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  1. It's been so long bro! Yes I am.

  2. Still breathing :)


    How about you?

  3. You still alive bro?

  4. Happy Turkey Day!

  5. Thanks again for the logos. :D

  6. Hey LordRevan999, I'm Mandalore_The_Dog. And I really need some help on one of your MODS. As you can probably tell by my username, I really love the mandalorians. I was really intrested in your new mandalorian battle armor MOD, but I've hit a bit of a rough spot, you see, whenever I try to leave the Endar Spire, all that happens is that I'm taken to one of the rooms of the Ebon Hawk, and I get that mandalorian corpse with the stuff. I could really use the help, and a speedy reply would be much apprieciated.



  7. As seen here: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/New_Mandalorian_Battle_Armor;91625 I would like to know if I can use the icons from those for my LKIM 2.0 mod. Thanks!

  8. Thanks,RR41. I got it working now. I just made some minor adjustments on the armor . I am going to show two pics with the white on right side of chest removed. You see and judge people cause I can't choose between the two. Edit: Here's a pic so you can compare the change in the logo on the right shoulder. Edit 2: Been working on the version without scratches. Made it look similar to the scratches one only it doesn't have any. In the pic the middle and right pic are some tries I made to make the worn out look either less (like in midddle) or to increase it (like in right). Another pic is also uploaded so you can see the less and increased worn out one with a closer look.
  9. I know,its a stupid thing to ask. But is there any way you can get camera view close to npcs? Cause I am having a lot of trouble seeing the errors of skins I am working on. And I have seen only 2 yellow lines in dawn star's texture.One is very big and the other is so small. I just want to know is there any way I can use 3dmax to find the lightmaps. It would be a lot easier for me to remove them that way. If you don't understand which lines I mean see the yellow lines below in the pics.
  10. Yeah sure I will think about it . I think I can but I will have to make the golden one more interesting than others if you know what I mean. Edit: Took,some time though but I thought I should remove the white below the logo on the chest. I also mad e the white a little grey so that it might look good with the scratches on armor. Let me know if you think I should use the older version as posted above. Edit 2: Hey,guys Canderis and Varsity Puppet suggested that I should make the dark spots and the dark logo's rid of the shininess they have due to alpha channel. Made a try to see if it works so here is a pic.
  11. Hello all,I am back:thmbup1:. Well after some motivation and all I thought I should come back and at least finish the job. Any ways,had to install photoshop and all to get myself back on the track. I am now using the version 1 with few minor changes until I can figure some thing out. So in the pics below you will have to observe a little to see lines all over the armor like scratches but are overlayed or something. I did not made them white or black cause I thought the white was already enough and I also thought of darkening golden as to make it look worn out but well that remains to be seen. And I am also posting a pic without the scratches so you can compare below.
  12. hey, it's been a long time. I sincerely hope that you've been well & healthy.


    I was wondering about your Golden Bendak Starkiller armour too. I made my own for RoR, which is similar to yours, so that it could be a continuation of your work. Since the logos are mine, all I had to do was try to approximate the colours you used. But, since you've never released yours, I was thinking of releasing mine as a K1 mod. I'll still hold off if you think you'll still release yours soon. I realize that issues in real life might be holding you back, but I'd really like to share our vision with the community.


    So, what do you say?

  13. Sorry, I could get any spare time to do the skin.I will try my best to complete it as soon as possible.

  14. Hey. I'm wondering if I could release a Unique Bendak Starkiller mod that uses the same design as yours? I don't think you released it. So I'd like to release mine.




  15. Hey LR hows the skin coming along?

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