desprite need of playing it, but my pc wont let meeee.
  12. Hi, I just thought I'd let anyone that is experiencing problems with installing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on a Windows 7 PC (or perhaps Vista as well) that I have constructed a guide to getting it to work. The link to this guide is: http://www.jamiemcleish.com/Installing%20Star%20Wars.pdf If there are any modifications to be made or there are any problems then please don't hesitate to contact me. I hope this helps some people. Thank you very much Regards, Jamie McLeish.
  13. Its finally GA! The word is that Microsoft got things on track since Vista, but the final verdict lies with the end users. Do you plan to get 7? Or are you one of those who'll stick it to the man with good ol' XP? Perhaps you were on of the "special" people, in which case you'd be saying "Hello again, 7"...? Will 7 have any notable effect on the OS market? Discuss. also, place bets on how many "micro$oft"s will be in thread [edit] New Question: What did Microsoft do for Launch Day in your country?
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