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  1. Oh, forgot to check the link, here is a working one: ftp://ftp.komkon.org/pub/EMUL8/BK0010/Disks/MonkeyIsland.zip. I also fixed the link in the original post.
  2. Thanks for the translation, TheHutt! Really interesting! I used the F2 key to skip parts of the intro so that's not the complete one in the clip, just to clarify that. So it seems that the thing was created mainly by two people; Dmitry Tjurev and Michael Borisenko. Dmitry seems to also have written a BK-0010 emulator as well as a version of the game Reversi (AKA Othello) called Reversy, both for MS-DOS and written in Assembly language. It would be interesting to know if this thing is at all based on SCUMM or if they just ripped the graphics and created the thing from scratch.
  3. If someone wants to try it out it might be worth mentioning that F2 works kind of like Esc normally does in SCUMM games. And I just figured out that the four sgm-files are probably savegames. These can be accessed by pressing F1, in case you want to check out some locations other than Scabb Island without actually playing the game. F9 appears to be the key to save a game.
  4. Well, this would be neat if you managed to finish it but I hope you realize what a monstrous task this is. I would also like to point out that this forum is not exactly the right place for this thread. It would fit better either at the AGS forum or at a Monkey Island forum.
  5. So, I have gotten my hands on a preview version of the new Monkey Island 2 special edition. Oh wait, no I haven't. Around seven or so years ago I stumbled upon an obscure version of Monkey Island 2 made for the Russian home computer Elektronika BK-0011(M). I got the thing running on some emulator and intended to do some research on it but I never did. I came to think of it the other day and thought that there might be some interest in it and as far as I know it has not been mentioned around here before. I hope no one objects to me posting a link to the game, which you can get right here. It is possible to run the game with the help of the emulator Emulator 3000 which, among other systems, emulates the BK-0011(M). It is in English so getting the thing running should be no match. Obviously this is not an official port of the game but rather some sort of fan made thing. But a rather ambitious one at that. Potentially, it was made by some company and perhaps even sold. My Russian is a bit rusty so I don't know for sure. There appears to be some sort of copyright claim dated to the year 1995, so I assume that is when the game was made. The BK-0011(M) seems to be a rather limited home computer but the game is actually pretty impressive considering these limitations and it seems to be a rather ambitious remake. I don't know much about the actual limitations of the BK-0011(M) (as I said, I never came around to doing any research on this and I still haven't, I'm posting this hoping one of you will. ) but the game runs in 4 colors. These appear to be changeable but for the most part they are the classic CGA palette 1 colors (black, cyan, magenta, white). Here are some screenshots of it: Click! As you can see, it does not have any verbs like we're used to. Instead, you interact with objects and characters simply by clicking on them. There are no options for how to interact with them. The text below the action screen is the inventory list. I have also uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing the gameplay in case you're too lazy to actually run it. Note that while this video does not have sound, the emulator does emulate sound. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) The file structure seems to be similiar to that of the original SCUMM interpreter. There are 45 room files (or 44 depending on if 00.lfm is a index file as in SCUMM, or the first room) which hints that not all of the original game has been remade as Monkey Island 2 has more than 100 rooms. In addition, the rooms are not scrollable. The Woodtick town overview for example, is three screens wide and I would suspect that these three screens are in turn represented by three "rooms" so it would take up three room files. This is just speculation though, as I have not done any examination of the actual data files (yet). Mostly, because I have not yet found a convenient way of extracting the data files from the image file. The game does have some sound and music. The very first music cue (while the monkeys are dancing during the intro) has been remade to some sort of recognizable version but after that most of the scenes either have no music at all or some generic music. I have not played through the entire game so this just applies to the first few scenes but since there are only 11 sound files I guess there isn't too much audio going on. It would be interesting to know how this thing was done. Perhaps this is some sort of stripped-down version of SCUMM created by reverse-engineering the original game? Here is a list of the game data files. As I said, I still have not found a way to extract them to separate files from the image file. Maybe some kind RUssian-speaking person can help out in hunting down