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  1. sorry guys to disappoint you... but with Hamachi it is not working properly... only with huge problems... and this is a result of a lousy eaw network code... this game just uses to many ports. I have given up trying to conect with hamachi...
  2. I hope for a much better network-program code... the current is crap...
  3. I also tried using Hamachi... but still the same problem, whe don't see each other in the LAN Lobby. Have you changed any settings with Hamachi????
  4. and how can I select this one when I would like to play in LAN vs. my friend? Somehow I can not select this one.
  5. but for Conquest mode 1 vs. 1 there should be one? You should be able to save the game also in MP... or not?
  6. In MP I looked for the big 40+ map for 1 vs. 1.... but didn't find it... where is it?
  7. I guess I found a solution. If anybody could upload the english-swx.meg file... I think by downloading it and exchanging it with the other one you should be able to switch the sound.
  8. Petro or Lucas, could you please make the English-Voice file available for download... just sitting in front of my German copy and I could cry how they killed the spirit of SW with this lousy voice-cast... pleeeeeeeeeeease!
  9. here you go http://www.gamestar.de/aktuell/boxenstopp/freistream.php?id=133
  10. In Germany alot of people already received their copy of EaW... well that’s the good part of the story... the sad part is that the German localisation is lousy... Vader sounds not all like him... and even worse... he doesn't sounds evil at all Please Lucas, Activision, or Petro pleeeeeeease make the English-Sound file available for download... this destroys the atmosphere of the whole game otherwise... For those of you who would like to listen to a small sample of this find a trailer of Gamestar.de. They quickly show the CE of EaW and at the end of the trailer you see Vader ingame talking in German.... *vomit* http://www.gamestar.de/news/pc-spiele/strategie/31504/
  11. I think a mission will take you much longer than only 10 minutes, because one mission is not only one map. This might include stealing information with R2D2 on planet X then conquering incoming imperial forces and afterwards invading planet y...
  12. great! thank you for the fast reply/action!
  13. could someone post the diary here, as I am at work and those "fun" pages are blocked for viewing. thanks.
  14. I wonder if the widescreen option is a "true" widescreen or a streched version of the normal view. is the game supporting e.g. 1900x1600 resultion?
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