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  1. in general alot of rules people have ARE stupid, however when it's something like a 0 ai match i can understand no taking cps cause if you did it'd be a pretty short match
  2. the death star is easily my favorite map with tantive 4 and hoth hunt/ctf my second favorites
  3. i've had those glitches a few times and you should be able to wait till you auto die dunno if it works for the xbox version tho
  4. i prefer the enginere just a wee bit more then the soldier offline mostly because i almost never play anything but the death star and the closeness of his gun is a big part of my stratagy
  5. republic owns all but the tuskens and chickens the empire is as always a close second tho< the rebels are the ot seps and the real bad guys
  6. tuskens simply because i love them so wampas are a close second tho in player only maps it's fun to start a clubbing fight with your teammates
  7. i don't play much right now a few weeks ago i still played the first one but now i'm playin galaxies as i'm one of the lucky players who never saw the beautiful sounding origonal game
  8. toue


    i probably have the most trouble with wide open maps mostly because i hate them which means i play worse, i do however love the small maps mostly because i love them, so i play very well (horay for the tantive 4! whoo! )
  9. i'm rather amazed that you're basing jangos fighting abilities off one fight where he had lost his only way of escape, also one does not run away from a jedi master unless they don't know you're there anyone who's played against a mace windu online knows how much they love hurling their glowy deathsticks at people. now from a game side i prefer boba for his one hit kill rifle and easy to use detpacks
  10. well i should note there is a trainer that you might consider a cheat code as it has unlimited ammo life and other stuff, however one of the trainers it's put next to apparently has a trojan so you might not wanna get it.
  11. an actuall answer to the question: no no cheats for pc
  12. apparently you use him as the empire on mustafar but i've never checked that
  13. well of course you can you're the player, just beat him over the head with this plastic lightsaber till he says he'll do it fetch us more modders we needs these maps made!
  14. i'd say alderann city or mustafar lava platforms they sound interesting
  15. well we must always remember it's not the critics that are always right, that's the gamers so i say rent it if possible if not buy it when it's around 20 bucks if it isn't already and sell it to a friend cheap if you don't like it
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