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  1. Wahey I remembered my 20-year-old very unsecure password
  2. I'm going to chime in on Peel's side here; the gameplay is rather pedestrian and lets the game down. Artistically and from a writing point of view the game is excellent, but the gameplay is uninspired. It's fun to look at, fun to explore, but not fun to play.
  3. Alternatively, we could mooch off the good will of other people, and just make a list of Official Freeloading MIGC player's Servers for a variety of games, a la nss.nu for random practice type stuff. Then come tournament time, run a server of our own for whatever game it is we're playing. Of course it suits to have "hotspots" as you call it fairly regularly; in which case I guess there could be different times/days set aside for different games (eg, every other saturday at 9, run a UT server) which would be a sort of permanent planned event that wouldn't have to be announced (because everybody should know that it happens anyway). Big crazy tournaments in which I am always champion, especially over Huz, could then take over the slot of that game's hotspot; just with more administration.
  4. Quake 2 is one of those earlier fps games with no ingame server browser. v320 is the latest you can get a patch (317-320 are intercompatible though). Generally we just used Gamespy back in the dya, or stuck to the same 5 or 6 servers. (wireplay or barrysworld etc.) Curiously the MSN Gaming Zone had a good line in player-run servers, possibly still does. Quake 2's multiplayer code is a bit flaky compared to quakeworld, but these days broadband ought to make that irrelevant. Quake 2 Threewave CTF is still the best CTF ever made, so give it a go.
  5. This sounds like a computer possessed by Bonzi Buddy. Curse that ape, who seeks revenge in the afterlife. B(o nz i Bu d d) y
  6. "showall" on level 2 I've had the "nothing happens when you're dead" bug too, it happens when you fall in the water
  7. Zombie Pirate Barbarossa, invading Russia and pillaging her booty!
  8. Seeing as I can't get onto IRC from college, I'll have to spend the weekdays on these here forum thingumies with the reversible sedgewicks and whatnot. This ushers in a new era of savage awesomeness. You can tell your grandkids that you were there.
  9. Well the most obvious example that comes to mind is the "That's the second biggest..." line. Any more you can find youself, I'm not in the mood to compile a list.
  10. MI1 and 2 had humour outside the plot because while Ron wrote the story, it was the other writers (Schafer et al) who worked on the jokes. Ron would read the jokes (Which didn't really have anything to do with the story) and stick them in, and it worked. The problem with CMI was that LEC were obliged to resolve the end of MI2 so you could carry on a new story, this obviously hurts the plot. CMI's project leaders were the only ones really writing it, and both were doing the story, so there were no "dedicated" jokewriters. CMI captures the look though Then along came EMI. EMI fails IMO because it doesn't do anything new, especially in terms of writing (jokes and story). Much of the jokewriting is salvaged from the previous games, and overused so it feels "thin". The reasons MI1 and MI2 are as they are, is becuase they didn't have to build on something past, but introduced something new. In EMI I would suppose LEC felt obliged to use the same jokes and running themes etc. Such is the price of a successful franchise
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