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  1. Haha... time wouldn't be a problem. (I'm currently free 15 hours a day.) Ping would be a problem. On a good day, someone connecting from Malaysia would have a minimum ping of 300. Nevertheless, if you could find a suitable server, I could be your Padawan.
  2. Hey UDM. I'm a loyal Malaysian fan of JO and JA, ever since I was able to play it (at around 2002). It took me around 3 years (I don't play heavily; only on weekends) to master the single-saber system, and suddenly, JA came out and I had to re-learn the MP community's new moves, which I tried without much success (no thanks to my ping). And only lately (last week, actually), I got into the OJP fray. (Kinda late, I know, but who asked me to overlook this great mod?). My first OJP experiences were terrible. I couldn't join a Siege game with bots, possibly due to my RAM (256Mb RDRAM). Then, when I joined a team FFA, my computer froze. Finally, I tried to duel a Stormtrooper in a saber-only nf match. I got pwned: like you, I swatted at the Stormtrooper like mad, only to find that I didn't even penetrate his defenses. The Stormtrooper's attacks, however, frequently drained my DP meter. I was flabbergasted. (I know I'm still an OJP n00b) Anyway, that was only my first experience. If you don't mind, we could set up some OJP saber training session since we're quite close to each other.
  3. It's kinda crazy, I know, but these Corellian ships (both of them) are insanely durable! I start my game with several Corvettes to counter the Empire's pesky Tartans. Soon, if my Corvettes didn't get destroyed, they could be used to counter the Acclamator Cruiser, Victory SD, and Interdictor SD, in groups! I remember one encounter where my rabble of 2 Nebulon-Bs and about 4 Corellian ships (forgot what number of what already) got surrounded by two VSDs, and one Interdictor SD, albeit damaged ones. My group emerged unscathed!! Also, Corellian ships make valuable additions to your main attack force. The Gunships would tear through any lurking capital ships and utterly bring down space stations' hard points with ease. Corvettes, on the other hand, would pick out all those small garrison units, especially the irritating TIE bombers which would make short work of my larger capital ships. In short, Corellian ships are invaluable. I wonder why they never make capital ships. Sure to give Imperial SDs and MC Cruisers a run for their money.
  4. 5th thread?! O_O My bad; I've never came here for a looong time, so I didn't know that. I do. Point taken. However, I guess I'm not satisfied with the slow combat; personally, I would have preferred something like The Elder Scrolls' series's combat system. But then again, every person has his/her own preferences.
  5. Was anyone ever satisfied with melee combat in the KotOR series? I, for one, was never happy with the games' statistical melee combat. I would have preferred a more active combat, where skill, instead of statistics, prevailed. I know the game might take much longer if combat were like this, but I feel that combat in the games was nothing more than a chore, where I simply had to choose what kind of attack I would use next. For me, it would be more fun trying to figure out how and where to strike next.
  6. I fancy, with hard disks getting fatter with the day, that customization should be the order of the day. New Jedi should be able to customize their hilt design, just as if they are building a lightsaber themselves. Even if they create a few hilts, I think they should have custom hilts. Nevertheless, the mod community should correct this even if the developers choose not to.
  7. Having Ben Kenobi would have really helped the Rebels on Ground battles. I learnt the hard way playing the Rebel campaign, before this. I played through medium mode, and I naively followed the mission without conquering planets. In the end, I was threatened from all sides, and even before I had a fleet I was threatened by a few Victory SDs. So I started a new easy game, and, at the same point of time as my former medium game, I had conquered 100% of the known galaxy (the planets you could travel to).
  8. I can't really rate the game yet, because I've only spent 1-2 hours on it. But I am really impressed with the way Petroglyph made the game work on my ancient PC. My only frustrations are the insanely long load times, and that is due to my computer's deficient RAM. This far, though, I am very happy with the game, although certain things, like the half-baked manual, could be done better. The graphics were stunning, IMHO, even on my FX5500.
  9. It surely is a cool idea, but what do you mean by repair? For instance, is an astromech all you need to repair a broken wing? I, for one, don't think so.
  10. It will of course be good when developers delay a game to make it better... but don't let the delay come to naught.
  11. I never thought the minimum specs could be so low. Possibly good for one ground battle or two, but I'll suspect it'll lag big time in the space battles on my 4-year old computer... :'(
  12. We can be thankful that EA weren't producing EaW then! Either way, I see no real difference in having the website admins pushing news out. In due time, when the game comes out, you'll have all the information you'll need in the nifty game manual.
