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  1. An interesting idea though unlikely to happen im afraid. Why? 1. LEC too concerned in developing SW titles 2. LEC too concerned about making money 3. LEC wont spare the resources to redevelop these titles.
  2. EMI was too plasticy looking... cmi although nice is too low detail for todays standards. LEC need to aim for something like CMI but alot higher in detail with more of the charm of mi2.
  3. Its the purple mixnmojo colours I tell you... ¬¬
  4. I dont have quake installed and i only found this post with 5mins to go
  5. Ok then ill call it even and say smash bros is not a mario game since you are letting me off resident evil No zombies... hmm well I guess it must be boring for the designers to always put in generic zombies which dont do much anyway.
  6. Ahh didnt think about the inside of the cover.. good idea I am... usually under the nick Hirasawa. I guess i should go back to using GregD if people miss me
  7. That's an interesting way of doing it I assume the textures you scanned had no text or anything on top of it? I cant see how you did the LOTR Fellowship dvd texture because surely it has loads of text etc on top of the texture, did you edit it out or something? I would have thought downloading a texture would be easier to do, but getting quality high res textures for free is always difficult.
  8. Smash bros has mario characs in it... thus it is a mario based game Its a mario game as long as it uses at least one of the characs from the saga... It's only original if it's completely new characs imo. Look ive played 4 res evil games... I have had my fair share of the horror shock genre, another one of these titles does not interest me in the slightest. The game developers are hardly likely to come up with some original gameplay... it will just be a new story and same gameplay. I cant say anything about the original titles because I haven't played them, that's a fair comment in my opinion. I can't say if they are good or bad. This does not mean I am not willing to give them a try.
  9. Yeah it is unlike game sites to swear blantently. Not that im against that sort of thing since it doesn't offend me.. but im sure some people out there would be. A PHP parser is the best method yes, you'd need the user to turn it on from a start page then give them a cookie perhaps to retain the value.
  10. Id have to agree, the way LEC are going I don't think they would have a clue how to remake them properlly
  11. To be honest the chance of LEC even thinking about remaking them are slim and none anyway. Given the fact they wouldnt even release a new sam n max game... what chance is there of redoing old adventure games. :/
  12. Thanks for that piece of information kind sir..... Excuse me one second.. Ahem. *Turns head to Lucastones... sticks tongue out* NYANYANYANYANYAA NYAAAAAAA whos yo daddy now b*tch One of developers said this also: "The GC's Gekko processor is 32-Bit, with a 64-Bit FPU. I code for the Gamecube, so it's safe for me to say it's a 32-Bit CPU. (The XBOX as well (duh?), The PS2 _does_ have a 128-Bit main CPU) Having a 128-Bit GPU doesn't make a console '128-Bit' BTW."
  13. Those are some amazing covers Laserschwert, mind telling me where you found the textures ? I assume you filling in a color then making a new layer and overlaying the texture? Cheers
  14. It wouldn't be hard to remake the first 2 MI games... unless they did alot of work on the engine. It's just a matter of changing the sounds and artwork since all the puzzles have already been created. They would more than likely use the mi4 engine I think. I can't see LEC going back to 2d adventures unfortunately. To be honest I kind of like mi1/mi2 as they are I think LEC would ruin it with 3d graphics.
  15. Yea exactly.. Why call it mario 128 when the current nintendo console is 128bit... this is why I assumed GC was 64bit....
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