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  1. I was looking for a mod/reskin that had the TSL HK-51 looking like he does in TOR.
  2. For the visual consistency, as they're the same model (in the in-universe sense).
  3. I hope we see more eras than just the CW and the GCW.
  4. Just wait until they canonize the 8 TOR classes.
  5. I guess you have your 8 TOR characters to develop into what your Revan and Exile were supposed to be (within their respective backgrounds and storylines). Have the Jedi Knight character become your Revan 2.0 and the Sith Inquisitor character become your Exile 2.0. ...or something like that. Regarding choices vs. canon for KOTOR & TSL to TOR, there were ways to include the fates and legacies without really delving into the topic. Most of the canon stuff that trickles down into the game involve the characters themselves instead of the galaxy they shaped. I guess it was easier to just rub canon into everyone's face.
  6. And you want to make more of a parallel, take a look at the fates of T3-M4 and HK-47 and who made more use of which droid. While HK-47's was decided far before T3-M4's, it's still something to note. Regarding the Emperor, while I wasn't expecting Revan and the Exile to off him, the entire sequence of events could have gone better. And the thing is, after your first Republic and Imperial character, the only thing left to play is the class storylines, because the planetary storylines are the same for each individual who does them. So who did what when we're talking beyond the class quests? If you did them only on your first character that makes sense, but after that you have people dying multiple deaths or unique objects being found in the same spot by different people at different times. Regarding the class stories, I think it makes things a bit more interesting in the fact that you don't have *THE one* like Revan or the Exile, but 8 major movers who shape the start of the war.
  7. TOR does have its moments in regard to ditching the Saturday-Morning-Cartoon black-and-white feature, but they're often negated due to the Railroad Express being so blatantly visible. One Post-Act III Interlude storyarc is Exhibit A. While TOR isn't exactly conducive to RP (beyond what happens along the quests' storylines), there are a few instances where things get interesting regarding characters. I find the light side Sith PCs interesting (because of the dynamic that they provide to Sith in general), but I have a feeling LA will just deem the dark side ones canon (complete with canon species and gender selections!). It was nice knowing you, Darth Imperius. Another interesting thing to note in TOR is the number of dead high ranking Sith Lords and Imperial officers vs. dead high ranking Jedi Masters and Republic officers. And who in each group was killed by whom. I would have loved to see TSL get a little more attention in SW lore, but it was being scuttled out the side long before TOR came into the public light (as I mentioned, you can't play the game [vanilla or RCM] without breaking SW canon, thanks to various material that covered the events of the game). I'd like to see Star Wars have more (intellectually) mature content in general, which is something that TSL (and few select SW entries) provided.
  8. Interesting if it's true: http://kotaku.com/5990366/leaked-footage-of-star-wars-newest-take-on-battlefield-and-call-of-duty?utm_source=kotaku.com&utm_medium=recirculation&utm_campaign=recirculation
  9. I wouldn't mind if Ahsoka joins the Rebel Alliance and dies in a duel with Darth Vader.
  10. ... I only wonder what's going to happen when they determine the canon characteristics of the 8 TOR PCs...
  11. It wasn't just BioWare who ignored TSL. Basically every run of TSL breaks SW canon.
  12. I guess this is going to be another classic case of "good things coming to those who wait"
  13. I find the release date rather interesting. A few days after SWG officially shuts down.
  14. ... and just once I'd like to see a Jedi wielding a red saber. And IIRC, the only Sith that HASN'T wielded a red is Exar Kun... I wonder if the green saber is also to suggest that canonically speaking, Revan/Mysterious Stranger is a Jedi Consular...
  15. I think the people labeled as conspiracy theorists were proven correct with this.
  16. Looks like some of those people dismissed as conspiracy theorists were correct.
  17. B-b-but wait, wasn't this game supposed to destroy and demolish WOW? TBH, even a vague and encompassing "I don't know" would have been a better answer. But I guess those are the 3 unmentionable words of PR...
  18. I thought you could get decent VAs for cheap by going to local news channels. IIRC that's what a lot of them do on the side.
  19. LOL - yeah, for some reason I always picture Carth under Scorch's helmet instead of Jango Fett.
  20. I agree - I could have shown someone who knew little about SW some CW content and then shown them that and they would have thought it was a progression of the CW. Couple that with the musical cues that you mentioned, and it can easily reinforce the notion. Yep, I almost facepalmed when that Star Destroyer made its appearance with the cue from the Imperial March -- I thought I was going to see Darth Vader lead a force against the Rebel Alliance for a split second. The cowboy guy felt like an amalgamation of Cad Bane and Han Solo. Which, in and of itself isn't too bad, especially if he ends up being developed into a unique and effective combination. The Sith Sith was a cool touch. As much as the hangar sequence was an exaggerated Escape from the Death Star, it was pretty well done, and one of the stronger segments of the clip. That said, I was expecting to see Satele or the Republic Commando to destroy one of the Sith fighters and have Cowboy Smuggler Dude (has Wookieepedia named that guy yet?) say something snarky in response, seeing the direction it was heading. It did get me moderately excited about this game again, so I guess it did its job, though it could have been more original.
  21. That entire hangar sequence reminded me of the Escape from the Death Star. Just replace the Jedi Darth Maul with Obi-Wan, Cad Bane wannabe with Han Solo, T7 with R2, Satele with Luke, and take away the roids that scene was given, and there you go.
  22. Anyone remember when Origin referred to a video game developer? Neither do I...
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