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  1. For 1 I'm not comparing EaW and Mech Commander I am comparing 3 aspects of EaW to 3 different games. EaW as a hole is Nothing like MechCommander, but the ground battles are. When you invade a planet it's just like MC. The maps aren't nearly as big and complex as MC, but the idea is the same you have only what you bring with you. The space combat is almost the same as Star Trek Armada. Deference being STA is command & Conquer in space you build up you construction yards and bases. EaW doesn't really have that, but again even in space it has MC aspect you have what you bring with you. The game EaW I would say is almost a clone of is Imperium Galactica II. I think IG2 is more complex then EaW maybe to the point where allot of people wouldn't like it. EaW doesn't have all the fine points IG2 has. The space and ground combat is better for the most part in EaW. I liked the sim city type aspect of IG2 that EaW doesn't have. If you like EaW type RTS I look up IG2 it’s old, but really was a good game. It seems EaW is jack of all trades, but a master of none. I liked the Demo other then the bugs and think it will be fun. I’m sure there will be a huge mod community for it looks like there already is just for the DEMO.
  2. EAW brings to mind some other games I Have played in the past. Imperium galactica II the biggest similarity Star Trek Armada for space combat MechCommander for ground combat Anyone else who have played these games see similarities. When I was playing "Imperium Galactica II" I was always thinking it would be nice to have a Star Wars, Star trek, or Battletech game like IG2. I can see lots of different mod possibilities for this game in different Sci-Fi related universes.
  3. I worked with your idea a bit took out the Shields, Supple Depo, and then the Hanger in that order. It looks like if anything else gets distroyed before thoughs it's not going to work. After paying around with some of the mods it loooks like the "no targetable hard point" thing isn't just stations, but some ships seem to have the problem randomly also.
  4. I tried all these things several times before I posted. I have even tried different numbers of different types of ships. Once I target the hard to target points they never go down and if I don't the ones that I can target are destroyed they other ones disappear.
  5. In the single player mission I have a problem destroying the space station in the asteroid field. It appears that 2 hard points disappear on me and the only way I can target them is to view another close by at a different angle so they overlap. The hard points are the “HANGER” and “SUPPLY DEPOT.” When I have these hard points targeted by my ships however they take very little or no dmg. I even let it run for about 15 minutes and still couldn't destroy them. Is there something I am missing or is this a bug that only I am having. Any tips thx.........
  6. Do you need to join GAMESPOT to DL the DEMO from them?
  7. I think the problem with a FPS/RTS isn't that they don't work it's that 9 out 10 times the FPS players want to do their own thing or just F-OFF and to hell with anyone that wants to work together to win the game. There isn't going to be a mix between a Battlefront and EAW. They are two totally different games. A Star Wars Version of Savage might be fun, but good luck trying to get a game minded group of people to ever play it. In my opinion Battlefield 2 has just the right amount of FPS/RTS cross over. There isn't enough RTS stuff to make it a RTS. There is an option to have a commander and the option to do what they ask you to do. It is helpful, but not game breaking to be w/o. SWBF 2 doesn't come close to being as a good as BF2 even with the problems BF2 has. By adding too many RTS elements to a FPS game you make it long drawn out and time consuming. People who play FPS want to play FPS that isn't bogged down by a commander’s inability to research their weapons and equipment fast enough. I didn't like Savage for the point that if the Commander didn't want to make a weapon available and you just had to do w/t. the game was too dependant on the commander and not enough of the players.
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