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  1. Yes, my save file at the end of the third rebel campagn mission was 95 mb. It was so big it took 5 minutes to save and after that it just locked up. I couldn't save anymore. To big a file.After restarting the game the save file was gone. I have uninstalled the game and will just wait for a patch to fix this bug. A real shame because I think this a great game.
  2. When you look at the save files you'll see that they are ver big in size. I have one of 34 mb. That can't be good. A bug??
  3. I had the same problem quick saving in the third rebel mission. It took so long that I resseted my computer but after that my savegame was gone. I reinstalled the game and I hope that the problem is gone but I think that it is a big nasty bug. When you install the game and you go to defrag your harddrive the whole eaw file is fragmented. Strange.
  4. Thanks for those tips!! I just won a land battle but it was hard work. Thanks again.
  5. Hi perfect soldier, I meant to say that they are just very difficult for me but maybe I am just bad at playing the game(although I was pretty good wit WC 3 an Frozen throne). I used the bombing runs but you can only bomb what you can see and when my infantery guy sees a enemy unit he only last 10 seconds. Not enough time to strike with bombers.
  6. How can you win a land battle? The defender has so much advantages. You get cut to pieces in the first two minutes with your lonely squad and after those to minutes the defender can continuouely come after you with respawning forces while you try to defend yourselve with 2 or 3 squads. Those reinforcement points ideas don't work. Space is fun but landbattles are no fun.
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