  13. What use is advertising or the amount of news on the EaW site if the game turns out to be not up to expectations?
  14. I heard somewhere that they're gonna charge US$7 for the patch.Is this true?
  15. For my PC I'll use a lightsaber and a short lightsaber on the off-hand.Actually I didn't think dual lightsabers were *that* gimmicky;it was only the dual standard-length lightsabers that were gimmicky,in my opinion.One long one short would be the standard for weapon masters for years to come. And for other characters with the exception of Bao-Dur,they use double-bladed lightsabers.Bao-Dur uses the same weapon configuration as I.
  16. Is Aurora part of Obsidian or LucasArts? Will this project be legally viable? Hopefully,the answers to the above questions will *not* be able to shape the face of this project. Also,where in TSL,is there a mention of a HK droid factory?Did I miss something?
  17. Well well well,it's only 2 months since TSL's computer release,and here we are with rumours of a third in the series surfacing. In my opinion the title seems authentic and credible enough for recognition,and the fact that the rumour says that they will tie in Revan's and the Exile's story was imminent since the very first news of KotOR3. However,seeing the way that LucasArts indirectly tarnished TSL's image,rumour or not,I,personally,would be hoping that Obsidian,or whoever who's developng this game,would be able to make a complete and unbugged(as little as possible,at least) game without pressure from LucasArts.
  18. Lol I don't know if this counts as a blooper or not,but in the Force Cage in Peragus I was talking to Atton but his whole model was gone.Same thing happened to Mira outside Khoonda,near Akkere.
  19. Hey Derc,I don't know how this has happened,but currently at level 9(24 cumulatively),my Weapons Master has a better Force Point count than yours at 298. Hey Prime,I've finished almost every quest(save for a few minutes here and there for those than are not finished) and I only get 35 hours(I'm still at the Ravager,so I didn't post myself.).How did you hit 50?
  20. Being a hypocrite doesn't influence me to take the light side,eventhough I would prefer the light side. I was a Weapons Master,but one mystery to my character was that my vitality was 289,and force points 298.Moreover,with all the light-side adjustments and relatively low-cost of universal buff powers,I find that my WM becomes almost indestructable in combat.Add a bit of Stasis Field+Force Wave(also works vice-versa) and then it's LOL at the enemy,light side style. Personally I would also love to fry enemies and choke them whenever people didn't think my way.But in game,I'd have to go Light Side,hypocritically or not.
  21. Lol: 1:Dominate Mind: Me:You *WILL* let me drive the car. Dad:I *WILL* let you drive the car. 2:Master Heal:so that hospitals go out of business.Moreover,I'm immortal!:D 3:Force Wave:I guess it'd be hypocritical to say it's for self-defense.
  22. Hey for everyone who has finished TSL,how long have you invested and what are your character's (basic) stats(class(es),level)?Show 'em of all here! As for yours truly,I've not finished TSL yet but I eagerly await your responses.Thanks.
  23. Like lukeiamyourdad says,Visas *is* easier on the eyes. But when I use them in my respective party,Visas tends to die more often than Kreia. In combat it may be that I made Visas a strictly "in-the-center" character,but I think Kreia would come out tops because Kreia has superior Force Powers.
  24. I've heard from many sectors that the game,in general,is incomplete,and buggy.While I've not had my share of story bugs,I've had a share of "KotOR2:TSL has encountered an error and needs to close".In reasons I would have explained in the corresponding thread in the Padawan's Lounge,this should not happen.In KotOR 1 I only received 2 or 3 of such messages,and now alone,before finishing the game I have had 5! Finally,I've also heard that many are dissatisfied about the "incompleteness" of the game.How you guys felt lost,disconnected and confused after the ending of the game dealt a severe blow to this game's hopes of scuppering the GoTY award this year. Well,guys,would you guys like Obsidian to make a patch to address all these issues?
  25. It must have been my fault.I said the wrong things while in the Docks,and now whenever I ask him "Why have you been escaping the Sith?" he will answer,"Nope,I don't think we're quite ready for that conversation yet." When will "we" "be ready"?What gives?How else can I make him into a Jedi? Other than that,how many of your team mates can you train into Jeedai? Thanks.
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