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  1. Hmm, I guess it was hard for me to see all from the screenshots that you'd already used her underwear tga. Yeah, I usually use the patching and healing brushes too. If the arms in the underwear skin don't make sense, it might be because the uvw maps are different for the underwear model and the clothing model. One of the tutorials I'll do will be how I get the uvw map from NWmax into Photoshop. I'll even show how I use the maps to make things line up better when I copy and paste. I'll try to have that tutorial up by next week. There's a lot of steps, so it'll take me a while.


    I hope I'm not keeping you awake at night ;), right now I'm at work, and I post on my breaks. I also stay up until after midnight my time. Right now the daylight savings time is in effect, so that may be why it seems there's only 11 hrs difference.

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