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  1. http://www2.ravensoft.com/jedioutcast/ Has a top solutions FAQ, cheat codes, console commands to turn on features like EAX and Force Feedback (not supported) and a bunch of tips about performance, etc. Will probably answer a lot of questions people have regarding tech support. Enjoy! --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software http://www.ravensoft.com http://www.thundarr.com
  2. Hey guys, Anyone who has an nVidia card like a TNT2, GeForce anything, etc. should note that the recommended driver version is the 23.11 drivers, not the detonators listed as the "most current" on nVidia.com. When you go to the drivers page, you need to click on "Driver Archive" to get to the 23.11's. Direct links: Win 95/98/ME: Win2k/XP: The new detonators have problems with drawing black skies in the game as well as other graphical weirdness. A list of all video cards supported and their recommended driver versions are in your Jedi Outcast/install directory in the trouble.rtf file...the troubleshooting guide. Thanks! --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  3. Usual suspects: 1. Video drivers - Go get the detonators from http://www.nvidia.com or check their driver archive for the next older version. 2. Make sure virus scanner is turned off as well as ICQ and anything else you might have running. 3. Set your desktop resolution to 640x480 and 16-bit color before launching the game 4. See #1 (I really think this sounds video related) Also, keep in mind that Athlons and GeForce 3 cards can overheat if you crank everything up. The hotter they get, the worse performance will be. Try taking the side of your case off for extra ventilation. --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  4. Thanks! I'll forward the sentiments along to the team (as I told you in my previous e-mail)... --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  5. Demo plans are still up in the air. Nothing has been decided or announced yet, unfortunately. If there's any news to report, LucasArts will let everyone know. No news yet, however. --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  6. Yes, there is demo recording in Jedi Outcast. As it was said, Q3 supports it and so does Jedi Outcast. There's even a "demos" section in the menus so you can view them all in the directory and choose which one to play. --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  7. http://www.versusbooks.com/coming/jedi.htm More info about the hint guide... --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software http://www.ravensoft.com http://www.thundarr.com
  8. I guess the whole concept of "free" and "bonus" is lost here somewhere? --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  9. Not sure if you guys saw this or not... http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/?domain=&feed=index&page=http://www.computerandvideogames.com/news/news_story.php?id=24212
  10. From this thread: ******** German PC Action mag (currently no.3 saleswise...) has a nice, 2 page preview of JK II in it's newest issue (out today ). Here are some pure facts, some might be known, others maybe not ... - 20 levels in singleplayer (some very big according to text) - 10 weapons (so the one thread about weapons seemed to be right) - up to 64 (!) players in multiplayer .... ************** I just want everyone to know that there are "over" 20 levels and "over" 10 weapons. Keep in mind, too, that 64 players is the theoretical limit of players in Quake 3, assuming everyone has uber hardware to run the server and the bandwidth to support it. I think 32 players is a more reasonable estimate and I think that in most games 16 or 24 is more realistic/practical. Thought I'd give everyone a "heads up." Have a great weekend, guys and gals! --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Raven Software
  11. If you haven't seen all of these, here's a collection of 40 Jedi Outcast screenshots all in one gallery: http://joth.gamesweb.com/screenshots.htm Happy New Year, everyone! --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software
  12. This question will be answered "soon." Promise... --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software
  13. It's probably compression of the image from when it was converted from a targa or png to a jpeg for "net friendliness." A thought... --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software
  14. I'll add the proposed question to "the list." Thanks. --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software
  15. I'm not aware of any Collector's Edition of the game in the works, though I'm guessing that it just hasn't been decided one way or the other at this point. I'll recommend that we answer this question in the FAQ in a future update... Right now the closest thing I've seen to any special edition of the game is here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005LABK/qid=1008118712/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_67_2/002-5647166-9136004 Note the "special bonus." --Kenn Kenn Hoekstra Project Administrator Raven Software
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