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  1. Well Clemme,sorry to dissappoint you,but there's no such thing as a hybrid Jedi class. Well,it's entirely up to you to choose,but consult the manual before attempting anything though.
  2. Hey,does anyone know how to capture screenshots mid-game?It's be nice to keep memories of battles long done!
  3. OMG OMG OMG!What's up with my KotOR? I've installed everything,finally,when I try to play the game,it just won't load!It won't go inside to the game mode!I'm stuck at my desktop after the picture of the Ebon Hawk appears.Nothing happens afterwards.What can be wrong and what can I do to rectify that?
  4. I wonder whether we could alter the game and make some personalised Jedi model of our own to face the dangers of the Star Wars universe 4000 years ago...what do you think?
  5. I'm going for 80+ because of lag... No.Seriously,I guess it'd be as you said,about 40-60 hrs.
  6. Toa Tahu


    Thanks,but is that absolutely neccessary?
  7. Toa Tahu


    I don't know what's wrong with my JA,but this happens as soon as I finish the last Tier 3 mission: Test game has encountered a problem and has to close. Can anyone help me please?My system requirements are ok.Thanks.
  8. Somehow the Rancor just won't attempt to break into the second room...making me unable to complete the mission.
  9. I've been faithfully following every piece of news of KotoR since last year,and they have been delaying the release date many times,unlike Jedi Academy.I'd really like to know why.Any suggestions?
  10. Is JA really that short?I've read a review that says it spent only 20 hours on JA,another guy used only 2 days.So is it really that short? I don't have a right to speak because I used to see some people playing a warez'd JA...so I'd like to ask your opinion on this.
  11. His armour is made of a material almost as strong as cortosis!The saber had little or no effect on him,not even sealing him inside a room I blasted the weapons in could keep him away!What the heck?
  12. Hey,I've seen the new demo of JA released by Raven.However,my parents sure won't allow me to download it,therefore I'd like to know which missions are in the demo.Thanks.
  13. What about degrees and Asian eyes?I am an Asian and I don't see any angles in my eyes...anyway let's not fight about it. Anyway I see a bit of a similarity to Ben Affleck...unfortunately there is no model that looks like J Lo to match up for him currently...maybe there would be in the full version...who knows?
  14. It would be interesting to see KotoR to be played like a 3ps.I'd like that,personally.
  15. So late?I thought those guys made it to Fall 2003 already?Why the (further) delay?
  16. Patience is a virtue,my mateys.Wait,wait,our time will soon come,friends. I should be waiting for the game,whatever it is,and I have to wait an additional 1-3 months for the game to be shipped to my country.You guys have it on the day it comes out.I have to wait.What an unfair world.
  17. no,I said the mass of the model of the guy wielding the saber.
  18. I agree with this CD-Key protection system.Here in my country alone,although police are doing extensive raids,piracy is rampant like anything.I bet billions have been lost.
  19. I prefer the stone art showed in this page itself.However,we all won't know which one would make it to the box...so let's just patiently wait.
  20. Oh man...either date seems an eternity again...patience is not going to work for me now...arggh! Anyway,what can we do now?Shouting or doing anything else won't force LEC to release KotoR earlier,so why not we just sit here patiently and wait?
  21. Hey guys!I've got an idea!What if the saber damage in JA made into the follows: Do you study physics?Anyone who does should know P for Power=Fd/t or Force * distance / time Therefore,force and distance,will be decided on the strength of the player model(for instance,reelo has better strength but slower speed) and time also.Therefore,it should all be balanced out. Blue stance will have weak force and distance but time is low,so the denominator is low,making it bigger.The opposite applies for red stance.Any suggestions?
  22. Remember all Jedi manipulate the force to their own use...Obi-Wan probably used the force to direct the lightning to his saber or the lightning prolly made its way to Obi-Wan's saber and his saber,being electrical,could have cancelled the electrical charge. Yoda,on the other hand,he manipulated the force so that he could 'catch' or 'absorb' all the lightning and direct it back to Dooku.
  23. I'd most probably use the single Lightsaber as it's the best ever stance for me.I also like it too.And it's the most manouavreable(sp) stance,for me anyway.
  24. Heh,it doesn't personally matter to me whatever saber he wields in JA...after all you don't get to see him always,it's a once in a while affair. But if you ask me,I'd say,what's gone is gone.The past is the past.He'll wield the Blue saber,because why'd he spend some resources making another saber?After all,who knows where this saber came from?He'd just pulled it from inside the cage...who made it? Or,he might make another saber,BUT it might be a blue colour or some other colour,we can only guess.Why he's making another saber?Because,like HertogJan said,a Jedi feels a stronger connection to his own saber,and this current one in JA is not his,but of some unknown origin...maybe he's gonna make another saber but stay the colour. In other words,I'd say Blue.
  25. Hey!Nice HUD there.Thanks for the screenshot,Echuu.Um well,those guys in pink would most probably be out enemies,imho...who else should podrace in your side?
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