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  1. It could crash because your appearance.2da doesn`t have proper entries (I too learned hard way about it). This is "standard" (worn by assassins on Peragus) assasin robe from my mod: Edited Ups, Dark_Jedi_Low_Male_01 was not quite right... Fixed, now works fine, at least on "clean" (only those two files) override folder on my computer. As long as you use this appearance.2da it should work with other mods. Assassin_Robe_1.7z Use KSE to put it in your save game, or giveitem command.
  2. Sorting, unsorting (or making KT able to make .mod from folders with subfolders) extracted files into folders (.uti -> Items, .utc -> Characters, etc.) My attempt to do this .
  3. 1. Tie breaker is probably just TSL feature (new function or something), so I don`t think this is possible. But I could be wrong. 2. Hmm, Wrist Console uses TSL Patcher, so copying files will not work. And yes spells.2da must be in your override. Orginal or modified, it`s no difference for TSL Patcher. It`s all written in Info.rtf, which is placed in wrist console archive\tslpatchdata.
  4. Added\Edited 1. Could someone make a script for robe\armor that will: a. check for players head, and apply it so even when using disquise thing, you will have your own head. I wish to use this with the Dark_Jedi_Low\Mid\Hi\Male\Female_0x appearance (armor\body look), but with head of PC\NPC wearing it. Other appearances (i.e. Republic soldiers) would be usefull too. I`ve tryed to put **** in "normalhead" column, but that give me a headless character, and I have no idea what to do next to make this work. b. block other slots (waist, head, etc.). It could be a valid\dummy\blank item file, but it must be a whole with armor (equip\unequip at the same time). Also with use with Dark_Jedi_Low\Mid\Hi\Male\Female_0x appearance. I wish to make armor that when equiped will block\use\put a item in other slots, and when taken off unblock them.
  5. 1. Please add "Dialog" and "Items" to Resource Type Selector under Extract for Module Editing option. It will probably help other not so smart people like me. Items extraction support has already been added, but Dialogs can be done as well. See here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2002389&postcount=1533 Notes by FT Added\Edited Hmm, It seems that I got "special" version of KT: - v1.0.2131.27110 (not in changes\history in readme) - when I use "Check for program updates" options, it displays info that there are no updates (it isn`t blocked by Firewall) So probably I`ll wait for v2.0, and sugested (by me) changes .
  6. You, and we know that KT is tha tool for KotOR modding. But some (IMO) features could be added that could make it even more (IMO) usefull: an adress bar in ERF/MOD builder under "Add dir" options would be very handy. Added in v2.x (upcoming) preview of items in character inventory editor would be helpfull too. In progress - more in v2.x (upcoming) Edited tooltip, help under RMB for things (radio buttons, combo\check boxes, text fields, etc.) on KT forms. In progress - more in v2.x (upcoming) Notes by FT
  7. HerbieZ I did all that is to do, but I modded some files, and I think thats the problem. Thats why I asked for help with running that script. Anyway, I`ve started from begin again .
  8. I think some of us wanted some "realism" (or their vision of it) in TSL, and were disappointed finding items that don`t fit their placement. I don`t like it to. Dantooine academy propably would be better off stripped clean, insted of finding some strange items, that doesn`t fit well. If i see a thug with blaster, I want to find it in on corpse,. And i don`t need a "one shot kill" type, normal blaster pistol\carbine\rifle would do (or even Broken Item if you want to be more even more "realistic"). That why I started to mod NPC`s and their inventory, I like to do something about it if I can, not just grumble. But thats my vision of TSL, and nobody has to agree with it, just don`t write that it`s bad, wrong especially on forum about modding.
  9. Rob the Stamped Same (more or less) here. I did every quest and got stuck. So I reloaded, went to other modules\planets and still I`m stuck, because never called me. Please help, I don`t saves from other planets, and I don`t want to start from again. Maybe there is another way to run that script, or other thing that triggers call from ?
  10. gandiva Try looking here, if those on pcgamemods doesn`t suit you. ?
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