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  1. Originally posted by DomStLeger Obviously they are a demographic group in the conventional sense, but I think it's impossible to start talking about them as targetable as he suggests with "Developers are smart: Gay people generally have a lot of disposable income."

    If that's true, then I demand to know where's my portion of the disposable income. Who has taken it? Where is it?? :confused:

  2. What Marek said.


    Originally posted by remixor

    Now, which is better is of course completely subjective. In the end I have to go with MI2 for my favorite-looking MI game, but of course I don't claim authority on the matter. To each his own, eh?

    Definitely. :) I, too, quite enjoy the looks of the first two games and especially LeChuck's Revenge, mostly due to the nostalgia factor. Having said that, I also very much liked the way CMI looked and felt. You can't really compare Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, either, yet I'm still to meet a person who disliked DOTT graphics. The first one to report will win a virtual bottle of champagne and loads of teflon-coated panning from other forum members.

  3. Originally posted by remixor

    Obviously I that beyond resolution and color depth; CMI was a much goofier-looking game than MI1+2, which contained many anachronistic elements but which were accurately proportioned and much more realistically drawn (you sure wouldn't have found those close-up head shots in CMI).

    Although, for the record, Dave Grossman (I think it was Dave) has said that they would've originally wanted the games to have a sort of a storybook feeling to them but the technology at that time wasn't adequate to accomplish it. One might thus argue whether CMI departed from the Monkey Island tradition graphics-wise, or actually finally took it where it belonged.

  4. Originally posted by twifkak

    But I still think it's just a ploy by the cellular companies to hype up SMS, which is sorely underutilized in the US (mostly because the rates are outrageous).

    How much does SMS cost in the States? I pay from 0.12 € to 0.17 € per message, and some companies offer special deals where you can, for instance, send unlimited amount of free SMS to five friends of your choice for a flat fee.

  5. Originally posted by pleto4_ryan

    actually in some counties its from 18 and in others from 21...but the doctors-phycologist say that the first teen years end in 21...:D (never heard anything about getting nineteen...:confused: )

    I was speaking from a language point of view, not legal, physical or psychological. :) I mean, in English teens are everyone from thirteen to nineteen. Twelve and twenty don't have 'teen' in them.

  6. Whoa, I'm away for a couple of weeks and this is what I get: hacker attacks, temporary forums, RemiO in power... :eek:


    Anyway, New York and Amsterdam were nice, thanks for asking. I'm currently living without a net connection (oh, the pain!) due to my place being renovated and me living at my friend's flat. Have to use the net at work, which is sort of forbidden but I hope no one will notice.

  7. Originally posted by Doubleplus GC

    In reference to the anti-Europe sentiment in America: a nearby college that a friend of mine attented has decided that they will no longer sell French Fries as a means of telling France how "we" feel about them.

    I'm looking forward to France asking the U.S. to return the Statue of Liberty.

  8. Got new albums from both Lemon Jelly and Bent. "Lost Horizons" is fabulous, perhaps better than Lemonjelly.ky. Do check out the music video for "For The Ducks" if you get a chance, it's very psychedelic. I still have mixed opinions about Bent's "The Everlasting Blink" - there are great songs on it, but on whole it isn't as interesting as "Programmed To Love" was. I dunno, hopefully it'll grow on me.


    Other recent purchases: Alberto Iglesias - Hable con ella OST, Fatboy Slim - Live on Brighton Beach, mixed club compilations from bargain bin.

  9. Saw The Hours. Fantastic stuff, I just read the novel before seeing the movie and it made the impact twice as powerful. Lots of women kissing each other, too, if you are into that stuff.

  10. I was pretty impressed by the protests last Saturday. Here in Helsinki, they anticipated 2,000 - 10,000 protestors; 15,000 showed up. In London, they thought 500,000 would gather; the estimations after the demonstration were from 750,000 (the police) to 2,000,000 (the organizers). Are you listening, Dubya?

  11. Difficult question. I like most tracks from all the games, but I guess the one I've listened to most is from CMI, the track I call "LeChuck's Hold". It plays in the beginning, after you have made Wally cry. The sound and atmosphere of that track is stunning. I used to sit hours on end in that scene, just listening to the music with the sound effects and speech turned off. (And then came ScummRev, thanks to which I no longer needed to boot up the game to hear it!)


    Spectacular stuff.


    I also have a soft spot for the music near the beginning of Monkey Island 2: the opening credits, the campfire theme and the marvellous Woodtick sequence with iMUSE showing its true nature!

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