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  1. Haven't been here in a long time, but I found this. Instantly bought one, great design dude. I have been looking for the Corley Motors keychain for ages, and this is pretty close to satisfying my thirst!
  2. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=205
  3. It should be, I dunno. I picked mine up the last weekend in July.
  4. Sure you can see it as weird, but in the end it's showing that DoTT still has an impact on the gaming community. And apparently the cosplay community.
  5. I think that's what it's called, but one of my friends went to it, and there were people dressed up as Green and Purple! http://photos-894.facebook.com/ip006/v36/194/4/24400122/n24400122_30503894_544.jpg http://photos-890.facebook.com/ip006/v36/194/4/24400122/n24400122_30503890_8401.jpg http://photos-891.facebook.com/ip006/v36/194/4/24400122/n24400122_30503891_8919.jpg Oh, and here's them dressed as Link and Zelda (odd): http://photos-902.facebook.com/ip006/v36/194/4/24400122/n24400122_30503902_4825.jpg http://photos-903.facebook.com/ip006/v36/194/4/24400122/n24400122_30503903_5389.jpg So cool!
  6. Hey Riva, welcome to the forums. I just did an eBay advanced search for Monkey Island, and I chose Items Available to: Czech Republic, and then under Currency I put Euros. You should check there, there's a good amount available for pretty decent prices.
  7. http://www.gamespot.com/features/6153188/index.html Some notes: He said he'd LOVE to work on another Monkey Island game. He KNOWS THE SECRET OH GOD
  8. Yeah Autumn Moon needs to be up there! And just seeing that Telltale is making Sam and Max a real adventure game makes it worth it alone. I have not played a true adventure game since MI4 as far as chronological order of release dates is concerned. But yes I am looking forward to Autumn Moon's Vampyre Story as well.
  9. I saw Goodnight and Good Luck. It's good as a documentary, but other than that, its slow and the story is purely political.
  10. It was never there in the first place, that's the issue :X
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/Hint-Poster-Chart-for-MANIAC-MANSION-Nes-Nintendo_W0QQitemZ8285095142QQcategoryZ3605QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I won't be getting it, but it looks cool for anyone who might want it!
  12. Most TV shows have seasons, and each season has some recurring event (such as George's job hunt in Seinfeld, or any Curb Your Enthusiasm season) but each show has its own completely different event as well. I hope Sam and Max is like this. I know myself and how I like to play adventure games. I usually can only handle 2 hours of straight gameplay, tops, before I'm tired, regardless of the quality of the game. Plus, a lot of people in the world (many of my friends included) lost interest in a game if its too long, and never finish it (like the Myst series, fun, but long to the casual gamer)
  13. Some of the Star Wars games aren't horrible, but yeah we need more adventuse-class games. As for Indy, I enjoyed the fighting engine in the Emperor's Tomb, and I don't see why they need to change it. Also, they showed these clips way before the game is completed. So hopefully, the engine will be tweaked to make it not as awkward.
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_International_House_of_Mojo&action=edit Have at it! We should fill this up with good stuff.
  15. After NGE, sorta. WoW has a lot of amazing content, but Galaxies still had great environment-player connectivity. For instance, guild cities and player houses and vendors made Galaxies amazing. If every player in WoW wanted their own house somewhere on the map, there'd be no space left on the map at all. The world is a lot smaller, but there are seperate instances (like unique images of a certain dungeon), so there's never too much of a problem finding something to do. Honestly, all of the different quests in Galaxies never interested me, they seemed kind of dull. But WoW is loaded with unique quests, I really enjoy it. My heart still holds a place for Galaxies, though, because it was my first MMO, and before the NGE junk, it had a very unique leveling system. Also, the entire becoming a jedi thing was so hard that it made it so much better back then, because only a few would have jedi, and they would deserve it. Now everyone gets to be one? Bleh. As for PvP, hmm. I like WoW's because I'm a mage, but in Galaxies I was a medic/doctor/combat medic, so I died early and fast. But I still enjoyed most of it. Especially having your own bases in the world. Features like that made Galaxies great. If I put them next to each other, WoW beats Galaxies hands-down. I have been playing for a year and a half now. I played Galaxies for about 5 months than on and off for another 5. Being able to solo a lot of things is what makes WoW great to me, because a lot of people on the net are morons and I don't want to deal with most of them if I don't have to . Except for my guild, which is mostly smart. Mostly. Edit: And yes, I remember you Ghost Pirate LeChuck haha.
  16. And the Guybrush pants! Yeah with no sign of classic SCUMM game sequels, I have been sucked into the World of Warcraft phenomenon. The last time I did much around here was when Galaxies first came out, and I was going to do an article on it. Obviously, that never happened But I am liking the look of this Plunder3D so I will be checking up on that from time to time. elTee did you used to have a different name? I remember working with someone from LucasTones a while back, heh.
  17. I was just looking at the Lucasarts page and just had to come here and say something about it, when lo-and-behold someone else already did! What's up everyone (I have no idea who remembers me and who doesn't )! But yeah nothing but Star Wars on the horizon =/
  18. Schmatz


    No matter how hard he tries, Metallus is still a forum troll and promptly sent me an IM with a link to this post *searches through 458 Lucasforums Smilies*
  19. Schmatz


    Well, during the great war of 2002 (or was it 2003), or whenever, Emperor's Tomb came out. And that's it. Nothing happened here after it came out. Maybe a couple of people asking for hints, but that was it. Then most people found better things to do. Like me. And until anything new and exciting happens in the Indiana Jones world, I can't see anything changing here
  20. We've seen it before, it'd be amazing if it were more than a rumor, but that's all we have right now. Keep chasing that dream. My personal opinion is that they shouldn't attempt a second game, to save the game's name. Full Throttle was saved by the cancellation of Full Throttle 2. Sam and Max, well, we're yet to find out. But, just like movies, a lot of game sequels just aren't up to par and are usually disappointing. But what do I know, I shouldn't even be here!
  21. THe design I had was cool, but would be annoying as an actual site. I will try a didfferent method, or figure out how to use my old one, but finals week is just around the corner so gimme a week or two heh.
  22. Yeah, got passwords for the site again. If anyone has ANY content that they would like added to the site, I would gladly acccept it and give you full credit. If there is anything else you'd like to see on the site, ask me that as well. Just send me a PM anytime. As you'll see, I fixed the front page... heh.
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