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  1. HOLY CRAP!!! O_O We just went off topic in a thread! I believe in miracles again!
  2. Please feel free to add any you can come up with. You know the forum is dead when... you're viewing the last thirty days worth of posts and they don't fill the first page. an oldbie pops his head in and posts just as much in one day as a spammer has posted in the last month.
  3. Wow, there's actually signs of life, and Havoc posted! Amazing! Wait a second... I have an idea!!!
  4. Wow, people are actually coming back, maybe we can have a real forum again now after the move!
  5. Well, ***** *ahem* ... I mean, Fergie told me about this really nifty game coming out and how there was a little place online were people would talk and ahve a great time and hang out and whatnot making each other laugh, so I decided to check it out. Anyways, that was like, a long time ago. A super long time ago. And I've still never really left, but it's kind of fun to pretend that I'm not here every once in awhile!
  6. Finalyl a place of rest for my weary forrumy bones! I can sit down in my rocker and reminisce about TUIW and LotS while simultaneously complainging about the population of 'whippersnappers' who post more than four or five times in a day.
  7. Well, your 'GeeBee Economic Stimulus Package' or GESP has already brought one oldbie back. Let's see if it can work another miracle. The Hibernation Award The Penguin Award The Red Herring Award The Best Left-Hand Man Award (Not for southpaws, just our faithful left-hand men who serve our every whim) Anther Random Award To Satisfy A Random Forrumer Who's Never Won An Award (ARATSARFWNWAA)
  8. Dude tis awesome! I actually got the Spaceballs question which he had a role in! Great stuff!
  9. LOL, Homer, if you had picked any electric instrument but a keyed instrument I would've bought your bullpoopie, but you picked the xylophone, which when struck would produce something to the same effect an electric keyboard does. Now the electric violin.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I need to listen to some Bond more and hear their super-awesome electric string quartet. They look like an awesome group that I've never gotten to hear. Anyways, to 'contemporary' music. Which band should I explore first and why? I'm tempted to pursue both ACDC and Metallica, bt I am unsure as where to go first. ACDC doesn't have a greatest hits or I would've bought some of their stuff already. I lurve some of their riffs such as Thunderstruck and Back in Black. Yet, Metallica also has a tempting pull with its musicality in the metal. Now those electric clarinets, those are the instruments I can dig...
  10. - $28 - Receipt from first tank of gas in new car - MANY Movie Stubs (a good 2 dozen) - Driver's License - Social Security - Inusrance Card - Student Pass - Pictures of Seniors - Phone Card - 2 Library Cards - Best Buy Gift Card Yeah, I keep a tight hold on that thing, probably should empty some stuff out of it or something.
  11. Wow, these boards have seemed a little dead in the past month or so. I don't know what it is, but speaking of music... I discovered Led Zeppelin about 2 weeks ago, and now am the proud owner and lover of both The Early Days and The Latter Days. I like Early better than Latter, but are their any songs missing off of both of them that you Led fans would consider die-hard Led material that I need to listen to? On that CD I can't decide between "When The Levee Breaks" and "Dazed and Confused" for my favorite song. "Kashmir" is definately my fave on LAtter Days. I notice that several of their songs have a heavy blues influence, and I think that is what draws me to them. They have sort of a heavy metal blues twang, especially with the distorted harmonica in Levee! Anyways, Early Days has been gracing my car since I got it (the car) and on that note... Ferg, I still owe you a ride. Someone keep the conversation going! About anything! Please!
  12. Artoo


    Good Luck in basic! Be sure and report to us about how effective the government is at training killing machines! (or was that 'life-saving' machines... moot point) Best of Luck!
  13. Oh, sweet senior week off to go see it. I'm gonna have to start making my plans now, before the lines begin forming.
  14. And after a tank of gas and a weekend of practice, I can now drive it in a competely illegal way. Not like I ever would, especially with cops watching a teenatge driver in a bright yellow sports car, but it's like someone parked a dream in the garage and I get to take it out and drive it every day. Am I obsessed... YES.
  15. Two words that bring joy into every teenagers mind: car upgrade. On April Fool's my family purchased a car to replace the one that I am driving right now, the dirt-colored Buick Century (1999) pictured below, and the purchase was made today on April Fool's Day. And you'll never guess the car, and no we aren't rich. Just try and guess, you'll never guess! A Yellow 2003 Honda S2000!!! This car is a work of art, and it is going to be my car! As long as I can get my Dad out of the driver seat... he seems to be having fun reliving his rebellious youth in the driver's seat of that thing. Anyways this is a momentous occasion for celebration considering the old Buick was on its last leg. That, and this car is just plain freakin awesome to behold! BTW, any Arkies on the boards, don't let it get around school because I want the first day I am able to drive it (It's standard of course) to school, I want people to be suprised.
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