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  1. It's an ingame sequence after the Exile talks to Carth given that Revan is LightSide Male.
  2. Light Side Male Revan. The Bastila romance was very fulfilling to me. I think it was awesomely played out. The Force Bond did play a role in their romance, but it wasn't the deciding factor in it. A lot of people say Revan dominates the Bastila romance or that Bastila is pushed into it and doesn't want it. Bastila does want it but she's in conflict with the Jedi, and I as Revan, love helping her through her problems and seeing her happy in the end. Bastila has a the whole Republic depending on her and despite the pressure, she is able to remain relatively strong. Bastila also has to deal with the emotional trauma from her mother's situation and father's death. Though the game may not portray it at it's best in the raw dialogue of the text, I see it as a very heartwarming story, that love has the power to save people from darkness in addition to leading them to it. Also, Carth already had a wife, and I can't stand the idea that Bastila has to be by herself, lonely and with no one to share her life with. As I've said a bunch of times on KFM, I'd be there for her and protect her to the end. Also my idea of the situation in KotOR2, is that Revan left known space to combat a darkness beyond the rim to save the Republic, but not for the sake of the Republic itself, but for a place that's safe for Bastila to live. That'd be my reason, as Revan, for leaving, although no doubt it left a scar on both of their hearts. Also when Bastila says that the relationship between her and Revan is a result of the Force Bond, that, I think, is her way of trying to deny her true feelings for Revan. Though their bond links them together, it doesn't mean that they have to love each other...but they do. They chose to. The Bond gives them intimacy and a quick understanding of each other, but it does not mean that there has to be love involved.....look at the Exile and Kreia. I don't think there's any real romance there. Bastila is not overwhelmed by Revan in their relationship, either. Revan tries to help Bastila through, not drag her through, her times of need. When Bastila says,"You're stronger than I am...", I interpret this as Revan being able to continue strongly on the mission along with his feelings for Bastila and emotional exhaustion from the long adventure. Bastila has trouble with this because she is taught by the Jedi not to feel emotions. But even Jedi are people, and people feel emotion, so it is only natural. I'd wish though that Bastila and Revan would have more closure to their relationship in KotOR1. It cuts off when Bastila isn't afraid to feel love anymore, and I really think, that after that with some well-earned R & R from the Star Forge mission, Bastila and Revan had a great year before Revan left. It's really clear also that in the cutscene for LSM Revan in KotOR2, that Bastila is heartbroken over Revan's sudden departure, but he knows that it's for the best, and so does Bastila. Even though they would love to have stayed together, there would be no doubt that they would always be on the run from the looming darkness. Also I really don't see why a lot of people don't like Bastila's character, but like Carth's. Bastila, at first is an emotional wreck, but the same goes for Carth. He snaps at the PC about trivial things and complains about trust, but he has his reasons - Saul, just as Bastila has her reasons for her behavior - Keeping Revan on track to find the source of the Sith armada. Also, when I as the PC, first found out that I was in fact, Revan, of course it was a big plot twist and if I were really the PC in my game, it would affect me greatly. However, losing Bastila is something that cracks right to my core and finding her and saving her from harm would be my prime objective...not saving the galaxy or worrying about myself being Revan like Carth does. I would have no reason to save the galaxy if I couldn't save Bastila because, she's the reason why I'm trying to save the galaxy, so that she can live safely with some very well-earned and deserved peace from all the crap she had to fly through during the Jedi Civil War.
  3. Three thumbs up!...oh I only have two. Great job, this game is receiving a lot of support from the developers....something you don't usually see a lot. Oh and I REALLY love the autodownloading feature. I get annoyed in a lot of other games where I see a player/game server using a custom map and I'd have to comb the web looking for it. The maps download to the clients pretty darn fast too in this game..it's awesome.
  4. Let's just hope they do announce it. For me one word that tells they are working on it is enough. I'll wait forever as long as I know it will be coming.
  5. As was said above. IT was already damaged when the pirates entered tactical combat mode. I think I saw all the hardpoints start off at yellow and it's because they want to show the animation sequence of it being destroyed. I'm sure it'll be stronger than it is in the video, if not, there's always XML.
  6. They should keep it the way it currently is. It's what makes KotOR ..well...KotOR. I'd rather they focus more on the storyline, getting bugs out, and more on the actual gameplay itself rather than working on some system to have people be able to custom animate their character, which could actually be done with mod tools (given you have the skeleton and model)
  7. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to actually create tactical maps because one of the devs referred to it as a "terrain generator" (at least I think he did) which means it is a tool for tactical combat (actual ingame 3D fighting - not Galactic Map) map creation.
  8. I like the way the game takes on a more cinematic type of combat unlike most games.
  9. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/707/707044p2.html Hm...That really looks like a scene from the movie. I'm not sure if it's a real screen or not actually. But theywere talking about seeing Felucia ingame at the time.
  10. True there is a difference. KotOR is a full game, whereas FoC is an expansion pack, and what I've seen from many expansion packs (note: not all) are that they come very light-weighted with minimal content. That doesn't mean though that this expansion will be bad, it could be good, the thing is we don't know and we have no right to judge it as of the time until more information comes out.
  11. Unfortunately there is something http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/823/823667.html Not KotOR from the looks though there is one in-engine screenshot in one of the articles under that untitled game that was supposedly secretly shown to a few people.
  12. I just wish there could be word that the game is at least planned, in development, or will be in development. On a side note I'm wondering why SWG is on their E3 '06 page. I know there's going to be publishes as usual but will there be another major overhaul?
  13. However, it is good to have some things new. For example, before I thought I wouldn't like Knights of the Old Republic, guess again; it's my favorite game now and will be forever. Also too many Star Wars games have the "see in movie - must see in game" motive. This takes a bit of a turn from that which is pretty cool. One thing though, I'd be willing to actually buy the mod tools for models especially at this point because I really want to work on this mod we're doing.
  14. I just hope LucasArts can see clearly how promising the KotOR series is and has been, and that they make the right decision (that is, make a third game!)
  15. isn't it possible to mod the frigates flyable in a way? use the model and change it a bit so that there are gunner spots and a pilot spot?
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