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  1. What's strife?Really haven't heard of it...o_O
  2. If raven wanted to bring back this force power,they should remember that balance is what is needed.Make it strong,but not to strong,countable,but not always,etc etc etc. Also,I didn't pay that much attention to the cutscenes...didn't notice what Jerec used both on Rahn and Kyle.
  3. Patience,my fellow Jedi.JA has been announced,it will be coming our way,sooner or later.So patience,my fellow Jedi.
  4. No.As you said,obikin,you're hitting them with a lightsaber.Therefore,no matter how strong your swing,what counts in the end of the day is the power/intensity of the saber.Therefore,each stance(I hope they get rid of that stance-crap thing,it's horrible balanced in JO) should deal equal damage.
  5. Oops...made a fool of myself there ...didn't I?Anyway,since it's compressed air,something must be done to counter it,right?Therefore,is it right for me to say "Force Push" this time?
  6. The site seems down for me... Anyway every preview I see after E3 seem to contain the same information...maybe it's me,but I only see words like 'dual-saber','saber staff','weapons','acrobatics',etc etc etc...with 'dual-saber' and 'saber staff' dominating those.Why don't I see 'single saber combat' or 'more force powers'? No offense,just commenting.Try to get that place up ASAP,we're all waiting for you!Thanks anyway.
  7. The Rodians are those who snipe you down in Nar Shadaa.Come to think of it,why don't Raven offer Trandoshans as a race?
  8. I dunno if anyone likes this idea or not,but what I think is,if you're in Blue Team,you're fighting for the Imperials,and for Red Team,you're fighting for the Rebels. Therefore,why not only restrict the team skins,so that you only get Rebel skins and Imperial skins?Just make sure you have a wealth of skins before attempting this.
  9. I agree with khaza.Other than that,they should spend the money used to build the figures by doing something better such as better models/graphics?
  10. No no no,you forgot something.I dunno if I'm going to offend anyone with this but first of all,no offense. I think we should be able to block the conc with the light saber.After all,why can't we do it,the conc shot is just a bullet of pure beam energy,so is the lightsaber.So why not?
  11. Hmmm...nice touch.I like it,but...what's the purpose of it?And if you'd want to collect all,would you buy 3 boxes just to get either one of them?No offense,I like the idea but I just don't see its purpose. P.S:OMG!A Rodian Jedi!
  12. The absence of the Kell Dragons in JO is sorely missed by me.
  13. Please forgive my ill-mindedness,but is the guy riding the Taun Taun in Screen 2 a Kel-Dorian? Also,is it possible to destroy a AT-ST with 1 miserable single saber throw?
  14. Did anyone notice new gauges and meters for your health,shields,force,and ridable vehicle life?!
  15. Usually there are some people who turn to the dark side because they are not appreciated,while in the good side.Whenever something like this happens,it's not very desirable.Some just stay,some might just turn to the dark side,or take revenge,at a place where they might be more appreciated.
  16. If anyone noticed,in the official site it is written that JK:JA is an action game.
  17. Well,I'd hope that Pazaak would be interesting enough to sustain interest for us to play.And not because of the $$ factor.
  18. Well I want it to be like Sven co-op,when it comes to deathmatch-orientated saga type. If not,it should be like ctf but with different objectives and saga-only weapons/items/force powers to throw a few surprises.
  19. I think it's inappropriate for any guy to fight a Jedi,as a Jedi should have a fair advantage.But anyway,if he could hold his own,shame to the Jedi. Anyway,characters CAN hold their own against the Jedi...not for long. :evillaugh:
  20. Thanks for the screenshots,Burrie. As for Mission Vao,or that blue Twi'lek using a sword,she HAS to be using a cortosis blade.If not it would have been pure suicide as normal blades can NOT fight with a lightsaber!
  21. Uh...Kyle is a mix of both sides because as a Jedi,he didn't take a formal training about Jedi discipline,thus his fragile consience between the Light and Dark side. Anyway,I agree with Squater.Having a Jedi to have BOTH light and dark powers would not suck,but also be ridiculous.He would be invincible,Gripping you while Absorbing or Protecting himself. However,would Raven really listen to us?I don't think so,especially when they're...70% complete?Methinks they won't re-do what they have done just for us...remember,they're doing it for LEC,not the playas.
  22. First of all,what's akimbo if it's not single or double saber style? Besides,you don't need to make a lightsaber to be a Jedi Knight.
  23. I don't quite understand what you're saying.Maybe you could explain more.What I don't understand is the term 'in-game ladders'.What is the meaning of that?
  24. I hope it'll be an interesting mission though. Like the bounty hunters in Jedi Quest Part 2. Or let's hope we can only use our saber.
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