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  1. Hello all! I've been gone for some time and thought of how many good times I've had roleplaying with my great friends here at lucasforums. So, I decided I'd like to try and start a new one. This roleplay is set during the period in The force unleashed. Beware! This Roleplay sometimes might alter the actual time line a tiny bit, but will try to keep the main events the same. All I need is some basic information, which would be: eg, this is mine: Name: Trask Species: Zabrak Faction (Team eg. Empire or Rebel): Imperial Roll: As a Famous commander of the Empire Age: 43 Force Sensitive: No Description: Trask is one of the few alien species that ever get into the imperial ranks, especially at such a high one. He's skill with a blaster matches his ability to command large armies. He has a personal Star Destroyer assigned by Darth Vader himself, and he enhanced it's turbo laser capabilities to a unbelievable state. Even though with this power he would be nearly invincible, the weakness is that it turns off nearly all power sources including shielding to activate. He has had many incidents where his Star Destroyer fell to the surface of the planet he was orbiting, but with extra shielding because of it's hazard, him and his crew normally survive. Trask is a Zabrak that enjoys testing things. He has tested many things including the Mutant Rancor. He was planning to unleash upon his enemies, but it got wild and destroyed his facility. For this he was at high charge with his fellow imperials, but decided he'd go there himself and destroy the being. He did it with his powerful star destroyer, with a capability to hover close to the ground, up to 3 ft above the ground from it's deepest bit, but also disabled all his defense, which makes him vulnerable while in combat. (lol by the way, you don't need it to be this big ) The time period this is in is in the rise of the empire. I hope that you make a character and join this roleplay. May the force be with you! Daniel333
  2. Bah, then new guys don't get a piece of the party, I say Mos Eisley
  3. Well..... I like my storyteller idea, and the server merge is awesome!
  4. Uh.... that's the reward, but not the party ha ha, so far, results on swgalaxies.net, show that we should do a server merge, which I support, lol. For the server merge, if SWG devs are bothered, we could do a very global event on a single planet, since all the new guys start in Mos Eisley, I believe it should be done there, unlike before it was at Nym's Stronghold (Or whatever it is) and no new guys can see it, since it may be too dangerous, in Mos Eisely, they appear right into the party, but the thing is a theme, we need a theme for the party.... Ships? Factions? A storyteller event where for one time, your aloud to place storyteller stuff in Mos Eisley, which would be awesome? Heaps of different events, we just need to decide.
  5. Damn it, need to private msg everyone then, lol, or make a new one 0.o *Sorry for double post*
  6. Hey, I've been away from it heaps, but I'd love to continue, post here if you would like to continue, I hope it does ..
  7. Seems pretty nice, it would be great to have a HUGE party, it would be great, I like the idea of getting everyone transfered to one server, but that would be a bit hard to do, so maybe if it's posible, to make a brand new server named partytime or something like that, and like on test center, *so says friend* there is a person you talk to where you can change level, get weapons etc. It would be nice, and base it in a cantina like mos eisley or something, it would be great, we could all run around at 90, and do heaps of duels, have all 90 ents dancin out, havin all these fx goin off, npcs walkin around, like droids who serve food, etc. And have all colourful lights etc, but I am aware that this doesn't just happen so easily, it takes alot of programming, so you can nurf it down if you like, lol
  8. Sorry, second most distracting is my nintendo DS lol. Here we go, Garn speaks with Aap to pursuade him out of having permission going to coruscant: I told you it is strict imperial area! Aap: I don't care there is a jedi temple there that l want to get to and your going to let me through! (by the way he is hovering in a ship that has been stopped by imperial patrols) Garn: Leave otherwise you will not see the face of blaze again! Aap: Fine. Aap thinks: Fools! they do not have permission to keep me out of a force sensetive building! Aap thinks: Maybe l could get pass (Aap uses a force technique that makes his whole ship invisible including himself. He slips pass the patrols and gets to the surface of coruscant) Aap thinks: What did they do to this place? It is ruined and this was like there main base.... Im amazed they ruined it ---------------------------- Imperial: Sir, ship #0002 entered the atmosphere of coruscant, should we disable the ship? Garn: No, no let him through, l know who that is Imperial: Yes sir
