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Found 4 results

  1. "Residual" emulator from the makers of Scummvm is now available for download and can run Grim Fandango on multiple current operating systems. Here is a video of me running it on my macbook pro with Snow Leopard OS: This is great news for Grim fans who have had issues playing the game on modern pcs like myself. I can't wait for a wii port. Here is a link to the Residual site: http://residual.sourceforge.net/ Rob
  2. I have been having some trouble downloading mods from the internet. The most used mod website i use is filefront, but usually when i download a mod there a some files that my computer cannot read, therefor the mod wont work. the files that my computer cant read are uti, utp, txi, mdx and mdl files. there has to be someway to open these files because it seems like im the only one wit this problem. also my computer is running windows 7 . Thanks, ill appreciate any help .
  3. Seeing as other MMOs in the past have ported their games from Windows to other computer-oriented systems (Mac, Linux), does anyone believe that BioWare will follow suit, and eventually port TOR to other platforms after the debut on Windows?
  4. Halp! whenever i try to open cmd, i get a message saying that 'it cant be found'! the same thing happens with regedit! i havnt been messing around the windows folder, and i havnt used these tools in a while. here are some screenhots of the problem: (dont worry, theyre all tiny) cmd: *click* regedit: *click* so i go into the windows folder to find it... *double click* the same with cmd: .../system32 *double click* the computer in question's specs: xp pro sp2 (2002) p4 2.00GHz 512mb of RAM peculiars: has no modem or internet connection. i have no idea why this is happening.
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