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  1. Congratulations! You win a sum of money!
  2. God that thread was weird, but I'm really kind of annoyed it was locked. Those were some deep cut references there.
  3. I rate this thread highly. Now that I am older I understand what Sheaday's Max is going through, and it's not bowel related.
  4. This is indeed a lot of bad pictures. RayJones, you crack me up. Do you still have this DS Lite, Shmargin? Can you sell it to me?
  5. Steve Purcell directed that Toy Story Christmas short. There's some news. It sucked.
  6. I think I made a typo but I can't for the life of me remember what I was trying to say.
  7. The gaps between seasons here make this excruciatingly hard to follow.
  8. Yeah I stopped being a snot nosed brat about 8 months ago! Also Ray Jones sometimes says mean things to me on Facebook. I wish they'd republish these sketchbooks for all the fans who didn't get 'em the first time. Or better yet a huge Sam and Max art book. THIS IS A GOOD FORUM TO TALK ABOUT SAM AND MAX AND ALL THE NEWS IN THAT WORLD.
  9. Wow this thread ran it's course in 2014. I'm impressed guys. I feel like I'm a bit late to this party.
  10. In case anyone was curious, I e-mailed Double Fine about Once Upon a Monster and Tim Schafer is credited as doing some writing while Lee Petty is not credited at all.
  11. I would like a new one, but I'm sad the game was only finished on the DS. Won't this be confusing for those who did not play the DS title? That said I didn't mind the action parts! Had they been tighter and more inventive I would have loved it more. I guess most people didn't like the separated action and adventure parts, but I certainly had fun with them.
  12. Thanks for posting, I am actually weirded out seeing Schafer so nervous and less cool. He seems like a constant source of charisma these days.
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could help me with the Double Fine credits for Happy Action Theater or Once Upon a Monster. Or if you don't want to type out the credits, can you give me the titles given to Tim Schafer and Lee Petty (if any)?
  14. Oh I just love humor about women being raped during war time: "This Old woman told him something about kidnapping, strange acting persons, a slimy creature who has bulimia, a telefonbook where she got his number in the section and she mentioned the old Mansion. Of course she also talked about ... Adolf Hitler... the rubble women after the end of world war two... her own war imprisonment and how russian soldiers died while raping her ... her twenty cat's in the last 60 years ... and more bull****. " Seriously, **** this game.
  15. I think I have the old Sam and Max show VHS tapes at my parents house...
  16. Yowza. I am hoping these guys will make it. I backed more than I like to say, but I am enjoying the podcast and commentary things even though they can get a little bit boring and the updates are pretty spammy.
  17. I love that this happened and I am amazed on how much press and Facebook shares it's gotten, even by people who have never played an adventure game (or Double Fine one) in their lives. I think a lot of people are also excited about the prospect of someone releasing a game well funded directly by the fans. It's nice Double Fine is in the middle of this.
  18. Are those the items where you are not allowed to drop them in the pot and can burn them? I actually forgot. Is the sword master t-shirt always forced? I know the buried one you don't even have to pick up. I should recall all of this, but I thought either dying under the dock or the pieces of eight in the Grog machine were the only ways to seriously get stuck.
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