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  1. That movie is oooooold, I think I saw it about 8 months ago. But it's a nice video, if you can ignore the filmers comments and annoying laughter
  2. If you really want to play the game that bad, you should buy a ticket to the us of a and buy the game there. Don't ask for CD-keys, it's illegal. If I were a moderator I would close this thread... oh well a bit of roleplaying then. --thread closed--
  3. OMG! I'm glad I don't have the game yet. Because, when I have a game that I'm totally addicted to, and I cant play it.......I get sooooooo frustrated. Anyhoe, I'm hoping for you all that the servers will be up soon. And: You did pay for the game right? When you bought the box, you paid for the "free" month.
  4. Heh, I think some money can be made by learning: Go to a crowded place and let the highest bidder teach you you necessary skills
  5. Hmmm, sounds difficult to do. Because I don't think anyone wants to stand in a game-restaurant all the time while paying $15 a month. Your idea isnt very realistic. Maybe you can get a dancer somewhere so that people actually stay in your restaurant to heal their mind wounds (or whatever they are called). In the meantime they would order some food. I don't know where you could get a dancer though....
  6. It's real life for people who hardly sleep anymore because of it. *wink wink*
  7. @ demind: Wait 6 months, then do a google search for recent SWG reviews and make up your mind. That's what I'll do too. After that you don't have a buggy game and you'll still have your free month. Now close this thread before it becomes a real flamefest.
  8. Flat ground? That's lame! I can perfectly set up a tent on a slope in RL. Oh well, it's not a biggy. There should indeed be limititations : so no tents on 50% slopes
  9. These stories are awesome, keep 'em coming!
  10. Arguile has a point there though, after a few months there will be far less people that have to be trained then there are now. And the people who start new professions can usually learn their skills from a friend. New players without a PA will therefore have alot more trouble finding aprentices (sp?) than the current players have. I could be wrong though *please tell me I'm wrong*
  11. You better start killing some rebs' wraith Imagine in the real world: Crazy hordes of japanese tourists who will slaughter some taliban just to get a picture of George bush in his home.
  12. How do those player shops work? Do you have to stand around all day and scream "Blasters for sale!" or can you have an NPC selling the stuff? And howmany shops can a player own, because I plan to have a shop on every major planet *if* I get the game.
  13. Zendjir


    Indeed deathstalker, it's all about the looks
  14. There is no difference whatsoever between a keyboard and software in the context that we are discussing them: they are both products. I dont know american law but in my country (Holland) the law states that you can sue a man/company for not delivering you what you paid for. And the users agreement doesnt supersede (sp?) that; that law goes above the users agreement. So sony has to deliver a full, playable product by law. It's unacceptable that the game is so full of bugs that some players (not all) cannot enjoy their product.
  15. I totally agree, I refuse to play in beta 4. I think I'll wait for another 6 months or so before I will considder to buy the game again. IMO the main problem with MMO games is that they are such huuuge projects that cost alot more money to create than a "standard" game. Therefore the sponsors (Sony) will urge the developers to release the game as soon as possible so they can get their money back. Same goes for SWG: sony saw the huge fanbase and saw money; they urged the devs to complete the game without some of the features that were announced earlier. If they would understand that a better game would actually generate more money, we would be getting anywhere.
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