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  1. And I just started playing EaW today, lol, and then I find I barely missed the game day. So when is the next one after Oct. 27th?
  2. Yeah I just saw that video, and told all my friends. We are all hoping it is a new Jedi Knight game, if they make another JK game, oh man, they'll be rolling in dough. So there is going to be a next gen Jedi Knight game you say Fortune, I have always looked around for official news, but if what you got is official, oh baby oh baby!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, first of all, I have not played EaW previously since feburary, and I must say, that a lot has improved. Also, I must aplogize for being arrogant when I created this thread because I didn't know about the colored button which listed the fps of the player, so the host could weed him out or not. This game is a lot of fun, my opinion has changed .
  4. Any card you get right now won't be the greatest since even the nvidia 7900 and ATi X1900 cards do not support DX10.
  5. I'm returning to these forums to let out a final shout, because I love EaW, and I don't want to see it die. I hate to use the word "suck" but how else to explain the multiplayer? Rushed, a let down, and a shame. I really love the Empire at War game, it was done very well, and it's very fun. The game itself, is awesome. The multiplayer has some bad issues with it, and the biggest issue for many people is how the frames per second, have to be synchronized. My goodness, a match is only as fast as the slowest player. Many people have been put off because they get their new hardware, and are ready to play, excited, and then they hop in a game where one person is running at 5 fps, and making everyone else whose frames are well above (sometimes), slow their match down so that it only progresses at 5 fps as well. Such games as Battlefield 2, (a great game), allow the person to run at their own speed, and slower computers just hiccup along. However with Empire at War, the slowest computer is the speed of the entire game. This has to be fixed, I have friends who have bought this game, and won't play it online, or barely at all, because of all the mistakes. I'm sure the marketers know that the game sold well, that many people play it, and thats why expansions are being made, but the gamers know the multiplayer stinks so they don't play it. Either way lucasarts makes money, but it's not right. The frames per second issue must be fixed. Other issues include save games not appearing in LAN servers, a serious lack of matches, and now, patches. If the team working of EaW doesn't fix the frames per second deal, then they should put a mandatory video stress test on the computer, that the user must run, and then the video stress test gives the computer a ranking on how well the computer ran, and then Host's of matches may put a filter on their server only allowing a computer with the minimum rank on the server *For example only allowing a computer with 25 fps or up*. I hope die-hards who read this are not getting upset because they shouldn't, I'm a die-hard, that's why I'm not giving up. I love the game, and the multiplayer could be awesome, but it just sucks.
  6. Yeah, what puts me off is the incredibly low amount of server/games running. 10 games running, with 85% of them being Space is really depressing. Lucasarts should get some companies to run dedicated servers or something, I don't know, but they need to increase the number of games.
  7. yeah its not in another language or anything...hmm I wonder what the problem could be...
  8. hm, mine works. Did you check out- Options>Network ? Make sure those options are right for your network as well. The only problem that I have with the LAN is that sometimes saves dont show up.
  9. First of all, I love this game. Now the muliplayer is kinda a mess, however some people are online so maybe they can help me. When I try to create an account, I submit the password that I use for my particular email account, and I created an absurdly unique screen name that no ones picked. Yet every single time I try to create an account, I either get "Nickname already in use," then I switch it and no matter WHAT I get this message- I have never had any problem logging into anything...and its been a week since the games been out, and I'm wondering whether its me or the game. Anyways, any help would be appreciated.
  10. Yes!!! Especially no. 2. When I play with friends, its really retarded for them to attack with the death star. Why would they want to attack with this machine if the rebels blow it up and win the game?
  11. I actually got a hold of the devolpers during a live dev chat and told them about this issue.
  12. Yeah, I really just don't look at Gamespot, IGN, or any of those to see how good a game is. I only look at them for previews. I decide for myself, and thats that. Some of the greatest games aren't popular. What is good is not always popular, and what is popular is not always good. *Cough* Halo. Sorry, but I really enjoy Empire at War.
  13. but he does work at Petroglyph Wedge, he's the link between the community and the rest of the staff working at Petroglyph.
  14. These are just such good ideas, that I just had to respond. Especially the first one, especially for Land units. It would make the game so much more strategical.
  15. yeah I have been having this problem as well. First time it ever happenend to me was today. Me and my brother were playing on the LAN and the saves used to work and we had a really big game going, and then the save disappeared. Can't wait for the next patch, hopefully it'll address this, along with the "password does not match email address" issue when one tries to register. However the save still exists as ive found it in the single player mode, when it asks you to save.
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