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  1. Right now I still think it has too little advantages to pick it in favour of a standard Tie-fighter. I mean recon??? you can send in your "Tie-fighter storm" and your Missile ships will support them in their attack. I really don't see how i'd be better of investingt in a special squadron for this...... *I know I'm hopeless *
  2. So would you think that Obi-wan is one of those few characters that stays dead when he's killed?
  3. Obi-wan fights Vader in episode 4 and gets himself killed *more or less* now I was wondering would Obi-wan lose if you pit him vs Vader in the game or would it be possible for him to rid the Galaxy of his evil influence for ever? * Till he respawns *
  4. Well putting it like that I gues you're right All hail moderator Wisdom!!!
  5. If you're ounumbered and desperate I doubt you'd let the Ai pick the targets, you'd nuke one of their capital ships or get outta there Fast!
  6. It will be the AI directing your forces a lot better
  7. On the other hand if you kill the microing and introduce the priority system the AI will be a much bigger factor in Multiplayer spacebattles , I think it'd be great in single player but not too great in Multiplayer
  8. Yeah thats what I was aiming at , a sort of mining space station. better hope it doesn't blow up like in Kotor 2 though * asuming it's in
  9. Yes but you also have to take into acount that it uses space in your maximum allowed number of vessels in one spacebattle-map
  10. It'd be pretty cool when a ship that loses it's engines gets caught in the gravity of a planet and is teared apart entering the atmosphere It's as cool as it is unlikely of making it into the game
  11. Yeah I was playing a pretty limited mod dunno the name anymore , I only had acces to acclamators. But great advise:p
  12. Well I noticed something too , when you control the space around a planet but not the surface it isn't possible to build a station in orbit. It left me kinda puzzled cause I was under the impression that you could do that....
  13. Instant repair does kill some strategies but I don't think it's too much of a downside.
  14. Can you build mining facillitys in Asteroid fields?
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