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  1. i meant the health bar lightsaber for the ships no lightsabers involved
  2. I got all awards under legendary status(automatically receive the rewards at start of the battle) (Endurance, Guardian, War Hero, Frenzy, Regulator, Marksman, Gunslinger, Technician, Demolition, im wondering does anybody else have all of them????
  3. I new Lucas Arts could have done better work with Battlefront2 they rushed it, Is the expansion for hero and villian assualt on kashyyk and the expansion for Visto and Ventress available for the PS2?????
  4. WELL EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is the idea, but have it as a mini game its alot better than the stupid hunt mode Have the light saber make the ship faster, better weapons what have you got a problem with that??? WHAT? who said it was Duke Nukem and yes there are bosses in Battlefront 2 anyway im talking single player campaign not a muck around instant play you can play that or the single player im just trying to make the single player experience better because it was a let down for me!
  5. I think they should put the death star trench run in amd have the death star mission in Return Of The Jedi and have heroes in space combat like wedge antilles, biggs, luke, darth, anikan skywalker, han solo and chewbacca in the melinium falcon, boba fett, jango fett in the slave 1, and guve the magna guards thier sticks, have a singleplayer campaign of all the sides Rebels, Empire, Clones, and CIS from every movie episode 1,2,3,4,5,6 and clone wars and have heroes as bosses at the end of levels, put Dirge(the bounty hunter in the clone wars) as a hero.
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