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  1. Even if they're still on the FP? Most of the threads on the FP are older than 30 days...
  2. Character development, both in terms of story and gameplay. I'm still holding my breath on that one, seeing how things have developed so far in that department.
  3. I don't mind some of the similarities, like the Republic Troopers, as there it shows the progression and evolution of the Republic military from KOTOR to the PT. Most of them, though, I think are unwarranted and there purely to rip off the PT and the OT. The logos of the factions (although, I could forgive the Republic logo if it was the logo of the Jedi Order instead of the Republic), just about everything of the Sith Empire (is this the Sith Empire or the Galactic Empire?) I guess I'm a bit more forgiving for the Republic because it is the same Republic of the PT. While I don't mind blue skinned Twi'lek Jedi, that one in the clip looks like she's wearing the same outfit AS wore... If I see a seemingly indestructible superweapon, I will have given up all hope for originality in this game.
  4. Does that blue Twi'lek look a bit TOO much like Aayla Secura?
  5. Win a (land) battle with max units and reinforcements without dying? In BFI I could do it on several maps, though in BFII the closest I got was when the AI had 16 reinforcements left and for some reason an enemy tank decided to chase me across the map, and the tank won... Scored 90 kills before that first death.
  6. Tried and tested too many times - from both sides. Sure, they're great for refills, especially against defending certain CPs from AI, but standing next to them is no sign of invincibility.


    It depends. If I'm trying to play through a map without dying, the narrow ones can get kinda tricky.
  8. That would be the shield generator (back room), engines (room to the right), auto defenses (central console in the middle)
  9. It's a vi- ... no, no, no, I shouldn't go there...
  10. What would make for an interesting weapon would be a cowbell. Just sayin'...
  11. And because he's unnecessary, it's completely acceptable for him to be OOC and breaking the 4th wall....
  12. Is there a mod out there that fixes his lines? A majority of them happen to be OOC, which kills RP and immersion that you're trying to build. I guess there's two ways to handle this, one being where you edit the original soundbites to where he only says his IC lines. The other would be to rewrite his entire dialog and provide original VOs (which can allow for more options, such as fixing his companion's lines to where he isn't completely lost as to the background detail like Trask's identity, or provide some options to Trask's identity like his gender - maybe some want a female Trask).
  13. I think a lot of them are purely about the story behind them. Now, the tank droid on Telos is a total waste. Just plant a few mines next to the shuttle and you can essentially skip him.
  14. The originals look interesting. Too bad there aren't more of those... But we take what's available...
  15. Heck, now the game breaks canon the second you choose the wrong head for the Exile. Next thing you know it'll break canon the second you enter the wrong name in the "name" slot... Anyway, maybe Kreia had something to do with Bastila's survival, especially if she did have Revan's child, as it would be another legacy of Revan, something she (Kreia) wouldn't want damaged in any way.
  16. I tried making the Disciple a Jedi gunslinger on my last run through. Shoot people and spam Force powers. I would pump into dexterity and then max out one ability tree (be it sniper, rapid, or power) as quickly as you can followed by proficiency tree of your weapon of choice. Then let Bao-Dur or T3 be the crafting junkies.
  17. Try using shields, ion weapons, the shock arm... I don't have any probs there whatsoever...
  18. This planet may be smaller than it currently appears. Heck, you could make Taris in KOTOR look really big too.
  19. Maybe Revan was too big a target, and so the child took on the mother's last name. From an OOU perspective, the only last name associated with Revan was one you gave him, which could have been anything. As of right now anyway.
  20. Well, it could be done, it would just require a battalion of heads, one to cover each variable (eyes, hair, etc.). It would still be very digital (and not to mention time consuming to make), but it would still be possible to do to a large extent. Wouldn't be worth the trouble, though IMO.
  21. Just a random thought, and I'll admit, has little solid backing. Anyway, is there a chance that Bastila actually left the Jedi Order before the events of TSL? It would explain why she never went to the Conclave of Katarr and became snack time for Darth Nihilus, why Kreia (and the Exile) never added her to the gathering of Jedi (either the EH or DE, though she would have less purpose in the latter), among other things. Why would she leave the Order? One possibility: Satele Shan. If this individual is a direct descendant, then Bastila had a child, and that could be a legit reason for leaving the Jedi Order. Weak premise, I know.
  22. Also, Revan and the Exile also served as strong leaders, something the Sith needed to stay united. Each of these factions had someone holding them together, being defined and built by the conflict that was (this is sorta touching up on Kreia's "finding oneself [or lack thereof]"). At the same time, if it was entirely orchestrated by the Sith Emperor, I'm not sure how he would necessarily end the conflict, since he would have to somehow stay out of it or somehow play both sides like Darth Sidious. But even in his case (looking at it as purely a Republic-CIS conflict), the participants to both sides were detached to the whole conflict -- droids don't have emotions and the troopers were indoctrinated to the extreme to only be useful to the Republic/Empire. He (Sith Emperor) would either have to A) convince them at the external enemy (Republic) was going to attack them, or B) wipe one side out and lead remaining faction against the Republic. Although, this third option popped in my head (as I type this post), being that Revan and the Exile ignited the civil war amongst the Sith to weaken them for a Republic invasion that would wipe them out (since the Republic would be rebuilt, and the Jedi Order reformed under a new set of teachings), but then the Sith Emperor managed to take control of the civil war, drawing it out long enough for the Republic to grow complacent, when he catches them unprepared. He may have had to make his move rather early, since Revan and the Exile would have eventually returned to Republic space and had them make their move.
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