  9. Hey l would post like l am but nothing too post cause can't think of anything lol mail when l have an idea!
  10. Sorry, It is called SWG and it is one of the most distracting thigns in the world... I will never let this thread die... Moff Garn talking to Darth Aap: I have a report about one of your students killing another... I know that one is the kithorian but l am not sure about the other... Aap: Yes l know, it is ok Garn: Never will understand sith, Ok affirmitive Aap: Why didn't you tell us about the death star? Garn: Who? What? who told you!? Aap: My apprentice Garn: You mean the one of talus? Aap: Yep Garn: That is restricted to sith only imperials are aloud in that sector Aap: Hmm, whys that? Garn: Theres somethign there that dwells on the surface of that planet Aap: Hmm... Garn: It chews on the lives of force sensetices it is a odd beast, No way you could survive there is a hundred in one single cave... Even our troopers get attacked by those creatures and there poorly force sensetive Stormtrooper listening: Hay! l have a life too! Garn: Sorry Aap: Hmm... well make sure that no one gets into the system except from imperials Garn: Affirmitive... We put it there so no jedi can come ruin our plan Aap: Ok Garn: You are not aloud to enter coruscant either Aap: What?! it is basicially jedi/sith owned! Garn: We have a few planets fully imperial so you are not aloud there... We are scavenging the remaining of the Jedi temple Aap: Ok... Aap out!
  11. Tell Ya what they should make all of the races in the vendors to be actully playable races and that would rock!
  12. Man I love taking screenies and l think l figured to get small parts of my screenshots on to my avatar finnally l have a really weird one is where two giant gungan heads are kissing each other but l won't bother posting since it has already implanted a picture in your mind
  13. All Hail the Emperor Always serve the Emperor
  14. Thanks with the encouragement l hope while l am off my co-leader is recruiting hopefully
  15. I am a trader and me colourizing my furniture brings a smile to my face
  16. Hello all, I am wrighting this to try and improve the numbers of my guild so l have come to the decision to make a thread here on lucasforums. The guild is named The Zann Consortium (ZANN) and we are now recruiting people to join. We have a few people already but must get more so l will tell you the features: You will get a large tatooine house to place from us We will try to get you an office inside our guild hall All guild members are admins of our guild hall unless not trust worthy A home designer will help decorate your home when placed We have a city ready to come we are just waiting till we get a spot The server is Ahazi There is no members who call people n00bs We accept any poffesion (something special for traders) We accept any faction We accept any level We will help new members I find all members kind Traders: Traders are not in this guild but the guild named Intergalactic Traders (IT) which is my Alts guild that also accepts any level and faction. Venuew: The owner of the guild ZANN, with a co-owner named Tetok. She is a level 90 entertainer and will recruit people into the guild. Obila: Owner of the guild IT, with a co-owner gawi. He is a level 57 trader and will also recruit people into he's guild So mail either one acording to your poffesion. I may take a while getting back since my 30 day pre-paid card has ran out so l will be back on ASAP. But just mail me and make the title: Guild:IT or ZANN. Thanks and post any questions or comments here
  17. Sorry l have not posted for ages just been really sick and l have not been able to post for awhile since l can not concentrate barely so sorry about me being sick but anyway l will try and keep updating this as much as l can *Vanile headed to the largest ship in the imperial fleet to meet Grand Moff Garn in person* Vanile: Hello Grand Moff Garn Garn whispers to gaurds: Keep a watch on this one, she is a falty clone and may attack Garn: So what would you like? Vanile: I want you to release Alixie to be straight forward Garn: That is quite straight forward, Anyway why are you interested in freeing her Vanile thinks quickly: I need somethng... l know! l willl trick him into thinking that l am off to torture her more then she is here and then he will definitilly (sorry been sick and can't really focus on spelling too much) say yes to giving me alixie Vanile: I am here to torture her and make sure she suffers Garn: Excellent! l am sure one of my gaurds would love to come, Gaurds would you like to help her? Both Gaurds: Yes we would love to Garn: Excellent! *Vanile's plan broke now having two gaurds comming with her back home* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- After the attack at Jabbas palace, the holo-net program for tatooine was buzzing like a Hungry Mynock. Localists at Wayfar saw the fire from there homes and were amazed but now they were free since the Hutt gaurds around Wayfar is at Jabba's Palace checking out the stituation. Localists thanked the traveler who visited there town and then went to jabbas palace and destroyed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garn was trying to figure out a way to actully get rid of the rebel alliance from the galaxy but was interupted by Okoe Garn: What ya want? Okoe: You a completely pethetic to us since we did all the work at Tatooine and most battles are done by us Garn: You saying your braking alliance? Okoe: It is obvious Garn: Hmph! Fine be that way but since your not to trust worthy and may be playing bantha with us, we are nutral and we shall no attack each other but l am not helping you with any cause Okoe: You should be enemies but your choice Garn: Garn is off... Stormtrooper cut the line! *the line broke* Okoe: He he he l am going to take over this academy ha ha ha ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry again about me being sick still thinking about what to send so ya keep poppin and l will keep postin!
