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NPCs you can take as a dark-sider?


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Hello Lucasforums!


Edit: Sorry, this is for KOTOR I


I played through this game a while back and I'm going for a second playthrough. Originally I went fully light side, and this time I'm going dark side all the way.


I can't seem to find the answer to this question in the various FAQs and posts scouring google. I know certain companions won't go with you at the end if you're DS.


Which ones can I take if I walk the dark path? I'd like to know which ones I can take so I can focus on developing them over the others.



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@Kexikus thanks!


That's bad news, it's making me reconsider going DS.


The only ones I like out of that selection are Canderous and of course Bastila. I'm going Soldier/Guardian, and I like to have another melee strong NPC with me.


One melee and two ranged? I think this combination will fail when I'm being swarmed by dark jedi.


If you're not sure about Big Z, that leaves me with a problem as he's the only melee guy out of that list!


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Bastila won't be with me while she's held captive, so that further messes things up.


The only out here would be for me to spec Canderous for melee.


That leaves me with the droids for ranged, and I hate them because they can't be healed without using parts.


Furthermore as Soldier/Guardian I won't be able to get repair high enough to rebuild HK.

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