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Found 4 results

  1. I recently picked up the CD for Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion at a used game store, but I can't get it to run on Windows XP, even in Win95 compatability mode. I've done some searching and found a site where people are getting the same error, but I'm not finding a solution here on the forums. The error is: The procedure entry point SUnMapL5_IP_EBP_12 could not be found in KERNEL32.dll (or something close to that)
  2. Ok, first of all, I don't actually have the game yet, I've only just ordered it (4-14 days! Keep your fingers crossed for for me that it come in four...or less) This is just a problem I noticed in the demo, so I figured I'd get some council on it now so I'd be prepared once I got the game. Now, on to the problrm, you see when the opening for the demo comes on, it doesn't play it just show the first second of it or so, stretched into four sgments containg the lines of solid color for the game basically it looks like someone took the cinematics(/ingame CGI effects) stretched them out and put them through a paper shredder. I'm already aware of the patch and improved launcher, so if it's corrected by those let me know. However if this is some unique problem that I have, I'd really appreciate some advice. I'm running Windows XP.
  3. hi there, I installed kotor 2 recently, and right in the beginning of the game i had some lag problems....i tried restarting the game, restarting my pc, reinstalling the game, but it didn't worked I already played the game years ago, in my old computer, and didn't had any problems im using windows XP and my configuration is as follow: nvidia geforce 8800gt intel core 2 duo 2.1 ghz 2gb ram I really don't know what's causing the problem...any sugestions?
  4. Seeing as my 10-gig Linux drive is not getting used much, I've come upon the conclusion that it should be formatted and used to store more data from Windows XP. And this is where the problem comes. I wouldn't hesitate before formatting the three linux partitions on my 10-gig drive, but it turns out that if I do, the GRUB would be killed as well. Now you'd tell me that this is easily solvable! All you have to do is, pop in the Windows XP disk and enter the FIXMBR command. I've tried that many months ago, and I testify that it worked. The real problem is, my PC can't seem to recognize the Windows XP CD. After putting it in my Sony drive, it "works" for about 20-40 seconds, then blinks intermittently before going into slumber. It doesn't come up in My Computer, so I know it's not getting recognized at all. I tried a mock-boot with the drive inside (yes, I've already set CDROM as my primary boot device) and it did the same thing. Unable to find a disk, it proceeded to GRUB. A new idea struck me mind. I went to System Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings and ensured that everything under System Startup is checked. I clicked Edit and closed it, to make sure. When I tried booting this time, it ignored the disk as usual, but Grub lasted for only a fraction of a second before proceeding to boot XP. Now what's going on here, and is it safe? And how do I get rid of Linux & GRUB without hanging my PC? Is there a way to activate FIXMBR or some similar command from within Windows? The mind boggles.
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