some tools for doing that. Most of the related sites (and the tools themselves) are in Russian. File Name Adress Size MONKEY\ monkey exe 744 72700 00 lfm 36000 16276 01 lfm 36000 20552 02 lfm 36000 31570 03 lfm 36000 22524 04 lfm 36000 23030 05 lfm 36000 52434 06 lfm 36000 21572 07 lfm 36000 31374 08 lfm 36000 21744 09 lfm 36000 43440 10 lfm 36000 35426 11 lfm 36000 22604 12 lfm 36000 26434 13 lfm 36000 30266 14 lfm 36000 33274 15 lfm 36000 22236 16 lfm 36000 26524 17 lfm 36000 25620 18 lfm 36000 31514 19 lfm 36000 13650 20 lfm 36000 40106 21 lfm 36000 20160 22 lfm 36000 14776 23 lfm 36000 26062 24 lfm 36000 43112 25 lfm 36000 7244 26 lfm 36000 46220 27 lfm 36000 32376 28 lfm 36000 47450 29 lfm 36000 52334 30 lfm 36000 20666 31 lfm 36000 21230 32 lfm 36000 54254 33 lfm 36000 33210 34 lfm 36000 37362 35 lfm 36000 25330 36 lfm 36000 50464 37 lfm 36000 34614 38 lfm 36000 27424 39 lfm 36000 33052 40 lfm 36000 24320 41 lfm 36000 36510 42 lfm 36000 21750 43 lfm 36000 46410 44 lfm 36000 24714 00 ovl 1000 135412 01 ovl 1000 1442 02 ovl 1000 752 1 sgm 5052 5006 2 sgm 5052 5006 3 sgm 5052 5006 4 sgm 5052 5006 00 snd 20000 5472 01 snd 20000 4604 02 snd 20000 4452 03 snd 20000 4770 04 snd 20000 5712 05 snd 20000 3376 06 snd 20000 5022 07 snd 20000 3706 08 snd 20000 4350 09 snd 20000 5336 10 snd 20000 4574 Are there any Russians around here that have heard of this version before? Maybe someone who knows the language can translate some of the text from the credits screens I posted above.
  6. Really nice colour work and lighting on this one! However, I think you are forgetting something; the original sprites were not designed to be viewed with squared pixels but rather rectangular pixels where the height is a factor 1.2 larger than the width. So, in-game LeChuck would rather look like this: Still, really cool style (the hands are a bit grotesque though ) and I would love to see you do some more characters!
  7. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=199144&page=3#101
  8. I can confirm this too. I'm actually able to play the files now! Just took a long wavefile, converted it xwma at 96 kHz using xwmaencode. Simply copied the header and pasted first in one of the extracted files from the wavebanks then converted it back to .WAV using xwmaencode. It gives an error because the header size is off but it still converts the file and I can play it successfully. Generating a correct header should be no problem! EDIT: So, for the record, the WAVEFORMATEX chunk I ended up with for the working file was: 66 6D 74 20 12 00 00 00 61 01 02 00 44 AC 00 00 E0 2E 00 00 6B 11 10 00 00 00 So the problem boils down to generating the dpds (decoded packet cumulative data size array). Hopefully there is some obvious way to generate it from the actual data somehow.
  9. I had a very brief look at the audio files. I used this program to extract the files from the wavebanks. The .WAV-files seem to play without doing anything to them. The .WMA-files do not as bg says. Opened them in a hex editor and concluded that most of the start with the hex values 09 00 00 03 (I was looking at the MusicNew.xwb file). Also opened up some .WMA-files i had lying on my HD. Many of them has this byte pattern (09 00 00 03) at what seems to be the end of the header or the beginning of the data. I don't know exactly how this program (unxwb) extracts the files but maybe the .WMA-files are stored without the header and it needs to be reconstructed somehow? I don't know, maybe this could give some ideas. I don't have time to look into at it at the moment.
  10. This post made me miss the golden old days so much. Here's another one of those SCUMMBag promo posters, that I made (which was never used). Had to dig around quite a bit to find this one. Obviously a spoof of a well-known game cover. I believe there was also another one made which was a spoof of the original Jaws poster, showing Max emerging from the abyss. That poster I believe was made by Paco Vink. Anyway, here's mine: http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/7981/scummbagxe5.png And hi by the way. Long time no see. EDIT: Wow, just realized that I last posted here 3 years ago. Three years!?
  11. I intitally had the idea to create some sort of online community around the site - hence the login thingy. I scrapped the idea but never got around to deleting the graphics. I might or might not (most likely the latter, but who knows...) realise this idea later.
  12. As you will probably notice, there are still stuff to fix and add. I'm working on getting everything set soon.
  13. Tomas

    A SCUMM Site

    I'd say within two weeks, probably less. And you won't have to see bernard on his tush any more now - I changed that picture yesterday. If that helps. But really, I'm doing my best to finish it ASAP, I just haven't had so much free time lately.
  14. Tomas

    A SCUMM Site

    The new LucasHacks (scumm.mixnmojo.com) will be up soon though however.
  15. I\m pretty sure that I uploaded charlie to LucasHacks when it was new. I could, however, be very wrong. I'll be sure to upload it to the new site which I actually do plan to finish some day.
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