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  1. I dunno. Would the Wii be powerful enough to run all those new physics simulations and such? EDIT: They're gonna do a less intensive (Technology wise) version so it might be OK. If they get the motion controls done properly and they're not some thing tacked on at the end it might be good.
  2. Impossible to modify the existing game yes but you could always write a new version. If you made sure you made no profit from it it would be ok legal wise. I would be very interested in programming for it should someone decide to start a similar project.
  3. Unless they port it to PC I can't get it. The PS2 version will be rubbish in comparison to the next-gen ones. Mainly because DMM and Euphoria simply could not run efficiently on those systems.
  4. Make an online version. That'll spark interest
  5. Very indeed. Although Mysteries of the Sith confused me. I didn't know who this Mara Jade person was!?
  6. Thank's for the information. It is incredibly annoying garr. Just installed those extensions and they work perfectly. Thanks a lot.
  7. I don't know if you have any control over what adverts you display. but if you do please remove that god awful "Zap a Mosquito" advert. The sound is driving me nuts. Every page I goto I can hear "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz" I don't want to have to find the advert, "Zap" it and then have a bunch of popups load up just to stop the sound. EDIT: Oh dear, I just had that same advert TWICE on the same page!
  8. Just hope the Police don't hunt you down and arrest you for having a Pirated copy!
  9. /taunt - Taunts /gloat - Gloat Animation /meditate - Sits down /flourish - Flourish Animation That's all the BaseJKA ones I think. There are plenty more in mods like JA+. For those ones refer to the appropriate documentation.
  10. Well if someone has taken it, patched it and put it back it's not that bad
  11. I doesn't automatically download the patch, at least it doesn't on the version I've got. You could have a version that is already patched as you said.
  12. Not sure on Xbox. On PC you press the button that activates it.
  13. If you have a double bladed saber and you want single saber press the Change Saber Style button.
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