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  1. So many good games......so little monies I think that Unreal 2 will most likely be the winner. While if Neverwinter Nights shares the same fame as BG2 then maybe it will get game of the year. Lord of the Rings game, WHERE!!!!!???
  2. *raises glass May we go for another six months...and longer
  3. Hey man, i hear ya, i got a celeron 525 Not cool Cant run anything decent, time to grovel at parents feet for new one
  4. Oh My God AVP2 ROCKS!! The single player is awesome And the multiplayer is incredible(full of tension), cant wait to play it at a LAN. Its fun to watch your brother jump when you nail him with the face hugger when alien life cycle is on And just you wait till the marine mission with the EXO-suit, it is so cool.
  5. Well then those of you who dont like the lines........go make your own film, remember, lucas is doing it how HE sees it, not how YOU see it. Remember that
  6. Welcome to da forums
  7. Mine is just the GDI and NOD symbols on a black background, with "Command & Conquer" written in between the two symbols.
  8. Although i have read the Hobbit I havent finished reading the LotR books (halfway through trilogy) i really want to see this movie. It will be awesome to see the locations, that we can only picture in our heads, come to the big screen. One question tho, in the newest trailer, who does Liv Tyler play? because the only female they really meet in the Fellowship is Galadrial the elf lady
  9. How bout just a skin that has JediKnightII.net written on it Or NPCs that walk by and when you bump into them, say "have you been to the JKO forums lately?" Or just some really really stunning shots showing of the various locations we can go to.
  10. The first thing i noticed upon arriving at the forums was this post.....a bit outta place in the Valley Anyway.....welcome to all the fresh..."padawans" Enjoy your time at the forums
  11. First of all a big welcome to the forums Mr Large Cow *hands gift basket Second, Gonk you must have been staring at that pic for a while to pic that up
  12. Welcome to da forums Anyway, yes the sabers are really starting to look good, the smoothness of the blade, the cool blur the flows behind when he swings Stunning, absolutly stunning
  13. Yeah, nothing would be cooler then being in a huge fight with ye mates, versus a horde of Sith/Jedi and just watching each other flipping around and hacking up the enemy while the force powers fly around
  14. LOL I was bored and reinstalled X-COM and was reading the readme when it said, "this program requires more then two MBs of RAM" I also remember getting DF and my dad was shocked at the amouunt of space the game took up
  15. Yeah, I popped on to the forums and was like "wowa......was this?" Its an improvement cos the other one was from TPM.....wonder y
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