  18. If you notest l have not been mailing that means l have been off lol anyway l will be off and mail as soon as monday ok see you soon
  19. Note: Grand moff Tarkin died on the first death star so he is no longer alive Grand moff garn: The emporour is a failiure we killed him without even knowing and that was so easy we jsut fired we will just be allies for now... (post soon)
  20. Grand Moff Garn: Ok chaps we are not going to call the sith "lords" Because the idea is that we are "allies" at the moment and we are not there slaves understood! Entire Empire: YES SIR! Grand moff garn: Good... We will keep a close eye on the sith Stormtrooper: Sir, Darth Aap called... He said that Okoe kithorian has joined the dark side... Should we stop shooting the kithorians? Grand Moff Garn: Keep shooting those guns cause they are still shooting us once they stop we stop understood Stormtrooper: Ok but um... Is that orders Grand moff garn: OFCOURSE IT IS TELL THEM TO STOP SHOOTING WHEN THEY STOP!!! Understood! Stormtrooper: Yes sir! *the pilots and gunners all get the message and they were always prepare to stop shooting* *The luitanet (not sure how to spell it leuitenant or some thing l don't know) walked into Okoe's room and saw the two dead gaurds on the floor* Kithorian: Oh my gosh! Quick get a medic! *medic comes* Medic: They have suffered from electricity burns from the inside out they have no inner organs currently Kithorian: None of us a jedi there is only one person who could of done this Kithorian: OKOE! *it is up to you how they act towards this*
  21. Imperial: You stormtrooper, Give me a update on the alixie clones Stormtrooper: I am sorry to say but poor progress alixie is hitting and running all the time on the project l think the best way to get clones is that we get darth vaders DNA since it should still be on the planet of coruscants surface... Imperial: Ok send a team to go search there Stormtrooper: Yes sir! -------------------- I will send soon
  22. Happy Birthday !!! l have nothing to say since nobody has sent anything but Impelite so yeah
  23. Darth Aap: Hmm... Good strike but this ship is going down we need to get moving Blaze: Ok (they fly to a nearby star destroyer while the mon calamari ship was falling down to korriban)
  24. (this is the rakatan leader Rekemek loco) Rekemek: The great one is here the great one is here! Blaze: You are thinking of the wrong person and how you get here Rekemek: We followed a *jedi* they call them selves here about 50 years ago he's name was Tyrannous he says he was a jedi of the jedi academy but soem off worlders without connections said he was evil but that was 5 years later he's dissapearence from the academy involving him killing fellow students of the academy Blaze: I am evil too so l will be leaving now Rekemek: You can't we tried going back to our native planet but there si no way off (Blaze has a sudden touch by the ligh side he could not resist) Blaze thinks: Ahh dum light side can't resist well Aap will probably kill me if l do this but well l will do it Blaze: I will call down ships and l will take you to ratatak and you stay there ok Rekemak: Ok great one (blaze does as he said)
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