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I'm not sure this has been done before, nor this is the right place to ask.


I'm Kelathin, mod leader of Dark Empire SPG, mod for Star Wars: Forces of Corruption. My mod team and the EaW/FoC community lack skilled organic modelers. I in term and asking the most skilled of organic and infantry modelers on the face of the earth, the jk series modders to help Dark Empire SPG with some infantry models. These models would be free to remain with the jk community and my mod team would get the key heroes of the Dark Empire time. We are looking for Clone Emperor, Leia, and other key figures of the Dark Empire comic book time.


Dark Empire SPG is a mod team recreating the battles of Operation Shadowhand and the Rebirth of Palpatine. We will be including all the ships from Dark Empire comics plus some extra features into Forces of corruption.


I guess this is a request and this is where the requests belong. I would appreciate if no one flames this, for going to another game where infantry/organic modelers have experience.




Contact info:

Email/msn: bladesinger88@hotmail.com

Aim: Kelathinadun88

Xfire: Kelathin

Skype: Kelathin


Old forums and website: Moving to new one as I type this


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